The 5 Ultimate Steps to Pack Shoes in the Suitcase Like a Pro

by Kremy

Time for vacation! The month of August is the most auspicious to days of relaxation and we can’t wait to get together by the sea shore. But, first of all, it is important to pack your suitcase well so that you can fit everything in it while bringing order to the chaos. Did you have the unpleasant surprise of discovering your crushed shoes when you opened the suitcase? Or are your clothes damaged and look dirty? These are quite common problems that you can easily prevent with a few practical and clever tips. Let’s see how to pack shoes in the suitcase and optimize the space better.

How to Pack Shoes in the Suitcase?

how to pack shoes in the suitcase trick optimize suitcase storage

Have you mastered the compact luggage techniques, but still have trouble packing your shoes? Are you tired of finding them crushed? No problem since our editors are coming to your rescue once again during the 2022 holidays. Focus on the 5 steps to follow and successfully pack shoes in the suitcase like a pro.

Step 1: Sort and choose shoes to pack

To optimize suitcase storage and prevent it from becoming too heavy, it is essential to choose your shoes wisely. What does that mean exactly? Think about packing shoes that match with the most of the outfits you have already prepared. To travel light and enjoy your vacation in complete comfort, choose sneakers that you can wear with summer dresses and jeans or flat sandals.

Step 2: Clean your shoes before putting them in the suitcase

Never put a pair of dirty shoes in your suitcase! Never! Believe us, you don’t want to damage your clothes, including your lingerie, that will surely ruin your vacation. Clean your shoes thoroughly, inside and out, paying particular attention to soles. If necessary, use a professional shoe cleaning kit.

This second step concerns odors. In case of aromas coming out of your shoes, it is crucial to act quickly before packing them in your suitcase. Remember to deodorize the shoes naturally by sprinkling them with baking soda and leave it do its magic all night. The next morning, clean the soda and voila! Your shoes already smell like new.

Step 3: Should you put shoe trees in your shoes?

As mentioned above, very often packing the shoes in the suitcase means finding them crushed afterwards. This actually happens in the majority of cases. What to do then? One of the best solutions is to put shoe trees in your shoes in order to keep them in shape and have a great vacation. However, these tools will add weigh to your suitcase, which creates more worries. Fortunately, good alternatives are available. Think of paper, as well as cloth bags to lightly pad the shoes up to the heel. Stuffing socks in there is also a good idea.

Step 4: Pack your shoes in special bags

how to pack shoes in the suitcase optimized suitcase storage tips


To protect your shoes, but also your other belongings in the suitcase, it is better to pack them in plastic bags specially designed for this purpose. They are practical, reusable and come in several sizes and colors to suit your needs and preferences. These bags are also waterproof and they will protect your shoes from scratches and keep your clothes clean. What’s more, they are easy to wash and sanitize, as well as to fold up and store when not in use.

Shoe covers are another practical option, but having in mind their larger size, they are more suitable for large suitcases. There are models designed to accommodate a few pairs of shoes.

Step 5: Find the perfect spot

Once your shoes are ready to be packed, you now need to find an ideal spot for them. Avoid placing them at the bottom and near the wheels. It would be ideal to put them on top of your already packed things, above a good layer of clothes. Shoe packing mission accomplished!



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