How to arrange a round living room to achieve a subtle harmony?

Written by Gabriela Slavova

I read somewhere that if we built a round house in the past, it was to chase away the evil spirits who liked to hide in the corners. So the round shape protects and imposes a subtle harmony. Too bad our dwellings are mostly rectangular or square and therefore we cannot physically and spiritually enjoy the round shape. Whether it’s the entire space, or just the shape of your room, a round space requires special attention as regular furniture needs to be accommodated. How to arrange a round living room? How does it sound to you: easy or difficult? Well, let’s see some of the best suggestions out there!

How to arrange a round living room?

how to arrange a round living room interior design ideas 2023

It is obvious that if you are about to create a round living room, you have to think about rounded furniture in advance. On the color side, you can consult the list of shades for the year 2023, without of course being obliged to adopt one. It is also not necessary to know the Feng Shui philosophy to want to bring harmony and style to your round room space. The touch of softness is successful with the curves of the armchairs and the sofa in the living room, with the round table in the dining room where all the guests look each other in the eye.

Another advantage of curved lines: they subconsciously soothe your mind. You can feel more relaxed in a round living room. We have the feeling of being enveloped and protected by the curved forms.

A round house is unique in every way. Designing and decorating a circular room can be a bit tricky, but when done right, it surpasses the beauty of any rectangular room. Not only because of the aesthetic features of the beautiful curved walls, but also because of the better acoustics, better air circulation and better weather resistance.

Furniture you already own or see in showrooms is rarely designed to hug a circular wall.

Ideas for a round living room

decoration for a round living room space interior design trends and ideas

Where to start from? First, you have to get the most out of the round shape of the room. How ? When designing a round room, it is important to plan the space involved, as it can often be difficult to find furniture that matches the shape. Those with square edges or lines will cut the room off, making it look smaller. Instead, choose upholstered furniture with rounded edges, such as sofas, chairs, and round tables with curved lines, to match the circular shape of the room. They will maximize the space instead of cutting it up. Nevertheless, imagine the location of each piece of furniture before painting the walls.

Sometimes a circular space may seem smaller than it is due to low ceiling or dark-colored walls. So, choosing lighter colors such as white, beige, light blue and sea foam creates an airy and wide feeling in the interior.

A round room offers soft symmetry and a calming ambiance. If you are not able to find furniture with curved shapes or because you do not want to part with your favorites, place them in the center and at a certain distance from the round walls.

how to decorate a round living room space interior design 2023 trends furniture

Contrary to my opinion that furniture should match the shape of the circular walls, there are the words of a distinguished London designer. He clarifies that if the curved wall is glazed, it is better for the furniture to move away from it. This optical effect enlarges the space. A curved bay window is a natural focal point that contrasts with other walls, necessarily painted white or beige. However, when it comes to combining colors for your interior designs, you can explore endless ideas and choose what best suits your tastes. Check out what are the interior design color trends 2023!

What is the best shape for a living room?

what is the best shape for a living room interior design trends

Well done, you guessed it: the round shape! The only drawback is that rounded furniture is rare and it will be necessary to adapt the current ones. Fortunately, there are a few ways to counteract the downsides with simple but decisive planning.

Arranging the space according to its shape is the key element of interior design. Straight furniture against a curved wall not only looks awkward, but also wastes a lot of space. So, don’t compromise on finding and ordering custom-made furniture!

A good idea is to use small circular elements. For example, randomly painted circles on the walls, circular mirrors, round poufs and chairs, curved murals or wall hangings, small round rugs. These elements give bold and artistic statements to your overall design and also soften the room with its smooth shape. Check out what are the coolest interior design trends in 2023 to find more inspiration!


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