Bright and Cheery Yellow Wedding Ideas for Sunny Mood on the Big Day

by Kremy

Yellow is one of the brightest colors. You can hardly find a more positive color and that is why we will show you some of the best yellow wedding ideas. We associate this color with the rays of the sun, the lovely spring flowers – daffodils, dandelions, with summer and warm days, sunflowers, goldfish, lemons, etc.

Yellow Wedding Ideas for Sunny Mood on the Big Day

The wedding is a door to a new life. This color invariably brings joy, happiness and hope. Yellow looks great at any time of the year, which means it will diversify any wedding. So what’s the right way to use this joyful versatile color?

Yellow Wedding decoration venue and table setting ideas


A yellow wedding is very impressive – the decoration can be done in a variety of ways, using flowers, fruits, lanterns and balloons in the appropriate shades. If you are looking for an unusual solution for your big day and want to stand out from the series of standard black and white weddings, then this warming and vivid color is for you. The yellow palette is great for spring, summer, and fall weddings.

Yellow Wedding Ideas – Choose a Shade and Color Combinations

table decor and centerpiece ideas yellow wedding

Every color affects our psyche and behavior. Yellow refers to the warm colors and is associated with expressiveness and intelligence, it is a symbol of loyalty, hope, energy. From the entire spectrum of colors – yellow is the happiest, it personifies joy and optimism. Yellow wedding ideas are based on harmony and will be a good option for newlyweds that are not afraid of bold decisions.

The yellow color certainly pleases with the richness of its palette, and choosing a particular tone will depend on the personal taste and preferences of the newlyweds. Here are some shades that are great for a yellow wedding:

  • Mustard – This color looks great for an autumn wedding or country-style celebration. It can be combined with chocolate or wine tones.
  • Bright canary yellow – One of the brightest shades, which is best combined with white or beige.
  • Corn – this shade has a special depth and richness. It can be combined with delicate shades of green and beige. Often, corn is used in a palette with blue, which creates a stunning contrast.
  • Pastel yellow – Suitable for creating a softer and tender wedding atmosphere, especially when combined with other natural shades.

How to Combine Yellow with Other Colors?

yellow and green wedding ideas

The combination of yellow and green looks natural, juicy and gentle at the same time. If you are planning your wedding for the spring or summer, this combination is ideal for outdoor celebrations. Natural seasonal greens are a great backdrop for expressive yellows.

grey and yellow wedding theme decor

Aristocratic gray paired with sunny shades is a classic in bridal fashion. Silver tablecloths, elegant tableware, candlesticks, satin ribbons will create a romantic atmosphere. Yellow accents in wedding decor add fun, fresh, playful and sunny notes. Vibrant colors framed in discreet luxury gray shades look delicate and dreamy.

yellow and blue color combination wedding decor ideas

Yellow and blue combination looks bold, bright and confident. The noble blue palette emphasizes the richness of yellow in wedding decor. Depending on the shades chosen, the event will be playful or luxurious.

elegant yellow and purple wedding table setting

Yellow and purple color combination is refined, spectacular and elegant. Deep purple tones combined yellow will create a luxurious feeling while lavender and lilac shades – a romantic mood.

Yellow Wedding Decoration – Venue and Table Setting Ideas

yellow and white wedding reception table decor ideas

A wedding in yellow should be rich in colorful decorations that make it incredibly inspiring. Start your yellow wedding decoration by mixing a unique cocktail of light, carefree mood, ease and fun. Yellow can be used as the main color in the decor of a wedding.

fascinating decorations wedding theme ideas yellow color

When decorating a yellow wedding, it is important to choose the right color combination. The decoration of the reception hall starts from the doors.  Drape the walls with fabric to completely transform the space. The ceiling and windows can be decorated with yellow balloons mixed with your contrasting or complementary color – orange, white, lilac, blue, etc. For example, a white tablecloth and yellow dishes (transparent or with colored edging) and yellow glasses will give cheerful reflections, colorful flowers will add freshness and proper lighting will add to the romantic atmosphere. A good option is to create zones using color accents

wedding table decor ideas yellow tablecloth floral centerpieces

Tables are an integral part of the wedding reception. You can decorate them with fabric drapery or tablecloths. For chairs, it is also necessary to choose covers, sashes, satin ribbons, which, together with the table, walls and ceiling, will create the unity of the interior. You can also add place cards and beautiful yellow napkins for decoration.

Sunflowers make magnificent bouquets, suitable for the decor of the wedding table. The festive table can be decorated with bottles with yellow lemonade, compositions of lemons and flowers in glass containers, etc.

yellow themed wedding invitations

Yellow wedding accessories will help you emphasize the color theme – invitations, place cards, napkin decorations, party favors should all be yellow. For example, the place cards can be lemons with miniature flags with names, miniature pots with signs, bright cards made of colored cardboard, etc. Invitations should be special too – get yellow paper or just make a scroll and tie it with a bright yellow ribbon – and voila, the invitation is ready! The ring pillow can have either a classic shape or a very original one. It can be made in the shape of a flower, for example.

Yellow Wedding Floristry Ideas

bridesmaids dresses ideas for yellow themed wedding

To comply with the style of a yellow wedding, everything must be kept in the same color scheme. A dazzling wedding in yellow requires an unusual bridal bouquet and a groom’s boutonniere in the same stylistic solution. There is a wide choice of flowers – gerbera, lily, chrysanthemum, sunflower, mimosas, chamomile, dandelion, crocus, yellow roses. Roses are also perfect for decorating the tables. It is recommended to dilute yellow with delicate, harmonious shades like blue, brown, deep blue or green. A beautiful option is a white and yellow bridal bouquet of different flowers with the addition of greenery.

Bride and Groom Outfits for Yellow Wedding

bride and groom attire yellow wedding ideas

The selection of outfits for the bride and groom must be approached with caution and it is best if you trust the experience of professionals. Yellow color or its shades should be equally suitable for both newlyweds.

gorgeous yellow wedding dress

If you want to look like the fabulous Belle from Beauty and the Beast, look for a lush, golden-yellow dress. For a classic look, wear a white dress and add yellow accents with accessories. It can be a bright belt and matching shoes, a flirty yellow hat, as well as embroidery on a wedding dress. The hairstyle can also be decorated with flowers to match the bouquet.

The manicure should not be flashy, so it is better to decorate your nails with a pastel-colored or nude varnish. Makeup should look stylish and elegant. The main rule is maximum naturalness, so beige eyeshadows and the same color of powder and lipstick will be enough.

bride and groom outfit ideas for yellow themed wedding

For extravagant weddings, the groom can choose a bright yellow jacket. However, in this case, it is important that the bride chooses a white dress, otherwise the couple will look awkward. Supporting the yellow theme of the wedding, you can add a scarf, bow tie, boutonniere, shirt, tie, and even socks of juicy yellow shades to the black or gray suit of the groom.

Dress Code for Guests

yellow themed wedding ideas bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaids outfits should be different in color. If the bride wears a white dress, then the bridesmaids may choose dresses in any shade of yellow. If the bride herself is wearing a wedding dress in yellow, bridesmaids should wear another color.

groom outfit yellow themed wedding ideas

Groomsmen can follow the example of the groom and wear a regular beige, black, gray or blue classic suit, decorated with one yellow detail – suspenders, boutonniere, a handkerchief in the jacket pocket, bowtie, etc.


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DIY wedding decor ideas yellow theme tips

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