Black and white wedding ideas – the harmony of contrasting colors

by Kremy

Black and white wedding ideas are gaining popularity due to the fact that themed celebrations that are designed in one color or another are exceptionally trendy in the world of wedding fashion. When you start organizing a black and white wedding you will certainly come across an opinion that this is boring but in the photo gallery below you will see that this theme can be harmonious, luxurious, beautiful and stylish. Remember the old black and white photos and think about why many photographers prefer this retro style in their work today?

awesome table decoration black and white wedding theme

How to organize a black and white wedding? How to plan the decoration of the venue, attire, invitations, bridal bouquet, floristry, cake, etc.? The truth is that a wedding in black and white requires a careful approach and we shall give you some great ideas and tips.

What do you need to know about black and white colors?

black and white wedding ideas decor accessories bride and groom attire


The elegant combination of black and white has many fans. Contrasting black and white create a complete harmony and unity. A wedding in black and white is a symbol of harmonious married life, in which the husband and wife complement each other. It is very easy to determine the significance of black and white colors if you take each of them separately. White is a classic choice for such an important event as wedding. It symbolizes purity and sincerity. Black is the opposite – a symbol of mystery. In combination, these two colors give a harmonious union, balancing the relationship. A wedding, designed in black and white looks elegant and solemn. It is important, however, to dose the colors properly and make sure that white color dominates. Black and white combine well with other colors and are best complemented by warm shades. Black, white and red is a real classic. All shades of scarlet and red, blue, lilac, saturated orange or green can beused as accent colors. Silver and gold are also good oprions. For example, details such as fonts, ribbons, dishes, bouquets, etc. will be emphasized very expressively against white background. The classic idea of a black and white wedding is a retro style. If you like chic and gloss, black and white Hollywood movies theme would be ideal for your celebration. Of course, you can choose any other theme or style for your black and white wedding – chess, gangster party, balloons, cartoons, silhouettes, etc.

Wedding invitations, place cards and table numbers

Black and white wedding theme ideas invitations

Every wedding begins with an invitation. The design of the invitations that you send to the guests should declare the theme of your celebration. Remember that style is always in the details and do not neglect such an important point as wedding printing. Besides invitations you need to think about seating cards, menus, etc. – the design of all these must be in one style. If there is a dress code, you need to inform your guests and the invitation is the way to do so. If you decide that you want to see all the guests in black and white, you should inform them about that accordingly. If you have a significant budget you can choose expensive designer paper with beautiful white embossing and send the invitation in an original matte black envelope. A budget friendly option is to send invitation cards without envelopes. There are quite many DIY ideas which will come useful as well.

Black and white wedding decoration ideas

black and white wedding theme table decor ideas

The decoration of the banquet hall in accordance with the black and white theme should be considered carefully. It is important not to overdo the black color. You need to think not only of the general decor concept but for the details – floristry, table decoration and centerpieces, chair covers, etc. Do not overload space with many elements. It is better to use the help of professionals and they will pick up the proper accessories in black and white. For example, hang out black and white garlands, white tablecloths and black napkins or black vases with white peonies, white candles, transparent black glass vases, retro photos, etc. Dishes should be predominantly white and napkin holders can be black. White curtains can be decorated with black ribbons or tulle. To avoid a monotonous impression of a black-and-white decor add a third color, for example, red or green.

Bride and groom attire and accessories for a black and white wedding

white wedding dresses with black bow

When choosing your attire, the black and white wedding theme allows you to be both traditional and creative. Black and white is a classic evening tandem, so you can opt for a white wedding dress and black tuxedo. Those who like something more original may opt for the opposite option – a white suit for the groom and a black wedding dress for the bride. This may sound quite extravagant but if that is your choice – just go for it! However, before choosing a black wedding dress, it will be a good idea to make sure that your fiancé and parents have no objections. Of course, there is a third option – a white dress with black elements for the bride (belt, dress edging, etc.) and the groom can be dressed up in a traditional dark suit with white accessories – boutonniere, tie or bow tie, cufflinks, etc.

bridal dress ideas for black and white themed celebration

Once you have chosen the wedding dress and suit, it is time to think about accessories. For the bride, this is, first of all, the veil. It is best if you opt for a white veil, regardless of the color scheme of the dress. After all, the veil is something very symbolic. It is important not to forget about the small details of the bride’s hairstyle: hairpins, ribbons, flowers, etc. Select your jewelry in accordance with the principle of contrast, i.e., the opposite of the dominant color. Do not get carried away with jewelry. Remember that a black and white wedding should demonstrate good taste and a sense of style. As far as shoes are concerned, brides have several options – white shoes, black shoes or black and white shoes, for example, polka dot shoes which can be matched with a polka dot tie of the the groom.

bridal bouquet in black and white

How about the bridal bouquet? We all know that there are no black flowers in nature. Yes, there are black roses and tulips, but it is best if you use them as accents. Snow-white roses tied with a black satin ribbon will look elegant, stylish and luxurious. You can choose any other white flowers and decorate them with black ribbons, beads, nets, feathers, etc.

groom and friends outfit ideas in black and white

Groom’s boutonniere should also be done in accordance with the chosen black and white style of the wedding. It is better to select similar or the same flowers as the ones for the bride’s bouquet.

Black and white wedding – dress code ideas for bridesmaids and guests

Black and White wedding theme bride and bridesmaid dresses

It is good if you set a dress code for the invitees of the wedding. You can do that in the invitations, especially if you want everyone to be in black and white. Bridesmaids and groom’s friends can choose an original pattern for their looks and accessories. Polka dot outfits, a checkerboard, or just small cocktail dresses, colored ties, belts and hats for young people will make the wedding celebration even more memorable and vibrant. Optionally, only the closest friends and girlfriends of the bride and groom can be dressed in black and white. For example, a bride in a lush snow-white dress will look very stylish next to her bridesmaids in dark evening dresses.

elegant black white wedding cake ideas

The wedding cake is another equally important element of a chic wedding and it should correspond to the general concept and theme. Skilled confectioners are able to create impressive masterpieces in black and white. In accordance with your preferences and wishes, its shape can be any: square, round, oval, multi-tiered. In addition to the wedding cake, decorate the dessert table with a variety of black and white treats – macarons, muffins, cakes, sweets, cookies, etc.



wedding decoration ideas in black and white

striking table decoration black and white wedding theme

Glamorous wedding ceremony black and white theme decor ideas

exceptional wedding decor ideas black and white theme

elegant table setting for black and white themed wedding

black and white wedding table decoration with red floral centerpieces

Black and white wedding ideas the harmony of contrasting colors

black and white wedding ideas style theme decor

beautiful bridal bouquet for wedding in black and white

black and white wedding table decoration and tall centerpieces



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