What to Wear To a Pool Party – Summer Look Ideas and Party Essentials

by Kremy

A pool party is always cool! What to wear to a pool party? What are the essentials that you need not only for a perfect summer look but to make sure that you are comfortable at any moment?

What to Wear To a Pool Party and Nail a Top Summer Look?

What to wear to a pool party tips and ideas

When you receive a pool parry invitation, it is understandable that you want to nail the perfect look! On the first place, check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. It is very likely that your clothes will get wet, so think what you want to wear. An expensive fancy dress may not be the best idea. Find out our tips and guidelines which will guarantee you unforgettable moments at the pool!


swimming suit straw bag pool party fashion


A swimsuit is number one on your list of pol party essentials even if you are not going to swim. You can simply sunbathe or enjoy a delicious cocktail on a sun lounger. The choice of style depends on your personal preference. You can choose a one-piece, bikini or trikini, but male sure that you select a stylish model that highlights your body shape and pairs easily with what you plan to wear on it. Intricate patterns, stripes or monochrome will all look good at a pool party. For example, a one piece swim suit will look more fashionable when combined with denim shorts or a light cape. Bikini will go well with a light dress or tunic.

Pool wear

pool party fashion pareo sarong

What else, besides a swimsuit, will be useful for you for a pool party? You have many options to choose from – a pareo, sarong or kimono. Lightweight and chic, these are perfect to wear over a swimsuit. A pareo is universal, it can be worn as a skirt, dress, or scarf which gives you many options to change your appearance whenever you want. A long boho sundress or a mini dress in a romantic floral print is also a good option. Bright colors, stripes, flowers, tropical motifs, open shoulders, flounces and ruffles are welcome.

Denim shorts, whatever their style and cut, are a timeless piece of clothing that can be worn in all circumstances. For a successful pool party look, do not hesitate to combine your shorts with a fancy top.

Sandals or flip flops

flip flops pool party essentials

For a pool party, it is best to choose shoes without heels. The best option would be flip flops or sandals. On a sunny day or a hot evening, they will ideally fit into the climate of the pool party. Those of you who prefer the classics can pay attention to the minimalist models of the top brands with logos, which are in trend now. Sandals made of shiny materials, decorated with fringes, rhinestones and all kinds of straps are not considered suitable for pool parties, but if you feel like it, then just go for it! The important thing is to feel as comfortable as possible.

Makeup and hairstyle

what to wear to a pool party hairstyle and makeup ideas


Is it a good idea to wear makeup when you go to a pool party? Well, the answer is yes and no. Heavy makeup is totally inappropriate and you should keep that in mind. If you use ordinary cosmetic products, there is a good chance that once you’re out of the water, your look will be ruined. In case you cannot do without mascara or lipstick, make sure that they are waterproof. Remember that when it comes to makeup, summer is the season for lightness and this is exactly the credo to adopt to avoid any mishaps.

What about the hairstyle? Choose a style which reminds of sea, freedom and holidays. Buns, knots and twists, waves and curls, romantic braids and ponytails are perfect for a pool party.

Jewelry and accessories

pool party accessories sea shell bracelet

Obviously, there is no need to wear all your jewelry. It would be a bad taste and could cost you dearly. Jewelry that is too “flashy” is not suitable either. Bracelets or large earrings are enough to accent your pool party fashion look!

Accessories make the look. You cannot do without sunglasses and a hat. If the weather is very hot and sunny, sunglasses alone may not be enough. A sun hat can save you, not to mention, that it can be a spectacular element of your pool party outfit.

Pool Party Essentials that You Need to Have With You

what to wear to a pool party chic summer look ideas

Once you have decided what to wear to a pool party, it is time to think of the essentials that you need to take with you.

Pool bag

Pool party essentials ideas top summer look

A bag is not only an accessory that will finish your pool party outfit. You will need to pack all of the pool party essentials in a bag. A waterproof bag is always okay because it’s light and spacious so you can throw whatever you need into it. With such a bag, you will be sure that your things will not get wet.


woman sunbathing by the pool summer top look tips

A towel is another must-have when you go to a pool party. You need one to wipe yourself dry so make sure it is in your bag.


apply sunscreen to protect your skin

When having fun at a party, remember that your skin is exposed to sunlight. Burnt shoulders and a red nose will ruin any look! We advise you to pay special attention to sunscreen.

pool party accessories sunglasses

Now that you have a clear how to nail a top summer look, take advantage of the sunny days you have and enjoy yourself. Modern clothes, light and feminine silhouettes, surprising colors, matching accessories, light makeup and hair this is the winning strategy to have a perfect look!




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