Oyster Gray or the hottest gray hair color of the moment to ask your colorist for!

by Kremy

This season, there is not just one hair color trend to follow. After long years of “tie and die”, ombre hair and various balayages, hair colors are now made to measure. In other words, everything is allowed! Trendy colors mix and cohabit to twist your natural hair color. The latest that is currently all the rage among fashionable girls? The gray hair color that is adorned with silver and pearly reflections to give a graphic 3D dimension to the mane. Let’s have a close look at the Oyster gray hair color trend that is invading our Instagram feed!

Gray hair color for women: Oyster Gray is looking at us this summer 2022

hair color trends gray silver steel ash woman summer 2022

Who said gray hair was banal? More stylish than blonde and less eccentric than pastel pink, the silver Oyster Gray color promises to be all the rage this August (and not only). After being dyed with colors of all kinds for a very long time, gray hair is back this season and is trendier than ever! So, let’s look at the new gray hair trend that reflects the light perfectly well and can be a great choice for any season, even in summer! For women aged 50 or over who want to hide their gray and white hair, there’s no need to search for the perfect color! It is there!

What is the new trend color Oyster Gray?

summer 2022 oyster gray hair color trend


Airy and pearly, the new silver gray coloring seduces with its absolutely stunning holographic white appearance. Oyster gray hair shines with a thousand lights at the slightest movement of the head! Formerly gray locks were enhanced by ultra-shiny pastel tones, for a radiant and very feminine result. In short, this is the color to ask your colorist for the next time when you want a change. Straight out of an oyster shell (hence her name), it guarantees you a fantastic and envy-worthy mane!

Can Oyster gray coloring be done at home?

how to do oyster gray hair at home

If blondes have no problem embracing the gray hair trend, this is not the case for brunettes. To obtain a satisfactory result, several bleaching steps are necessary. So, home coloring is to be avoided. It is best if you trust a professional colorist and go step by step so as not to traumatize the hair.

Is the silver gray hair color suitable for everyone?

coloring grey hair before after

Obtained thanks to a gradation of pearly pigments, this hybrid color is particularly suitable for sublimating white hair. Gray hair is accented with purple and pastel tones to create shiny, high-impact locks for a bold and trendy look. It can also enhance blond manes. As for brunettes, they must surely go through discoloration. One thing should be noted – there is nothing natural about Oyster gray hair. So if you are looking for a technique to twist your natural hair color without changing it radically, it is better to choose something else.

What is the best haircut for pearly coloring?

bob haircut trendy color oyster gray hair summer 2022

More on-trend than ever, silver hair is further enhanced with a great cut. Short cut, long or mid-length hair, the Oyster gray is suitable for all lengths. If your mane is thin and sparse, go for the Pixie cut without hesitation. On the other hand, Bob haircuts are ideal for thick manes. To enhance the pearly reflections of the Oyster gray color and give more movement to the hair, natural curls and waves are welcome.

How to maintain colored gray hair?

how to maintain oyster gray hair woman summer 2022

It doesn’t matter if it’s Oyster gray hair or gray highlights, proper maintenance is essential. If possible, opt for shampoos, without sulphates to avoid damaging your hair that is already weakened by coloring. It is also essential to nourish the mane. Homemade masks for dry hair, hair oils and mild shampoos are perfect for this purpose. Professional colorists recommend washing Oyster gray hair twice a week with cool water to maintain its pearly highlights.

What is the best hairstyle for silver gray hair?

oyster grey hair on brown base trend summer 2022

Silver gray color to accent a long and wavy Bob

hair coloring balayage trend summer 2022 oyster grey

Soft waves to enhance the pearly tones of silver gray hair

how to style medium long oyster gray hair

Pastel pink highlights on silver gray hair

trendy hair color 2022

Pearly Silver Gray Balayage on Brown Hair

grey hair color trend 2022

Oyster Gray coloring on blonde hair

trend gray oyster summer 2022 hair coloring

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