Ideas for bathroom tiles – design variety and tips for tiling

by Kremy

Bathroom tiles ideas skylight

Bathroom tiles can add character and style to any bathroom. They are an ideal material for wet rooms because of their water-resistant properties. With the variety of designs on the market, you can find many ideas and complete designs. From elegant and sophisticated to fun and funky – you can choose as per your own sense of style the design for your bathroom.

Ideas for bathroom tiles in small space

Bathroom tiles ideas linear mosaic white gray glass shower


Choose bright bathroom tiles for small space bathrooms. Darker colors tend to close the space visually, while lighter colors visually enlarge. Opt for pastels and muted colors.

Mosaic accents

Bathroom tiles ideas black mosaic accent basin

Add interesting details with mosaic tiles. Several mosaics can make lovely paintings. Because of their popularity in kitchens and bathrooms, they can be found in a wide range of colors and shades.

Mediterranean ambience

Bathroom tiles wooden cabinet beige light blue

Create interesting shapes with the arrangement of the bathroom tiles. Use cream or white color as a background and then make a round or triangular shape from colorful ones. Place this form on a wall near the shower or the bath tub to draw the eye to it.

One color, different patterns

modern bathroom tiles different pattern areas


Select another design for the shower or tub area. This area should still complete the entire interior. Opt for different patterns within the same color scheme. Try using more vivid colors that complement each other.

Floral motifs as wall decoration

elegant tiles bathroom design ideas floral decorations

Decorative tiles as the focal point in the bathroom. Large-scale decorative tiles or several smaller stones that fit together can create beautiful wall decorations. Surround this central piece with neutral colors that would serve as a framework.

A large mirror without frame

small bathroom ideas dark gray tiles mirror

Dark and light tiles contrast. Use white, ivory or cream as an accent for darker tones. If in your bathroom design dark shades dominate, then only a thin edge of lighter ones is needed to add a little brightness in the overall design.

 Black and white design

original black white mosaic tiles bathtub

Color combination – gray and blue

black gray blue tiles modern wooden sink

Pastel pink

pastel pink tiles mirror recessed lighting

Turquoise and white

Bathroom ideas modern large floor tiles

Stripes with mosaic

Bathroom tiles designs and ideas mosaic stripes yellow wall mirror

Emphasize the shower area

marble floor glass shower enclosure light blue mosaic tiles

Red and beige combination

mirror red beige ceramic tiles

ideas bamboo cabinet wall tiles

modern bathroom ideas beige mosaic shower area glass

ideas round wall mirror

decoration ideas yellow dark wood mirror frame



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