7 Living Room Decor Trends 2022 to Give Your Home a Brilliant New Look

by Kremy

The pandemic during the last two years has forced us all to spend more time at home and we realized not only the importance of comfortable space, but also the importance of having an aesthetic interior decoration. We shall look at the most interesting living room decor trends 2022.

7 Living Room Decor Trends 2022 to Give Your Home a New Look

It is not a surprise that every year new ideas for living room decorating appear aimed at developing stylish and functional designs. The living room is the place where we spend most of our time in the house. It reflects our taste and habits and lifestyle and that is what makes the interior design living rooms so individual. Every type of material, every shade and texture plays an important role.

Living Room Decor Trends 2022 – Designers’ Tips

Living Room Decor Trends 2022 Designers Tips


The main trend in living room decor is creating a comfortable and convenient with unique atmosphere. Living room decor trends 2022 show simple lines, naturalness and restrained elegance. Furniture designs and interior solutions make the interior very convenient for life, work, entertainment and hobbies.

2022 Fashionable Colors for the Living Room

2022 Fashionable Colors for the Living Room

The most popular color solutions for living room interior in 2022 are recognized as deep and muted shades that are as close to natural as possible – blue, green, brown, gray and beige as well as classic neutrals – white, black and gray. Bright colors, for example, red or yellow, are acceptable for creating stylish accents.

The trend is a restrained and calm background which creates a sense of cleanliness and space in the room.

Neutrals are the perfect backdrop and have been especially appreciated over the past few years as they help create a minimalistic interior. It should be noted that in addition to the colors mentioned above, beige – from deep and warm to cool with a grayish undertone, has also become extremely popular.

Natural Materials

design trend natural materials in home interior decor

The focus on natural details of furnishings and finishes and eco elements in design are still relevant, and the interest in them is steadily growing.

Wood remains the undisputed leader. Its unique patterns and shades give the living room a genuine coziness and a sense of well-being and respectability. Experts recommend paying attention to the rough beauty of untreated wood, as well as brushed textures.

Glass gives the interior the necessary lightness and weightlessness. Choose glass abinet doors, shelves, side table and coffee tabletops for a trendy look of your living room.

Small amount of metal fits perfectly into any design. Depending on the general atmosphere in the room, these can be products made of copper or bronze, brushed brass or gilded alloys, silver, blackened and chrome-plated steel.

Living Room Decor Trends 2022 – Mixing Styles

Living Room Decor Trends 2022 Mixing Styles

Living room decor trends 2022 show freedom in choosing the style and design of the room. The boundaries between different directions are blurred, allowing you to create rooms of amazing beauty and convenience. You can take elements from different styles, combining them in an interior with its own character and soul.

Accent Wall

accent wall in modern living room

Any room should have a focal point that attracts the attention and creates a wow effect. Its other role is to divert eyes from imperfections in decoration or hide inharmonious proportions. What is important to consider when highlighting one wall or its section?

  • It will attract the eye, which means the finish must be of high quality;
  • In the living room, it can be the area behind the TV, sofa or around the fireplace, for example.
  • You can highlight a certain area with a bright tone of the walls, an active pattern on the wallpaper, a shelf with decor or a mini-gallery of paintings and posters.

Rounded Shapes

2022 living Room Decor Trends Rounded Shapes

The interior design trend will focus more on softer, rounder shapes over the coming year. In living room interiors rectangular furniture with pronounced angles is replaced by smooth, curved lines – round chairs and tables, spherical lamps, crescent-shaped sofas.

2022 Living Room Lighting

2022 Living Room Lighting

For the 2022 season, the key to lighting a living room is to maximize the amount of light. In this case, the emphasis is on natural lighting. The more it gets into the room, the freer and more harmonious this or that interior will look.

To give dynamics to the room, in addition to the main sources, for example, a chandelier on the ceiling, it is necessary to additionally organize the illumination of walls, furniture and other furnishings. The effect of “floating” furniture or paintings will allow the living room to look more original and elegant.

Bright sofa

bright sofa in modern living room 2022 design trends

Another way to add accents, which is gaining more and more popularity, is placing a sofa in bright color against a background of a restrained palette and neutral finishes. Choose noble deep shades like burgundy, plum, dark blue, deep purple, terracotta, emerald, ocher, peach, mint, coral, etc.




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