Flat Wedding Shoes Ideas to Feel Comfortable All Day Long

by Kremy

The wedding day is something very special and should be remembered for a lifetime. Preparing for this grand event, every bride wants to look amazing, so the selecting the perfect dress, shoes and accessories plays an important role. Stylish, sophisticated attire of the bride can highlight all her dignity. Nowadays, the market offers many shoe options – wedding shoes with high heels, wedding shoes with low heels, flat wedding shoes – whatever you want!

Flat Wedding Shoes Ideas to Feel Comfortable on the special day

Choosing the elements of a wedding look is a difficult but very interesting task. It is quite understandable that the newlywed want to look the most beautiful that day, however, you need to think not only about beauty, but also about your own convenience. The wrong shoes can cause a lot of trouble. Those girls who are not used to walking on high heels should pay attention to flat wedding shoes.

Many brides purchase flat shoes as replacement shoes. This is a very good decision, allowing the bride to show off in chic stiletto heels, and then change into more comfortable shoes.

ballerina wedding shoes lace flats with satin ribbon


In addition, not all brides want to visually increase their height. If a girl is tall enough without heels, then she does not need to wear shoes that are uncomfortable for her. Many tall girls prefer shoes with low heels or flat soles. If you plan a beach wedding, it will be extremely uncomfortable to walk, as the high heels will sink into the sand.

What Are the Advantages of Flat Wedding Shoes?

What Are the Advantages of Flat Wedding Shoes

Flat wedding shoes are suitable for girls who prefer comfort and convenience in all circumstances. They are also indispensable for brides whose health condition does not allow spending the whole day on high heels. For example, if you suffer from varicose veins or suffer from constant pain in your joints, you may not want to marry a model in heels. What are the advantages of flat wedding shoes?

wedding shoes ideas beautiful and stylish ballerina flats

  • First, it is a guarantee of safety. It is unlikely that the bride will stumble or fall.
  • Comfortable shoes will protect the girl from discomfort.
  • Flat shoes are irreplaceable if the bride is taller than the groom.
  • Such shoes are suitable for all girls and look great with a dress of any length.
  • Choosing a model with a flat sole is practical. High heel shoes are rarely worn in everyday life while a model without a heel will come in handy for the bride after the wedding.

How to Choose Your Flat Wedding Shoes?

elegant flat shoes for brides


A trendy pair of shoes will make a bride feel much more confident, which is so necessary for a girl on her wedding day. However, bridal shoes should not only be in line with the latest fashion trends, you should feel most comfortable in them, because you will have to be on your feet all day. This special day shouldn’t be overshadowed by minor annoyances like calluses or pain in the legs. What are your flat wedding shoes options? Let’s see!

Ballet Flats

ballerina flats wedding shoes ideas

Ballerinas are a great choice for a wedding party. As the name suggests, this type of shoe came into fashion from ballet. Ballet flats look romantic and the bride will not feel tired either from long walking or from dancing all night long.

Ballet flats will look great with fitted wedding dresses with fluffy light skirts that resemble a ballet tutu and with floor-length models. Wedding ballet flats can have a wide variety of decor. They can be decorated with rhinestones, lace, pearls, bows or artificial flowers. Ballet flats made of lace fabric look very attractive.


Choose Your Flat Wedding Shoes

Sandals are a unique option for a wedding. They are an open type of shoe without heels, which are great for many wedding styles. Strappy sandals will look great with a simple beach-themed wedding dress. Sandals with ribbons are the perfect complement to a Greek style outfit. And vintage open-toe shoes without a heel are perfect for a retro-style ceremony.


comfortable flat wedding shoes ideas Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a great option for an unusual, themed celebration. This type of flat wedding shoes is made of lightweight fabric with woven soles and will give the bride a feeling of weightlessness. Usually, they are made of lace or satin fabric, decorated with beads and ribbons and will complement a classic or vintage wedding dress.


sneakers bridal keds flat shoes ideas

Bridal keds are a non-standard shoe option that has gained great popularity as an alternative to high heels. They are suitable for young brides, help to get a more informal and simple, fresh look.



bridal keds sneakers for brides wedding shoes ideas

comfortable wedding shoes ideas sandals

wedding shoes espadrilles summer beach wedding ideas

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