Rustic Wedding Theme – Stylish, Beautiful and Inspirational Ideas

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Are you looking for a wedding theme? There are so many to choose from – glamorous, boho chic, beach, shabby chic, etc. It is best if you choose a theme and style that best matches your personality and the image of your couple! If you want an atmosphere that is relaxed, that allows you to organize a reception in the middle of a vineyard or field, in the garden, in a barn or an old farmhouse … a rustic wedding is the theme for you!

Rustic Wedding Theme Stylish and Inspirational Ideas

Rustic weddings, despite the simplicity of decoration, turn out to be unusual and stylish. In addition, the natural rustic surroundings allow you to create a touching and romantic atmosphere. More and more young couples prefer the rustic style for their wedding. The explanation for this is quite simple – the charming combination of simplicity and elegance, as well as the lack of pretentiousness and luxury.

What are the Main Features of Rustic Wedding?

Main Features of Rustic Wedding


The main features of a rustic wedding are naturalness, simplicity, comfort, ease, use of natural materials and flowers, environmental friendliness, modesty and simple elegance.

Despite the fact that simplicity and naturalness are among the main features, this kind of wedding has a certain charm and sophistication. Various antique accessories will help to create a proper atmosphere.  The color scheme includes earthy and natural shades – gray, brown, different tones of green, cream, white, as well as pink and blue. Bright accents are allowed but flashy shades should be limited or not used at all.

What is the Best Venue for a Rustic Wedding?

Best Venue for a Rustic Wedding Ideas

What could be better than a rustic themed outdoor wedding ceremony? Natural surroundings are considered to be an important criterion when choosing a place for both ceremony and a reception. Of course, when you plan an outdoor wedding, you need to be certain that weather will be good.

If the wedding is scheduled for the cold season, you can organize it indoors. You can choose a vineyard, a farm, country estate, an outdoor ceremony in the wood or field, a garden, and last but not least – a barn. Barn weddings are very popular because of their romantic yet laid-back atmosphere.

Rustic Wedding Decor – Natural Materials and Fabrics

Natural Materials and Fabrics as Rustic Wedding Decor

Ads we mentioned above, rustic style is based on natural materials. To create the desired atmosphere and a harmonious look, choose wood, stone, and branches, hay, moss, wildflowers or garden flowers, for example, chamomile, cornflowers, begonias, dahlias,

In addition to natural elements, use cotton, linen, burlap, twine, craft paper and ribbons. Antique items associated with the rural way of life – old furniture, pallets, old doors, watering cans, wheelbarrows, carts, books, wicker baskets are also perfect for decorative elements. Wooden window frames, wheels, large barrels, tree cuts, wooden boxes, small logs can become bright decorative accents of a wedding. Such elements will perfectly reflect the style of the celebration and can become a background for interesting photography.

Tables can be decorated with wicker baskets, old books, wood cuts and various compositions with moss elements are also suitable.

Lace and burlap are the most popular fabrics for decorating rustic weddings. They will indeed give a vintage touch to your décor. Using burlap and lace, you can decorate tables, chairs, invitations, arch and other elements of the wedding.

Rustic Wedding Arch Ideas

Rustic Wedding Arch Ideas

The center of the ceremony is the wedding arch and, like all elements of wedding decoration, must correspond to the chosen style. A rustic arch is most often made of wood which gives a special charm to the ceremony. The wedding arch is decorated with flowers to match the main scale and fabric. At the same time, the composition must be complete and harmonious.

Many couples choose original and unusual wedding arches, for example an arch made of beams and branches with fabric draperies, arch from antique authentic barn doors, etc.

In addition, you can completely abandon the arch in the usual sense and replace it with garlands, decorated haystacks, wooden barrels and other items related to rural life.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations

When choosing a wedding style, you need to think about the comfort of your guests, whether the wedding concept suits them. Invitations should be in Rustic style to immediately highlight the theme. In this way, guests will be able to think over their outfit in advance. Write in your invitations that the guests’ clothes should be of a certain color (if you have selected a particular color), or some rustic attribute should be present in the outfit. The dress code is an important part of the wedding and the clothes of the guests can also create a unique atmosphere. Just make sure that everyone is informed in due course.

Table Numbers and Place Cards

rustic wedding ideas table plan

To prepare table and place cards, you can use craft paper, which is usually used for packaging, or designer cardboard with a wood look. The pillow for the rings of the newlyweds will correspond to the rustic style if it is made of burlap and decorated with lace, ribbons, beads.

Rustic Wedding Menu

Rustic wedding menu and cake

The menu should be as simple and rustic as the whole visual design of the wedding. It is better to choose simple dishes. You can include baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, all kinds of pastries, pickles, home cooking (dumplings, pies, pancakes). In addition to prepared dishes, there should be a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits on the table.

At a rustic wedding, it is customary to serve various lemonades, compotes in original glass decanters. If you cannot imagine your wedding without alcohol, then it also needs to be presented in an original way, for example, poured into containers decorated with burlap and twine.

Another important part of the holiday is the rustic style wedding cake. The most popular choice is the “naked” cake, which is covered with cream on the sides so that the layers are visible. Dessert is decorated with fresh fruits, berries and even flowers.

Wedding Favors

wedding favors for rustic style wedding

Gifts for guests will help to support the theme of home comfort and warm relationships. To keep fond memories of the original wedding, your wedding favors can be:

  • Jars of honey or homemade jam, with words of gratitude;
  • Fresh flowers in small pots with the inscription “with love”;
  • Small baskets with berries or homemade cakes.

Bride and Groom Outfit Ideas

chic rustic wedding dress ideas

The main element of the bride’s image is the wedding dress. What should it be? The perfect dress for a rustic wedding is light, airy, made of flowing fabric in pastel colors – cream, white, beige. Avoid pretentiousness, splendor, excessive shine, instead of all this, choose lace.

Makeup should also be unobtrusive, in pastel colors, emphasizing the natural beauty of the bride. Handmade jewelry and vintage accessories are welcome.

As for the wedding hairstyle, it is better to do without complex salon styling and hair accessories. Choose braids, light curls, waves or loose hair. If your hair is short, then a casual, slightly careless styling will do. You can accessorize your hair with flowers, ribbons, wreaths of flowers, etc. Tiaras, sparkling rhinestones, massive jewelry or long veils are definitely not suitable.

groom outfit ideas for rustic wedding

A wildflowers bridal bouquet will complete the bride’s appearance.

When choosing an outfit for the groom, think of something casual – a vest, suspenders, bow tie, cotton shirt, etc. Textured fabrics are ideal for a wedding suit.

rustic wedding reception dining table setup ideas

The beauty of a rustic wedding is in the simplicity and charm. When decorating a wedding in the chosen style, it is necessary to carefully consider all the decor elements as they create the necessary atmosphere.


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