Grecian Style Wedding Dress Ideas – A Feminine Look For The Big Day!

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What is a Grecian style wedding dress? How is it different from other silhouettes? Is it flattering to any type of figure? We shall answer these questions and show you a variety of magnificent wedding dresses that will make you look like a goddess!

Feminine Grecian Style Wedding Dress Ideas

Since childhood every girl dreams of the perfect wedding dress, the one that will emphasizes the dignity of her figure and helps create a festive atmosphere. Hardly anyone will argue that choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important tasks for every bride.

What is a Grecian style wedding dress


Wedding dresses in Greek style are especially popular lately. This cut is versatile, suitable for almost any bride and helps to hide any imperfections. We are sure that such a model will always be in fashion, which means that choosing such a dress, you will definitely not be mistaken. How to create a complete image, which dress to choose – you will find out the answers to these and many other questions in this article!

Grecian Style Wedding Dress – The Perfect Choice for Elegant and Feminine Look

Grecian Style Wedding Dress for Elegant and Feminine Look

Undoubtedly, a Grecian style wedding dress is a very special outfit characterized by sophisticated femininity and attractiveness. As the name implies, Grecian style wedding dresses are inspired by Ancient Greece where everything was based on the laws of symmetry. Everything was symmetrical except for the dresses. The classical dress of an ancient Greek woman was in line with the fashion trends of those years. Clothes were skillfully draped by experts in their field. A Grecian style wedding dress is based on the golden proportions and has an impeccable cut which accents on femininity. The main features of a dress in this style are:

  • High waist
  • Straight silhouette
  • Transparent multi-layered material
  • Skirt with many pleats or drapery
  • Cropped corset
  • Open shoulders and arms
  • Possibly a slight small plume
  • Asymmetry

Wedding dresses in Greek style represent elegance, nobility, luxury and attractiveness. Designers create stylish and flowing models with expressive decorative finishes. Asymmetric styles that expose one shoulder and models with a cruciform drapery on the bodice are considered fashionable wedding novelties in the Greek style.

Wedding Dress in Greek Style – A Versatile Cut for Any Type of Figure

A Versatile Cut for Any Type of Figure Wedding Dress in Greek Style

Wedding dress in Greek style is suitable for almost any bride. The cut makes the bride look slimmer and taller, emphasizing the beauty of her breasts and arms. The cut is perfect for women with a rounded tummy, as well as for women with a pear shape figure and helps hiding extra pounds. The flowing cut and accentuated bust allow you to conceal small breasts, wide hips and a full waist.

The great advantage of this dress is that you will feel free and easy in it. There are no tight corsets, belts or other elements that restrict movement. Many brides who selected a wedding dress in Greek style skip the veil and opt for beautiful headbands and wreaths instead.

Grecian Style Wedding Dress – How to Choose the Best Model?

Grecian Style Wedding Dress How to Choose the Best Model

Wedding dresses of this style look incredibly simple and stylish, but at the same time, the bride’s appearance is tender and sophisticated. Often, simple Greek style wedding dresses are complemented by cropped lantern sleeves or translucent petal-shaped sleeves. Some of the models have the shape of a batwing sleeve, with the length of the sleeves reaching the elbow or the wrist.

Sleeveless Dresses

greek style wedding dress with blue decorations

A sleeveless dress in Empire-Greek style looks beautiful and elegant. This outfit will emphasize the gracefulness of the shoulders and arms, as well as make narrow shoulders more expressive. Models with a brooch under the chest or at the waist are a great choice for women with medium breasts and thin, handsome arms.

Short Greek Style Dresses

short wedding dress in greek style

The classic wedding dress in Greek style has a straight silhouette with a high waistline. Nowadays designers experiment and offer more interesting models. A short wedding dress is a trend and to create a light and romantic look, the market offers beautiful models from chiffon, silk and other light, flowing materials. To add splendor to the outfit, fashion designers use voluminous folds laid in drapery. For example, a length just below the knee hides the imperfection of the legs and thanks to the open neckline, you can emphasize the beauty of your breasts.

Wedding dresses in Greek style

In addition to short and long dresses, designers present many other styles to choose from. Asymmetrical sleeves or one sleeve allows you to hide wide shoulders. Miniature brides will look taller with a long train. A V-shaped neckline design will perfectly hide fluffy shoulders. For a beautiful back, stylists advise choosing a dress with an open back. Options with transparent inserts, flowers, lace, ribbons, beads, rhinestones, etc. allow every bride to choose a perfectly fitting dress.

Greek style wedding dresses suitable for every type of figure

When choosing a Greek style wedding dress the bride should keep in mind several criteria. It is only at first glance that such dresses look similar. But this is not the case. Individual elements of the style – the presence or absence of straps, their width, the place of attachment of the brooch – can radically change the style. Therefore, in order to choose your perfect wedding dress, you must follow the rules. So:

  • If you have a small tummy and a few extra pounds at the waist, choose a model with an asymmetrical top and bottom.
  • If you want a Greek style dress with a train, then it should not be too long, otherwise the airiness of the silhouette will be lost.
  • If you have broad shoulders, opt for a one-shoulder dress.
  • To emphasize the neckline and show your chic breasts, use straps, which can be wide or narrow, asymmetrical, decorated with stones or without decor.
  • Short dresses are suitable for extravagant brides who are not afraid to experiment.
  • This cut is ideal for pregnant brides.

Elegant feminine wedding dresses in Greek style

We are sure that Grecian style wedding dresses will always be in fashion, which means that choosing such a model you definitely will not be mistaken!


beautiful sleeveless wedding dress in greek style

greek style elegant and feminine wedding dresses ideas

grecian style wedding dress with waist decorations


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