Home library furniture ideas with traditional and modern design

by Kremy

Ideas for home library furniture glass roof carpet modern style

Sitting surrounded by books looking at their colorful spines, reading in a quiet room is a dream for many book lovers. Any extensive collection of books requires a certain amount of storage space in the apartment or the house and we have collected some ideas for functional home library furniture. Get inspired and create your own peaceful reading oasis.

 How to choose home library furniture – tips and ideas

traditional furniture ideas classic wooden shelves armchairs table


Home library furniture may be in different styles- traditional, modern, futuristic, functional and the choice depends on your imagination, the number of books, and the available space that you have. Books and wood are usually a very good combination and that is why the traditional ideas are connected to wall shelves made of wood in brown or black color. Another traditional concept features floor to ceiling bookshelves.

modern furniture ideas white bookshelves artistic shape

Modern furniture designs turn to different materials like plastic in various bold colors, glass, steel and the furniture becomes an original and interesting element in the home décor. If you live in a big house you may have a separate room which is only used as a library but modern homes are often with limited space and the interiors features a more minimalist approach.


Home library furniture ideas – choose the style and the design

bookshelves ideas home library ideas modern white furniture

The typical home library furniture consists of four basic elements – bookshelves, chairs, couches and deck chairs, side table and lamp. Unless you are fascinated by the classic style you can opt for different designs and organization systems. Loft style is characterized with open space divided in different zones and the reading area is furnished with modern shelves, built-in lights and a comfortable reading chair. Wall bookshelves are suitable for apartments and can be either custom built or pre-fab modules. Modern designs offer expressive shapes and different sizes.


traditional furniture floor to ceiling shelves sofa carpet


 A modern wall bookshelf

 furniture ideas white high shelves natural light

 Reading corner in the basement

modern furniture staircase shelves leather chair floor lamp

 Elegant shelves and comfortable sofa

classic bookshelves sofa crystal chandelier

home-library furniture ideas wood shelves reading chair leather footrest

wood shelves ladder upholstered sofa

contemporary white shelves ladder chandelier

living room library bookshelves ladder corner sofa

library furniture living room ideas floor to ceiling wall shelves sofa

spiral staircase armchairs chandelier wall sconces

furniture ideas wooden shelves ladder leather armchair

Home furniture ideas sofa armchairs wooden bookshelves

home lfurniture ideas wooden wall bookshelves large sofa

cozy reading corner modern furniture sofa chairs

contemporary furniture ideas wood bookshelves leather chair sofa

Classic bookcase system library furniture ideas armchair



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