35 Backyard BBQ Decorating Ideas: Organize a Stress Free Garden Party

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A barbecue party is a versatile way to celebrate any holiday in the summer – birthday, bachelor party, bridal shower, corporate party or even a wedding. Decorations add the festive vibe to any gathering with friends and family. Have a look at these fantastic backyard bbq decorating ideas and plan your next outdoor party.

35 Backyard BBQ Decorating Ideas Organize a Stress Free Garden Party

Barbecue parties are a great place to chat and make new acquaintances. The informal atmosphere is just right for getting to know each other better. Do not confuse a barbecue party with a picnic. Typically a bbq party is organized in a backyard or in the country but in close proximity with amenities like running water, toilet, etc.

Backyard Bbq Party Ideas for a Pleasant Pastime on Summer Days

Backyard Bbq Party Ideas for a Pleasant Pastime


It is not a surprise that barbecue parties are a popular pastime during the summertime. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small backyard, whether you plan a grand event or a spontaneous gathering with your friends and neighbors, decorations will add color and style and create a festive atmosphere.

Backyard bbq decorating ideas vary depending on the event. If you organize a birthday party or a baby shower, the decorations will be quite different. In addition, you could plan a themed backyard party, which means you will need the relevant decorative elements, for example a tropical party, 4th of July part, etc.

To get started, check that you have everything you need for a barbecue party: grill, firewood or coal, skewers, tongs and spatulas. From furniture, provide space with tables and chairs, sun loungers or cushions to sit on the ground.

A bbq party in not a formal sit-down dinner is not a feast, but more of a buffet-type party with areas to relax, so you need to define the different zones in your backyard.

First of all, it is the barbecue area. You need to place everything that you will need next to the barbecue or grill.

summer garden party ideas decoration table setting food

Food buffet – A dining table (or if you plan a grand event with many guests, a relevant number of tables). As we said, an outdoor bbq party is not meant as a sit down event. Typically, the guests move around with or without their plates, communicate, and just relax. Usually, all the food and drinks are placed on the dining table and everyone helps themselves. Of course, it all depends on the type of event, you may want to provide seating for all your guests, and if your backyard is large enough, just go for it! Think of a low table for children, with a specific children’s menu, and small chairs. Make sure you place a small table with bowls for washing hands, napkins and toothpicks. Place a couple of trash cans next to it.

backyard party decor ideas drink station

Beverage station – this is usually a table with drinks and glasses, ice, sliced fruits and other cocktail ingredients. The glasses should be placed on trays upside down so that everyone pours the drink to his liking

Snack and dessert area (candy bar) is the area for serving light snacks and desserts. It is a must when there are many children.

Seating area and cozy corners where you can relax. You can place sun loungers, benches, hammocks, plastic chairs, floor cushions, etc.

original bbq party decorating ideas

Of course, your barbecue party can have as many zones as the area allows. These are not strict rules, so you can organize the backyard as you like.

How to Create a Relaxed, Carefree Atmosphere?

Backyard Bbq Decorating Ideas How to Create a Relaxed Carefree Atmosphere

Even the simplest decorations can set the tone of your backyard bbq party and add a festive vibe to the atmosphere. Fun theme decorations will transform your barbecue party into something really special. If you plan a small casual gathering, add just a few elements and for a special occasion like wedding reception or a birthday party, the decoration must be up to the occasion!

Backyard bbq decorating ideas feature many and different themes. If you have selected a particular style, color scheme or theme, this will make decorating way easier. For example, a Hawaiian party may include torches, tiki bar, etc. Some of the most popular bbq party themes are Bohemian BBQ, Fourth of July BBQ, Rustic style BBQ, beach theme, etc.

Backyard decorations

Garden grill party barbecue ideas backyard decor

Backyard decorations include all the array of banners, garlands, pom poms, paper cutouts, ribbons, balloons, etc. Make a greeting banner, hang paper decor and ribbons. Any design ideas are suitable, but rustic style is the most popular theme. Rustic flavor is emphasized by baskets of vegetables, wildflowers, polka dot or checkered patterns. Stack several rough boxes on top of each other to create miniature tables. Place your drink bottles in your garden wheelbarrow or in buckets filled with ice. Burlap and plain brown paper are the perfect material for DIY decoration projects.

Table Decorations

backyard bbq table decorating ideas

Backyard bbq table decorating ideas must add to the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Keep in mind that a bbq party is about the food, so you’d expect that most of the action will take place around the tables. Tablecloths and table runners are the base of your decorations. Use bright summer colors – orange, yellow, lime green – that add a cheerful summer vibe! Red-and-white checkered tablecloths are very popular for barbecue parties. They are perfect for country- or western-themed parties.

garden party lighting ideas

Add centerpieces to each table. Pick flowers from your garden. You can use watering cans or decorative vases for bouquet of flowers, such as roses, posies, sunflowers, wildflowers or daisies. Wildflowers bring joy and peace, which is why they are very popular. The design idea is simple, but the result will be amazing. It is enough to collect a few daisies, forget-me-nots, buttercups, without spending a dime on the decor. You can create small compositions and put them in small glass jars, decorated with a simple rope or twine. Also, a voluminous bouquet of flowers in a jar, placed in the center of the table, will look beautiful.

Bunches of fresh herbs will add a fresh, culinary scent. Glass containers filled with citrus fruits – lemons, limes or oranges will create a colorful effect. Another option is to scatter fresh fruit and vegetables on the tables amidst greenery which will be a spectacular centerpiece.

Chair decoration will only add to the overall festive look of your backyard. Tie a bow or a balloon to each chair, add colorful cushions to each chair, etc.


bbq decor ideas string lights in the garden

Lighting will add coziness, warmth and aesthetics to the party. You can use outdoor LED lights or LED candles to line the pathways. Sting lights are hugely popular for garden parties and create a festive mood instantly. Hang paper lanterns on nearby trees, pillars, poles or other structures.

Place candles in candlesticks in advance (to take out when it gets dark). Or hang jars of candles on branches – a simple but very effective way to decorate your backyard space.

backyard bbq ideas how to organize a grill party

As you see, you do not need a lot of time or money to decorate your backyard for an outdoor party. Just try one of these simple backyard bbq decorating ideas which will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere for your family and friends!


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