Living room fall decoration: With these cozy trends for 2022 your home will be stylish in the fall

by Kremy

Slowly we can really say goodbye to summer and welcome the beautiful fall. Even if it brings us many dreary and cool days, it also has its great sides. It’s finally getting cozy in our homes and we can enjoy warm treats like cocoa or tea in our warm blanket. But to make it really cozy, the right decoration is important. What living room fall decoration can you choose? What fits and what is currently trending? We’ll tell you!

The decoration in autumn 2022 – that’s trendy

living room fall decoration modern trends 2022

Which style?

fall colors in living room DIY decoration ideas


Whether minimalist, rustic, Scandinavian, Japanese or Mediterranean – as long as the living room fall decoration reflects your personality, you’re doing everything right. So the exact style is irrelevant, the room should be decorated individually according to your taste.

Which colors?

fall decoration for the living room table tray with purple flowers

Fall colors, of course, but don’t just think of the warm tones like yellow, orange and red. Crimson, lilac and violet are also typical fall colors that are usually forgotten, but create a wonderful contrast to the warm ones. Shimmering metallic gives living room fall decoration shine and elegance. Strong colors are best balanced with neutral tones such as grey, beige or white.

Which materials?

Naturalness comes first, so all the things that can be found in nature are just perfect. Twigs, fir cones, wood and rattan, but also reeds and bamboo give the necessary warmth, while you can create an elegant contrast with cool marble. Don’t forget about metallic decorations because, as mentioned above, metallic colors are just perfect for fall living room decor.

Living room fall decoration – ideas to imitate

Beautiful fall decoration for the living room ideas

We explained above what it should look like in theory. Here are a few examples of how you can implement what has been said.

Arrange fall table decorations

Metallic for shine and elegance and candles for a warm atmosphere

It probably couldn’t get any simpler than designing a tray. Just get a tray, a decorative plate or a box and arrange any decorations from the decor shop or from the park or forest. Dried flowers in cool violet tones form a great contrast to a shiny metallic or glass vase, for example, while decorative gourds can be placed around it. Imagination is required for this living room fall decoration and you can experiment until you have found the perfect arrangement.

living room fall decoration DIY table centerpiece

A wooden log slice is also ideal as a base, because everything made of wood is welcome in fall!

living room fall decoration table decor made of pumpkins on a wood slice

Is it green only in spring and summer? Not at all! Just think of the forest where you are now harvesting porcini mushrooms. For this reason, this color is also very suitable as long as you combine it with the right fall motifs, patterns and materials (here the pumpkins for example) and choose a darker shade. And in addition to wooden log slice, such elongated variants are also a great idea as a base.

beautiful decoration with purple leaves in a light colored vase

It doesn’t have to be flowers. There are also branches that impress with the color of their leaves, and by that we don’t just mean the classic maple or chestnut leaves, but the purple ones as in the example above. And they really come into their own in the white vase.

Make fall garlands and decorate the living room

DIY fall garland made of acorns and cones fireplace mantle decor

Garlands, on the other hand, are exactly the right idea for the collected materials. Pine cones, acorns, colored leaves or even dried mushrooms are perfect and can be complemented with glittery or metallic beads, ribbons or whatever else you can think of. It doesn’t even have to be collected. Of course you can also use artificial materials for a fall garland.

Garland as living room fall decoration mantelpiece or window

They are perfect in different areas as living room fall decoration. For example, you can decorate the mantelpiece, the curtain rod or hang it directly on the window. It can also meander along the dining table.

Living room fall decoration – skillfully staged elegant velvet

living room fall decoration with velvet as an accent for cushions or pumpkins

Velvet is a striking material and should not be the dominant material in furnishings and decorations, but rather used as an accent: for decorative cushions or pumpkins, for example. If you own a velvet sofa, you can complement it with a few more accents made of this material.

Pink Velvet Pumpkin in a Vintage Bowl with Moss

Pumpkins are an easy DIY project and can then be presented in a variety of ways. Here, for example, a vintage-style porcelain bowl was chosen and filled with moss. The contrast of pink and green is really very appealing.

Fall decorations in a minimalist style – leaves in photo frames

Minimalist fall decoration for the living room photo frames with leaves

Fall decoration ideas with dry leaves

DIY garland from dry leaves in brown

Idea for a flower arrangement of decorative gourds and feathers

DIY arrangement in a pumpkin vase decorative leaves and feathers

Make your own acorns with ornamental gourds and yarn as fall decorations

Crafts for fall decorative pumpkins into acorns with yarn

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