15 bookshelf designs for comfortable reading corners

by Kremy

Shelving systems house bookshelf designs

To unwind after a long work day with a book in hand, needs above all a quiet cozy reading area with easy access to many favorite books. We have found some bookshelf designs for you that will bring practical separation and order.

Bookshelf designs – compact and small

Opus bookcase modern shape


People who do not have much space at home, must focus on small bookshelf designs. This does not automatically mean that fewer books fit in – modern shelves provide innovative options, so that many books can be stored. If you opt for these compact models, choose one with a clear separation and different areas and arrange the books by style so you will be able to find them more easily.

Large wall shelf systems

cozy reading corner window white bookcase

Large wall shelf systems fit in larger rooms. Color selection plays a major role – light colors visually open the room. In simple interiors you can classify books at the same height, and hide the others in the second row. Bookshelf designs offer many ways to select the perfect model.

Color schemes and designs

modern pink bookshelf

For smaller rooms a shelving system in white or neutral color is advisable so the room looks visually bigger, you can buy the same model for all the books. Contrast accents are set by colorful elements are particularly suitable for rustic living rooms. Smaller bookshelf designs can be interesting accents and may have more colorful and more creative forms.

Bookshelf designs to make on your own

modern apartment bookshelf DIY


If you want to have a unique interior design at home, you can organize bookshelves stairs or old wooden drawers. This bookshelf design fits particularly well next to a brick wall and modern interior – leather sofa and LCD TV stand are in contrast to the rustic look.

No matter which you choose, the bookcase should be stable and solid – the books weigh a lot and that is always important, especially in shelf systems, there is a risk that they can not support the weight.

 Round bookshelf

circular bookshelf corner

Ideas for the attic

modern living room attic apartment bookshelf

Minimalist living room

Minimalist Living Room Daybed Bookshelf

Purple bedroom with bookshelf

purple bedroom bookshelf designs

Reading corner – blue sofa

Reading corner blue sofa bookshelf designs

 Bookshelves as a picture frame

cozy reading corner living room

 Loft with bookshelves wall

Penthouse bookshelf designs wall living room

 Interesting idea

Bookshelf USA map

 Bookshelves for the nursery

Bookshelf Nursery room

  Extraordinary modern design

extraordinary form bookcase


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