Color trends 2023: 7 shades that we will see everywhere next year!

by Kremy

Far from being monotonous, color trends 2023 awaken our interiors. After a few years spent under the sign of gloom, it is high time to surround yourself with positive colors that are full of energy. To invite them into your home, there are several options: paint, wallpaper, decorative objects, etc. Let’s take a quick overview of the color trends that will soon mark the house. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom… no room will be spared!

What are the color trends for home decor in 2023?

color trends 2023 interior design living room bedroom

Bold and optimistic, 2023 color trends will soon brighten up our interior. And if the neutral and natural tones remain a safe bet for the decoration of your home, the flamboyant and full of life shades will energize it without making it kitschy. The maximalist decoration trend will therefore be back with a palette of bold colors such as orange, red, blue and green. The must-have purple Very Peri will also be there. To better understand them, we shall help you see more clearly among next year’s color trends with some ideas of moods in pictures. And while some have fun with paint and wallpaper, others choose them for furniture and decorative objects such as paintings. Hung above a sideboard or a sofa, they create an extraordinary universe. It is best to play with their colors and formats.

2023, the year of the new neutrals

nude color trend 2023 bedroom interior design


The trend of beige tones is constantly reinventing itself to enhance the interior decoration. And in 2023, it will not be any different. If white remains timeless, ecru and sand beige shades will slowly replace it. However, next year’s hottest neutral is going to be taupe. Pinkish beige will also make a comeback. It will be an excellent base to invite other trendy colors. In addition to creating a cocooning atmosphere where life is good, nude tones go easily with bold hues and extravagant shapes. In terms of materials, they also combine with raw materials to create a most successful glamping atmosphere, a concept much sought after by many of us.

Green tones in the spotlight in 2023

what are 2023 interior color trends kitchen green tones

In recent seasons, green has become more and more essential in interiors. A symbol of nature and life, it comes in several shades. Along with neutrals, greens will continue to wow us in 2023. For a pleasant living room decor, bet on gray green. In the bedroom and bathroom, favor comfort with an aquatic green. Fir green will also be among the trendy colors next year to achieve a bohemian atmosphere.

Color Trends 2023: Electric blue

interior design color trends fall winter 2023

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, in 2023 there will be two schools when it comes to color trends: nude tones and bold shades. Among these, blue comes back boldly and is able to surprise thanks to its ability to reinvent itself. Greyed out and less saturated, it comes in endless variety to satisfy all our decorating whims. How to use it? In small touches or as a total look, it looks great in the living room or in the kitchen. On the ceiling or on the sofa, it’s up to you to choose where to invite this color.

Color Trends 2023: Terracotta

interior color trends 2023 living room paint terracotta

Compensating for the ambient gloom in the kitchen during winter with soft, natural tones, here is THE color trend that will soon mark our interior. In 2023, we gladly opt for pastel colors with a matte finish that we mix without hesitation in order to create contrasts. Another big trend in interior design? Geometric lines in sunny colors. The wood and terracotta duo will make your living room an old-fashioned place with art deco inspirations. However, bright colors will not be outdone in 2023. The color block trend will no longer be reserved for fashionistas. It now finds its place in the living room where it features a vibrant and sharp nuance in a monolithic rendering.

The orange red

color trends interior living room wall paint 2023

Halfway between two colors, terracotta is both reassuring with its natural and ultra-dynamic side. Red is also essential in the color trends for 2023. Our favorite flamboyant shade? The burnt red that looks like orange, even though it remains a true red. It invites itself with delicacy into a vintage atmosphere and combines wonderfully with beige tones and natural materials.

Mineral yellow

color trends 2023 home decor living room

After several attempts, in 2023, yellow will finally succeed in taking a proud place in our homes. With its wide palette of shades ranging from pastel to mustard to mineral yellow, this trendy color promises to brighten up every interior that’s a little too dull. Declinable at will, it goes with all materials. It easily invites itself into a Mediterranean-style interior and is the ideal choice for those of you looking to create an extravagant and colorful atmosphere. It will brighten up any decoration while bringing a good dose of humor.

Purple tones

color trend kitchen design ideas 2023

Star color of the year 2022 according to Pantone, purple will continue to stand out in interior decoration in 2023. Thanks to its wide palette of shades, it extends from lilac to plum through lavender and light purples to create an original and soft atmosphere. Certainly, it is not a color that can be used from floor to ceiling. However, it is perfect for revamping one of your walls, while creating a feeling of depth and continuity. Very Peri purple is even more attractive when combined with other shades of the same family such as pink or blue. Symbol of creativity, it invites itself easily into a room where it blends with the wooden furniture, the white marble worktop and the brass accessories.

Spring-Summer 2023 color trends according to Pantone to invite into the walk-in closet

The 2023 color trends are not only reserved for interior decoration. They also have their place in our dressing room. For women, there are nude tones, yellow and peach color that will give a chic touch to their closet. Men, meanwhile, will be tempted by bright blue and natural green. So whether you’re a fashionista or just looking for a decorating idea for 2023, our selection of colors will surely inspire you.



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