Bring the Sunshine Into Your Home With the New IKEA Spring Collection 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

With Spring being just around the corner, the spirit of new beginnings and opportunities is in the air. Every new season carries its own distinguishing character, and it carries everywhere around us, from the streets to our sheets. If you’re in the midst of the annual Spring cleaning and are looking for inspiration to funk up your space, then look no further! IKEA just released their Spring collection, and we’ve selected all the seasonal must-haves for you, so all you have to do is keep reading, make a list, and take a trip to your nearest IKEA store! Here are the most exciting products from the IKEA spring collection 2023.

IKEA Spring Catalog 2023

ikea pink chair spring trends 2023

The Ikea catalogue has been a favorite coffee table read for many generations. Unfortunately, in 2021 the company announced that the physical issue of that same year will be their last. While this was truly heartbreaking for many interior design connoisseurs, like myself, IKEA continues to release new and exciting collections, and we’ve taken up the task to select and present to you our top picks in one place.

IKEA Spring Collection 2023 – Floral Bedding

As the weather is starting to warm up, and we’re putting away all the layers of knitted blankets and duvets, it’s time to bring some spring colors and patterns into our sanctuary. 2023 is all about being bold, trying new things and above all – allowing your unique personality to shine through! So what’s a better place to start exploring your creativity than the most personal of all places in your home – your bedroom? Let’s take a look at IKEA’s most recent additions to its spring collection.

SVARTKLINT Pink Floral Bedding

pink floral bedding interior decoration ideas


Remember that Bon Jovi song where he sings “I want to lay you down in a bed of roses”? Well, this floral bedding set is as close as it gets to that! It’s made of a cotton and viscose blend, which is ideal for the warmer seasons. It not only draws away moisture but also keeps your body cool and comfortable by maintaining a well-balanced temperature. This bedding will make any bedroom look and feel like a beautiful flower garden you simply won’t want to leave!

KÄRRDUNÖRT Bedding Fit For Royals

 english floral bedding seasonal decoration ideas

For those of you who prefer to have a more moody atmosphere in your bedroom, but still want to bring in the spring spirit, this stunning bedding set might just be the one for you! The inspiration for the earthy tones and floral pattern comes from the 1860s British Arts and Crafts movement. The bedding is made of a natural cotton and lyocell blend, which allows your skin to breathe and not overheat during the night.

KLÄTTERKALLA – Illustrative Patterns for a Playful Bedroom Look

ikea leaf bedding illustrative pattern spring 2023

This fun and quirky bedding set will create an uplifting atmosphere in any bedroom. The monstera leaf illustrations pattern in pastel earthy colors is ideal for those of you who are after a more minimalistic look. The bedding set is made of 100% cotton – a natural, breathable material that only gets softer with every wash.

Seasonal Decorations From The IKEA Spring Collection 2023

ikea kitchen chairs design ideas spring collection 2023

Now that we’ve sorted out the bedroom, it’s time to add some seasonal decorations to the rest of our home. I don’t know about you, but for me, Spring feels like a blank canvas and I want to paint it with the most beautiful shapes and colors. It brings this feeling of newness – the Sun is shining, birds are chirping, the flowers begin to blossom and all of a sudden life feels so hopeful! This is a feeling that I always try to carry into my home, and with these decorations from the IKEA Spring collection for 2023, you can do that, too!

Tactile Vases From The KONSTFULL Series

ikea spring 2023 flower vase seasonal decoration

Who doesn’t like having a bouquet of fresh flowers at home, especially during springtime? They instantly freshen up any space and add a sense of positivity and liveliness to it. I think you’ll agree that a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers deserves to be held in an equally impressive vase. IKEA has collaborated with British designer Ilse Crawford to create a stunning, sustainable collection of vases made out of mouth-blown leftover glass by masterful artisans. These vases not only look impressive on the outside with their tactile texture but also have a very well-thought-out functional design. There are rings at the bottom that support the stems, and the elongated neck of the vase is great for flowers with heavy petals or longer stems, as it helps keep them straight.

Two-sided PILBLIXT Table Lamp

ikea spring 2023 two sided lamp home decor ideas

This table lamp is designed in collaboration with the contemporary artist Lisa Hilland whose design philosophy revolves around giving a soul to the objects she creates so that they can be loved. She’s definitely accomplished that with this timeless design inspired by traditional paper lanterns. The lamp consists of two glass parts – a big frosted white and a light green, smaller one. Each of them reflects light differently, so depending on your mood or the placement of the lamp, you can switch between the position of the two glass parts.

SINNERLIG Handmade Pendant Lamp

ikea bamboo lamp spring summer trend 2023

Another sustainable design from the IKEA Spring collection in collaboration with Ilse Crawford is this unique hand-braided bamboo pendant lamp. Because each lamp is handmade, they vary in color due to the natural origin of the material, which adds an exceptional and personal flair to each lamp. The knitting pattern of the lamp gives a warm and soft light to your space, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

TOLKNING Handmade Headboard

ikea headboard knitted functional design modular furniture

The emphasis on sustainable, handmade decoration in the IKEA Spring Collection 2023 is evident! This freestanding headboard is meticulously hand-woven by experienced artisans from rattan spreads, so every piece is absolutely unique! It’s a perfect blend between beauty and functionality, a merge between man and nature. The natural fibers will bring a sense of calmness into your space, and even though the construction may look brittle, but it’s built to last you for years to come.

IKEA Spring Collection 2023 – Upcoming Collaborations

varmblixt limited edition ikea lighting

This Spring is incredibly exciting for home decor enthusiasts because IKEA is collaborating with one of the most innovative, forward-thinking designers of our generation – Sabine Marcelis. Her collaboration with IKEA is called VARMBLIXT, and it’s an exploration of the emotional effect light has on our home. Let’s have a look at some of the most impressive lighting pieces from this limited collection.


varmblixt ikea led wall table lamp interior decoration spring 2023

When light passes through this abstract, doughnut-shaped lamp, whether it’s hanging on a wall or placed down on a surface, it illuminates the space in a warm, calming glow. The best thing about it – it has an LED light, so you never have to worry about how and when you’re going to change the lightbulb.


ikea varmblixt pendant led lamp white frosted glass spring 2023

This state-of-the-art pendant light is going to be an absolute eye-catcher in the home of anyone who successfully gets their hands on it this Spring. It consists of 3 LED strips put inside white frosted glass U-shaped tubes which create a diffused, ambient light. With its elegant and contemporary design, it’s guaranteed to become an unparalleled centrepiece in any dining or living area. If you had to choose one piece from the IKEA Spring Collection 2023 that would remain relevant for generations to come, it would have to be this pendant!

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