Alternative wedding ring holder ideas – a unique accessory for the big day

by Kremy

beach wedding ideas coral ring holder

Here is a fantastic selection of alternative wedding ring holder ideas which can be an inspiration for your big day. The exchange of wedding rings is perhaps the most moving and important ceremony of the entire wedding. Pillows for rings are an important element of the ceremony that will help to create an additional emphasis on the moment of exchange of rings. This accessory makes the moment even more solemn, bright and memorable. The ring bearer walks down the aisle and carries the rings to the couple. True, it only takes a few moments, but this does not diminish the importance of details, right?

A traditional ring pillow nowadays is replaced by numerous creative ring holder designs. Modern young couples prefer non-standard ceremonies and original accessories which allow them to personalize a formal and standard official ceremony. The rings can be carried on a tray, on a pillow, in a special box and these can be bought in every wedding store. If you want to be unusual and creative, have a look at the gallery below!

Alternative wedding ring holder ideas

Alternative wedding ring holder ideas


This small wedding accessory should be chosen in accordance with the general style and theme of the wedding. Alternative wedding ring holder ideas can be truly original and an excellent idea for a stylish celebration. How can you replace the traditional wedding ring pillow?

Nowadays, the wedding industry offers the couples a huge number of options in any shape and color. However, such accessories are sometimes lacking personality. It is normal that young couples want their marriage to be unique and alternative pillow options will come to help.

DIY wedding ring holder ideas wooden board decorated with lace

You can choose anything that you like and works with your color scheme and theme. If you are not afraid of experiments, feel free to choose any shade and shape that you like. The main rule is that all the details of the wedding ceremony are in harmony with each other. Usually the ring pillows and holders are decorated with lace, ribbons, satin, guipure, rhinestones, pearls and floral elements. However, you can use cones, berries, thematic figurines, branches, sea shells, moss or any other original decorations. To fasten the rings to the pad you can use bows, buttons, safety pin, ribbons, etc. Here are some great ideas for you!

A book wedding ring holder

wedding rings in a book creative ideas

A win-win version of the wedding ring pillow is to use a book. You can choose vintage books or an album with photographs of the newlyweds. An interesting cover of the book with wishes of happiness or symbols of love will emphasize the solemnity of the event. The wedding rings are placed in a cut inside the book.

Wood log cut

creative DIY wedding ring holder ideas

A great idea for replacing a classic pillow is an unusual cut of wood. It can be decorated with inscriptions, name initials, the date of the wedding, twine, flowers, ornaments. A wood log ring holder will become not only an exquisite accessory at your wedding, but also a symbol of the beginning of a new life together.

Seashell wedding ring holder

seashell as a ring holder for beach weddings

This is the perfect accessory for beach or nautical themed weddings. It can be decorated with a satin ribbon in a variety of styles and colors, beads, delicate pearls, etc. The shell can be a symbol of the generous gift of the deep sea, with treasured rings for newlyweds, as a sign of fidelity and love for many years.



wooden wedding ring holder with moss

unique wedding ring holder ideas adorable blue and pink eggs

wedding accessories ideas unique ring holders

original ring holder wooden bucket rustic wedding ideas

original puzzle ring holder ideas for your wedding

DIY unique rustic wood ring bearer pillow with two hearts

DIY ring holder ideas wedding tips

unique wedding ideas bird nest ring holder

birdcage decorated with flowers and white birds as a ring holder

beautiful heart shaped stand decorated with flowers as ring holder

beach wedding ideas rings in seashell

alternative wedding ring pillow ideas original ring holders

unique wedding ring holder mini glass geometric box

miniature chair jewelry holder alternative wedding ring holder ideas



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