10 Ideas for Beautiful Gray Highlights – Balayage and Other Techniques

by Kremy

You probably already know that silver hair all the rage. But if you’re not ready to get your hair dyed completely gray, then the latest hair color trend might be for you: gray highlights. Yes, silver highlights have conquered the social media feeds and the hearts of many women too. Regardless of whether you want to have silver highlights done on black, brown, blonde or even gray hair, you will find the most beautiful ideas for babylights, balayage and much more here.

1. Gray highlights with foil on ash brown hair

gray highlights brown hair

It’s no secret that silver and gray go wonderfully with cool, ashy hair colors. So it’s no surprise that ash brown hair with silver highlights – more specifically, foil highlights – is the first highlight option on our list. Your colorist will paint even strands of silver in your hair and give your entire mane a smoky upgrade.

gray foil highlights on ash brown hair



2. Silver foil highlights on black hair

gray highlights on long black hair

Are you starting out with a hair color darker than ash brown? Black hair with gray highlights looks just as stunning. When the highlights are worked into the hair with the foil technique, you get a natural look full of dimension.

gray highlights on dark hair made with foils

3. Silver money piece highlights on black hair

Silver money piece highlights on black hair

If you are not sure whether you want highlights all over your hair, the so-called Money Piece highlights may be the right thing for you. This method only highlights the strands framing the face for a statement look. On black hair, the silver block strands create a striking but elegant contrast. If you want to try this look first before you decide on a permanent hairstyle makeover, you can experiment with a silver temporary hair dye spray.

money piece hair trend gray and blond

gray highlights brown hair short haircut

4. Silver babylights on medium blonde hair

gray highlights on bleached hair

Silver highlights on blonde hair create a subtle but expressive contrast. Also in combination with an ash-blonde hair color, gray streaks provide more dimension and shine. If you want an all-round lighter hair color with a cool undertone, ask your colorist about silver babylights. With this highlight technique, ultra-fine strands are set for a mane that looks like it has been kissed by the sun.

gray highlights with dark hair babylights

5. Ash brown hair with gray balayage

Balayage from brown to gray and platinum blonde

Can’t get enough of ash brown hair with highlights in gray? If foil highlights aren’t your thing, gray balayage might be the perfect choice for you. This highlight technique is ideal for anyone who wants an easy-care hair color. Since the highlights are concentrated on the tips and subtly worked into the hair, you don’t have to worry that your roots will grow out. That means you can add more time between your hairdresser visits!

Balayage from brown to light gray

6. Gray balayage on black hair

Gray balayage on black hair

Speaking of balayage, the same technique works perfectly for black hair with silver highlights. The gradual transition between colors brings the ideal amount of contrast and dimension to your dark hair and saves you from having to regularly freshen up your look.

gray and platinum blonde highlights with dark hair

7. Gray hair with silver highlights

Gray highlights in gray hair

Who says that you can’t spice up a gray hairstyle with silver highlights? Highlights in light and dark shades of gray are one of the best ways to hide gray hair. By cleverly placing highlights and lowlights, you can create beautiful effects. While there are many highlighting methods to achieve this look, we prefer the traditional foil highlights in this case too.

silver highlights on gray hair

8. Gray Ombré – From brown to gray

black gray ombre on medium length bob haircut

Are you a fan of silver highlights on dark hair and easy-care hair colors? Then the brown-gray or black-gray ombré hair is just for you. With this highlight look, your dark roots gradually merge into a gray color at the tips, creating a nice gradient. That way you don’t have to rush to the salon as soon as your roots start to grow out – no one will notice!

9. Black roots and white-gray tips

balayage from black to white blonde

It is safe to say that we have a special place in our hearts for black hair with silver and white tips. This is a stunning example of fairytale hair and platinum silver tips that contrast with the black roots. By the way, this hair coloring technique is known as ombre fade.

hair trend gradient color

10. Silver highlights in purple hair

gray highlights in purple hair and long bob hairstyle

The mix of two hair colors has become one of the most popular hair trends and the silver-purple hair is enjoying a growing popularity in the beauty world. This chic hair color combines shimmering shades of silver with beautiful shades of purple to create a hair color that is chic, daring, and has a lot of personality. One of the most popular looks is purple roots that fade into silver tips.

silver balayage in purple hair

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