Short Hairstyle for Gray Hair – 2021-2022 Trend for Women of All Ages

by Kremy

Gray is the hair color of the hour and the hot trend for 2021-2022. Remember how frustrated you were when you saw the first gray hair? Well that’s finally over! Once frowned upon as boring and old fashioned, gray hair is now among the most popular hair trends and even young women reach for the noble shade.

gray hair with pink highlights short hairstyles for gray hair

So there is no longer any reason to hide your natural hair. On the contrary – gray is beautiful and should be celebrated and displayed accordingly. While long hair will last forever, in this busy life, short haircuts are growing in popularity and favored by women of all ages. Are you in the mood for a change and need some inspiration? How about a short hairstyle for gray hair, for example? Whether funky and playful or elegant and chic – get inspired by our picture gallery!

Pixie cut styles hairstyle trends 2021 2022 short hairstyle for gray hair


Easy to care for, quickly styled and yet super chic – we are not surprised that short hairstyles for gray hair are so popular. They are no longer associated with aging and more and more celebrities have embraced their natural beauty and proudly wear their gray hair. It doesn’t matter whether you want to let your gray hair grow out or just want to try a new and bold hair color – the silver mane is trendy and always looks beautiful. Pixie cut, long bob, with or without bangs – a short hairstyle for gray hair makes a statement and gives your look an unmistakable, elegant twist.

Short Hairstyle for Gray Hair: The Pixie Cut Is Still Trendy

gorgeous pixie cut short gray hair

There is no doubt that the pixie cut is one of the most popular and beautiful short hairstyles of all time. The trendy hairstyle was popular in the 60s, worn by the style icon Audrey Hepburn, and still guarantees an elegant look. The pixie cut is the perfect short hairstyle for gray hair for all women who want an elegant yet playful look. The haircut can be seen in an incredible number of variations, so that it really suits everyone and can be adapted to any style. The hairstyle gives the hair more volume and especially women with thin hair can benefit a lot from it. In order to keep the optimal length, a visit to the hairdresser every 3 to 4 weeks is an absolute must.

Pixie Haircut with Undercut

gray hair with highlights pixie haircut

There are so many ways to experiment with our gray hair that it can be difficult to decide on a single hairstyle. However, the truth is that some cuts and styles are bolder than others and this is exactly the case with the pixie with an undercut. If you want a short hairstyle that looks absolutely gorgeous and makes a statement, then this look is your best choice. How about you go a step further and spice up your silver mane with a few highlights? Different dyeing techniques ensure a multidimensional hairstyle and give our appearance a modern and refreshing touch.

The Long Bob Is the Perfect Easy-Care Short Hairstyle for Gray Hair

long bob haircut hairstyle for gray hair


It is and will always be one of the biggest hairstyle trends: good old bob! And if style icon Diane Keaton can rock this hairstyle, so can you! If you don’t want to cut your mane super short, then the long bob would be the perfect short gray hairstyle for you! Why? With it, you can still style your hair very differently, but still benefit from the advantages of a short haircut. Whether elegant updos or rather soft curls – anything is possible with the long bob! Beach waves add volume, making the hairstyle look a lot livelier and more modern.

Long Bob short hairstyles for gray hair

The classic bob combined with gray hair is exactly the cut that always stands out no matter where you go. The hairstyle can be adapted to any style and worn for absolutely any occasion. The sleek bob looks extremely cute in combination with silver hair.

Hairstyles for Gray Hair with Highlights

hair trends 2021 2022 gray hair with purple highlights

If you want to give your short hairstyle for gray hair a more dynamic look, think of coloring techniques like ombre, balayage, highlights, salt and pepper, etc. In contrast to the other hair colors, gray with its incredible variety of shades and nuances shows the popular techniques from a completely new perspective. For example, purple highlights would be ideal to take the looks to the next level and give your gray hair a touch of liveliness.

Rainbow highlights Trends 2021 2022 Short Gray Hair

When it comes to short hairstyles for gray hair, there really are no limits – you can try anything you feel like doing. Bold colors are in the spotlight this year and we have to admit that the combination of gray and rainbow highlights looks really cool. The look may require a bit of courage, but it makes a real statement!


Long bob haircut short hairstyle for gray hair

Pixie cut with side bangs short hairstyle gray hair

Pixie haircut trend gray hair short hairstyles

Sharon Stone hairstyles gray hair transition

Short hairstyle for gray hair color trends 2021 2022

short hair trendy hairstyles for gray hair

trendy short hairstyle for gray curly hair

Trendy short hairstyle gray hair salt and pepper hair trend

trendy short hairstyles for gray hair 2021 2022


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