Chic Fall Decor Ideas – A Modern Look At Traditional Decorations

by Kremy

Are you looking for chic fall decor ideas? Can you use traditional decorative items in a new way? Surely, you can and we shall show you how to do it! What do you associate autumn with? Of course, this is! In order to decorate a room in an autumn style and fill it with all of the above characteristics, you must first choose a color scheme.

Elegant and Chic Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is a wonderful season. Nature generously gives us its beauty, and not using it for our own purposes is a mistake. Fall decor is not only rewarding, but also very exciting. We associate this time of the year with warmth, comfort and inner harmony. It is in the fall that you want to spend more time at home, wrapped in a warm blanket. So, you need to create a warm atmosphere in the house with the help of autumn decor. We will try to inspire you with ideas and help you add a touch of Nature in your home.

Chic Fall Decor Ideas That Change the Look of Your Home

Chic Fall Decor Ideas That Change the Look of Your Home


As per designers the fall palette is suitable for almost any interior style – from classic to minimalism. Living in a home where nothing ever changes is boring and monotonous. The interior of our home influences our mood. Seasonal decor allows you to keep up with trends, making your interior look modern and trendy, so these chic fall decor ideas can help you change some small details that will have a positive effect on how you feel at home.

Home decoration is always fun. Some people prefer lavish decorations while others choose a minimalistic approach. There is nothing wrong either way, the important thing is that you feel cozy and comfortable. It is true that in a minimalist or contemporary styled interiors rich decorations may well look out of place. This does not mean that you cannot use some simple techniques to add warmth to your place.

One of the great advantages of fall decor is the large choice of colors. The bright colors of summer are replaced by muted yellow, red, crimson and brown. Autumn colors refer to the warm half of the palette and are natural to people. They make the room brighter and the interior very balanced. Even the simplest and most affordable decorative compositions from natural materials – a physalis bouquet, picturesque driftwood or children’s crafts from cones can transform the appearance of the room. You can choose whatever shades work for your home and will complement the existing design. Here are a few examples and ideas:

fall decoration color schemes ideas

Orange is the first color that comes to mind when we think of fall. It is the most popular shade for seasonal decorations its brightness looks great in any interior style.

Gold is another popular shade. It can be combined with almost the entire palette of colors – beige, green, gray, purple, peach, chocolate, cherry and turquoise. To add a touch of gold to the decor you can use some gilded accessories – metal vases, candlesticks, decorative figurines, etc. If you prefer a softer shade, copper is your choice. It will add a modern metallic sheen but with a softer look.

Red tones will symbolize the fallen leaves. Decorations in this color will create coziness and warmth in your home. Combine red with natural shades like cream, brown, champagne, vanilla, etc.

Copper Wall Accent modern home decorating ideas

Gray is associated with cold mornings and rain clouds. It is a neutral color and can be combined with any of the fall colors. It looks great with any type of wood as well. However, you need to use it moderately, otherwise your interior may look dull and sad.

Terracotta, muted olive and gray shades go well with beige and light orange and the interior looks lighter and warmer.

Particular attention should be paid to the another symbolic fall color – yellow. It is the lightest and brightest in its spectrum. Although the autumn palette sets a person up for relaxation, yellow will give the vitality of the sun, it will stimulate and invigorate you for productive work.

Modern and Chic Fall Decor Ideas – An Inspiration for Your Home

Modern and Chic Fall Decor Ideas An Inspiration for Your Home

One of the main features of modern and chic fall decor ideas is that they are not focused on traditional seasonal items. Yes, you could still use pumpkins, cones, walnuts, acorns, twigs and colored leaves, but we will show you how to create a beautiful decoration with interesting accessories like candles, vases, art, pillows, home textile, etc. that add texture. Mixing seasonal and non-seasonal decorative pieces will make the room more interesting and original.

Create a Special Cozy Corner in Your Home

Create a Special Cozy Corner in Your Home

With the arrival of cold weather, we begin to spend more and more time at home. Remember the art of creating a friendly and warm atmosphere which the Danish call hygge? Fall is the perfect time to arrange a cozy and atmospheric corner. If you have a comfortable armchair, a reading corner or tea drinking corner will serve as a place to relax from problems and worries. Add a small carpet, dim light, a comfortable pillow and a blanket and your special corner is ready!

Use Textiles for Comfort

Use Textiles for Comfort

When a chilly wind blows outside and it rains, you really appreciate the warmth in the house. Fall decor will be incomplete without knitted blankets, bedspreads, pillows. Sofa upholstery, cushion covers, tablecloths, blankets, bed linen, curtains – all these items play a big role in creating your fall decor. You can experiment with fabric colors by combining the fall palette with neutral shades such as beige and gray. Another option is to combine pastel shades and warm colors – brown, dark gray, olive, golden. Decorative pillows, a knitted blanket on the sofa, bed or armchair will complete the fall atmosphere in the interior.


scented candles create a cozy atmosphere

Fall smells of fallen leaves, rain, vegetables, fruits and dry herbs, homemade cookies, cinnamon and hot chocolate. Chic fall decor ideas are not only about accessories and tableware. Fragrances set the mood. Use scented candles to create a cozy atmosphere. They will create a magical atmosphere due to the glare of the flame on the walls and a cozy, warm light. Candles with a delicate scent are ideal for a romantic dinner with a loved one or a calm and quiet evening dedicated to yourself.


chic fall decor ideas colored leaves

Plants enliven the interior and create a cozy atmosphere. For fall decor, choose flower arrangements, greenery or dried plants. You can make an unusual accessory with your own hands. Collect colorful leaves, dry them between the pages of books or with an iron. Take a photo frame and insert leaves in random order. The original piece for decoration is ready. Another option is to choose a beautiful vase and arrange a minimalist “bouquet” – a dry branch or bright physalis, sunflowers, etc.


modern home fall decor ideas

Those who have a fireplace know that this element creates real magic in any room. If you have dreamed of a fireplace for a long time, maybe this fall is the time to make your dream come true? In addition to its practical function, the fireplace often becomes the focal point in any room.


candles fall decorating ideas

Candles in the house are a great solution for creating a cozy atmosphere. You can decorate both the candle itself and the candlestick.

Fall table decor

chic dining table fall decor ideas

In the evening it is especially pleasant to gather the whole family for dinner and share the latest news. Decorating the table with seasonal items is very easy. Even a small centerpiece changes the atmosphere and makes it warmer.

Add Orange Accents

orange accents bright warm touch to your home decoration

Orange is the color of the season and small orange accents will become bright and warm spots in the interior. You can choose from a beautiful flower arrangement to pillows, tableware, napkins, etc.

quick fall decorating ideas

It is not at all difficult to create a truly unique decor! Enjoy these modern and chic fall decor ideas and choose the best ones that you can recreate in your home.



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