Reading Space Designs and Ideas How to Create Your Perfect Corner

by Kremy

A home library is every book lover’s dream. Shelves lined with books in alphabetical order, the smell of pages mixed with the scent of coffee or tea, a comfortable favorite chair, the ticking of a large grandfather clock. It does sound like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, we have selected some amazingly cozy reading space designs and we shall give you some useful tips how to create your perfect spot for relaxing with a book.

cozy reading space designs tips and ideas

People living in small homes cannot sacrifice extra squares to furnish a library. It is not impossible to have a special and comfortable reading corner. All you need to know are the three main rules – good lighting, comfortable furniture and proper location. Yes, we shall discuss the different design options, furniture, lighting, as well as location possibilities so keep reading and discover which of the many possibilities will be the perfect one for you!

Cozy reading space designs – choose the best location in your home

choose comfortable furniture for your reading corner


Choose a cozy place. This is your starting point. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of the book, you will need a light, warm and quiet place. You have to be able to close the door and retire in the fantasy world of your books. Such a place can be found in any apartment or house, right? Then it is up to you to make it as comfortable as possible. Let’s have a look at some of the options! When there is no special room or study for the library, you can read anywhere.

The living room combines many functional areas so it can be difficult to allocate a separate reading space. Nevertheless, if you have an empty corner or a little bit of free space, this is enough. Hang a couple of shelves, a floor lamp and place a compact armchair or a beanbag.

window seat as reading corner

There are many cozy reading space designs featuring a window seat. This is a fantastic space saving solution for a reading nook. You can use the windowsill to place books and magazines there and put an armchair next to it or place soft pillows and use it for sitting.

A compact reading space can be arranged even in the smallest bedroom. A trolley can act as a mini rack for storing books. Books can be arranged in beautiful containers or boxes to make the interior look as neat as possible and when books are not needed, the bookcase can be removed.

comfortable chair for reading space and side table

Very often the space under the stairs is either empty or used to store unnecessary things. If you think about it, this could be the perfect secluded reading space and you will have a special hideaway without sacrificing any of the precious floor space!

A reading corner in the hallway can be combined with the main furnishings. Empty one or more shelves in the closet and arrange books there. Add an armchair and it will be a comfortable seating when you put on your shoes and for reading a book. A wall sconce will provide lighting.

Proper lighting for your reading space

how to arrange a reading corner furniture ideas


Consider good lighting as it is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your reading corner. Of course, you will be reading at different times of the day and artificial light is also necessary, but to preserve your vision, try to alternate reading under natural and artificial lighting.

reading space designs window seat with built in shelves

You need a place with the most uniform lighting possible. The reading area must be equipped with high-quality light, close to daylight, in order to reduce eye strain. For those who like to read lying down, sconces and floor lamps, which can be adjusted in height, are suitable. They are usually placed by the bed or sofa. For those who prefer to read in an armchair or at a table, adjustable lamps are recommended, so you can easily achieve a comfortable position when the light hits the pages.

reading corner beside large window

Choose incandescent bulbs that are close to daylight. Direct light is useful for those who read at night. In addition, lighting must be directed properly. To prevent the shadow from your hand from falling on the book, the light source must be set to the left for right-handers and to the right for left-handers. Make sure that light falls on the pages.

Think of sound insulation

reading corner ideas bookshelves lighting tips

Noise can be annoying and distracting especially if your apartment is overlooking a busy, noisy street. If that is the case, you may consider another area in the home to arrange your reading corner.

Cozy reading space designs – how to choose the furniture and accessories

home library ideas how to create a cozy reading space

When you look at different cozy reading space designs, you notice a peaceful atmosphere. How to achieve that at your home? The choice of furniture, decoration, accessories and details will help you create the perfect reading nook for yourself. No one will choose a hard solid wood table for his book corner. But sofas, poufs, chaise lounges, hammocks, pillows, blankets are perfect for you – everything that allows you to read in a position close to horizontal.

modern chair with footrest reading corner design ideas

How to choose the right seating? Comfortable body position is essential. You can read while sitting on a chair, sofa, bench or couch, but still the most comfortable option is a chair, especially if it is equipped with armrests and a footrest. If you are not using a footrest, place a soft mat in the area of the chair. The atmosphere will become cozier and your feet will be warmer. This means you can immerse yourself in reading without feeling discomfort.

hammock home library ideas reading corner

One of the new trends is… a hammock! If earlier the hammock was something that we use on a balcony, porch or in the garden, nowadays it is fashionable to install them in apartments. If there is not enough space, you can get a trendy hammock chair, which is known for its comfort and will be a stylish solution for your interior.

Choose accessories for your cozy reading space

reading space next to large window

After you have selected the location, lighting and furniture for your reading space, you need to add a few important details. Pillows are an essential part of the coziness in your mini library and should not be neglected. They not only please the eye but also provide convenience and comfort while reading. Moreover, pillows make the interior brighter and create a unique atmosphere. A blanket is perhaps the most favorite accessory of book lovers. The very expression “wrap yourself in a blanket and indulge in reading your favorite book” is already relaxing, isn’t it?

Cozy reading space design ideas floor cushions

Partition or decorative screen is an optional element. However, if you like privacy while reading, and there is no way to allocate a separate room for this, then this is a great option. You can make a screen yourself and it will be a stylish decor element.

choose the location of your reading space

Bookshelves are another important element for any reading space. You need to store your books and depending on your preferences and available space there are many options – from wall shelves to drawers, baskets, boxes, etc.

reading space with hanging chair

Think of a flat surface where you can put a cup of coffee or tea. A small table is certainly not the most important attribute of the reading corner, but it will add a complete look to your small home library. You can use it to put your books, a vase of flowers, candlesticks, crystals, a photo frame, etc. and make your reading space truly beautiful and cozy!

reading corner on the balcony with lots of natural light

What to do if your home has no room for a reading corner? You can be creative and use your balcony, attic or porch. When the weather permits, there is nothing better than reading in the open air. You don’t need a lot of space to read books. It is okay if your reading corner is small. A soft blanket and pillows will help create a cozy atmosphere. Look at the inspiring cozy reading space designs in the photo gallery below and create one for yourself!


creative reading corner design ideas

modern home ideas hanging chair reading space designs

reading corner in a niche

home designs ideas reading space with hammock


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