Modern bookcase ideas – how to use them in home interior design?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

A bookcase can transform the interior of any room and become the centerpiece of the interior. The bright and beautiful spines of books can not only diversify the color palette of a room, but also become a decorative element. Despite the development of electronic technologies, books remain an important part of many people’s lives. Almost everyone has paper books at home and knows that they need proper storage. Modern bookcase ideas and designs are distinguished by their diversity. That is why it is important to know how to choose a bookcase for a small apartment or equip a large home library in a spacious house.

Modern bookcase ideas – practical and functional designs for any home

living room design and furniture ideas gray sofa white bookcase

A traditional bookcase consists of open shelves held together by a common frame. Such a structure can be an independent element in the interior or it can be built into any niche. Generally, the main function of a bookcase is to store printed publications, newspapers and magazines. Obviously, any furniture intended for storing books must meet all the requirements to keep printed publications in the desired condition. The books should not be affected by moisture, dust or temperature extremes and retain their appearance.

Modern bookcases can perform additional functions and many people use the open shelves to display family photos, different collections or decorative accessories. In a child’s room a bookcase with shelves or cubbies is an extremely convenient and versatile piece of furniture as it can be used for toy storage or clothes storage. A bookcase with closed cabinets and hinged or sliding doors is very convenient. Such storage systems allow you to hide away household items that you would not like to display for all to see.

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Custom-made bookcases and cabinets can create a storage system of any shape, size and modification. For example, bespoke bookcases on allow you to use the available space in your home more efficiently. The advantage of manufacturing storage systems individually for your size and architectural features of the room is that you can select a model that meets your personal criteria and taste.

In terms of interior decor, a modern bookcase with open shelves can be complemented with built-in lighting. Even the most basic structure will look more impressive with added light sources which provide a great overview of the entire range of books and other shelf contents.

How to use a modern bookcase as room divider?

bookcase room divider open plan living space zoning ideas

Every homeowner wants to create a cozy, comfortable home. The development of technology and creative design ideas allow you to transform any space, large or small. Modern home design and the growing popularity of open plan living space create the necessity to divide the space into different functional zones – for rest, for work, for food preparation, entertaining, etc. There are many options to zone a large room and it all depends on the needs of the home occupants. A massive remodel of the layout which will define the different zones is quite expensive so using decorative elements and pieces of furniture as room partitions has become widespread. This is an excellent design solution that can help divide functional areas, effectively place household items and give the interior individuality and originality. The main advantages and disadvantages of using a bookcase as a room divider for zoning space in a room should be highlighted:

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  • The homeowner can use the maximum of the available floor space.
  • The bookcase becomes an independent element of the decor, visually separates the room and creates a visual effect of two separate rooms.
  • The bookcase has an additional function as a storage system providing extra space. It can be arranged as an independent standing piece or in different configurations – angular, L-shaped, etc.
  • Taking into account the overall design concept of the home such an original room divider can be used as a color accent or blend with the existing palette.

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One of the major drawbacks of using a bookcase as a room divider is that this method allows you to emphasize the functional purpose of each zone, but it is impossible to create a visual barrier between them. In addition, you may have problems with soundproofing. If you want to divide a small room, you need to select the bookcase very carefully. Keep in mind that bulky pieces of furniture will decrease the usable floor space and will reduce natural light and air circulation.

small bedroom with bookcase as headboard

In conclusion we can say that choosing a bookcase for your home is always a good idea. It will make any room more comfortable. Modern bookcase ideas provide wonderful opportunities to make your piece of furniture a focal point in the room without compromising on practicality and functionality.







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