Avant Garde Interior Design Ideas That Combine Brilliance and Originality

by Kremy

Avant garde interior design ideas involve a departure from tradition and a non-standard approach. This is one of the brightest trends in interior design and one of the most unexpected and controversial art forms.

Exceptional Avant Garde Interior Design Ideas That Combine Brilliance and Originality

Such an abstract interior and non-traditional organization of the entire space will appeal to people who are not afraid of experiments and changes, love originality, freedom and independence in everything. Avant garde home decors are a striking manifestation of the individuality of the homeowner.

What are the Main Features of Avant Garde Style in Interior Designs?

What are the Main Features of Avant Garde Style


Avant-garde style moved into interiors from art at the beginning of the 20th century. The term itself can be interpreted as a combination of innovative movements and trends in art. This style is incredibly attractive in its expressiveness, and completely harmonious in its unimaginable chaos. It is unpredictable down to the last detail. To create a truly unique interior in an avant-garde style, you must follow some rules, otherwise you can easily cross the line between brightness and originality and vulgarity.

Outstanding home interiors in avant garde style

With all its rebelliousness, the avant-garde style in the interior does not imply excessive passion for artsy, unusual details from a fantastic future. The main features of the style are:

  • Contrast
  • Expressiveness
  • Bright palette
  • Experiments with shapes and colors
  • Dynamics
  • Multifunctionality and modern technical elements
  • Modern materials and textiles

Interior Decor and Finishing Materials

Avant garde Interior Decor and Finishing Materials

Avant-garde is a revolutionary style. When decorating the interior, the use of the most modern finishing materials is welcomed. The room can be decorated with metallic wallpaper, the latest wall paints, 3D panels, leather panels etc.

Avant Garde Interior Design Ideas – How to Choose the Right Color Scheme?

Avant Garde Interior Design Color Scheme Ideas

In avant garde interior design ideas, the most important thing is contrasts. For example, contrast is used in details, in accents on the walls and the main thing is to observe the organic combination of bright colors. Pure, saturated colors are used! In avant-garde interiors there are no pastel colors and smooth transitions. Colors contrast with each other, creating a unique style.

Striking home interiors in avant garde style

It is very important not to overdo it. In the attempt to create unusual and bright visual contrasts, you should not forget that the main goal is to create a comfortable interior. The color concept of avant-garde home decors is most often built on the basis of one light shade. For example, white, light gray, or yellow. This is the main color, which is complemented by other, brighter and contrasting shades, for example, red, purple, blue or green. Each wall can be painted in a different color, window and doorway openings can be highlighted.

Space Organization in Avant Garde Home Interiors

Space Organization in Avant Garde Home Interiors

One of the main principles of the stile is the lack of space restrictions. Very often the interior lacks doorways and partitions and designers use unusual transitions from one room to another – podiums, steps, doors in a deep niche. Windows and doorways can be rounded, in the form of arches, or have a different, unusual shape. The style is used to create an atmosphere filled with freedom. The lines are smooth and natural, reminiscent of art nouveau style. Avant garde style rooms are always spacious and zoning takes place with the help of light, color accents or furniture. For example, if the kitchen is dominated by smooth, natural lines of orange and white, in the transition zone to the living room they transform into geometric lines of black and white.


Decor and Accessories Ideas for Avant garde Style Interiors

Lighting plays an important role in home interior design. While classic interiors use soft and moderate light, avant-garde, on the contrary, is distinguished by bright lighting which can vary, depending on the zone of the room, whether it is daylight through large windows and stained-glass windows, or evening lighting with lighting fixtures. Large windows with non-standard shape will not only help to make the room brighter, but will give it a special sophistication. There are no rules regarding light sources. Chandeliers, pendant and wall sconces, built-in lamps, floor lamps can be both an accent in the interior and an element that focuses the attention on a certain area.

Avant Garde Furniture

original furniture in avant garde home designs

Avant garde interior design ideas feature furniture pieces that are, before all, functional. This is a distinctive feature of all modern interior styles, and the avant-garde is no exception.

The furniture should be in bright colors. Most often, it has laconic lines and a unique design.

The ideal option would be custom made furniture, something unique, stylish, of high quality, with an unusual shape, that perfectly fits into the overall design concept. It is recommended not to choose bulky furniture because the avant-garde style loves free space and spaciousness.

Decor and Accessories

original home interiors in avant garde style

Modern interior styles are extremely functional and avant-garde is no exception. The room always has a focal point which is determined by the functions of the room and is its most striking element. In the bedroom it will be a bed, in the kitchen – a table, etc.

modern home ideas avant garde interiors

Small details like figurines, candles and decorative elements are not typical for avant garde interior design ideas. Large vases of strict geometric shapes made of glass, metal, plastic, as well as other bright accessories can be used as an additional decor. Often exotic plants and flowers are placed indoors as well as abstract paintings. In any case, each accessory should look like a modern work of art.

exciting home interior designs avant garde style

Avant garde interior design ideas are all about innovation, experiment with materials, shapes and colors. Here the most daring ideas are embodied, non-standard techniques are used and the most unexpected solutions are found.


avant garde bedroom design and decor

avant garde living room design and decor


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