How to Pack a Hat in a Suitcase Without Destroying It? Here Are Expert Hacks!

by Radost P.

Destroying the shape of your favorite hat just because you were not sure how to pack it properly in a suitcase can be annoying. Imagine if it was expensive, and now you cannot wear it anymore since the shape cannot be fixed. In order to prevent this situation from happening to you, we have collected expert tips on how to pack a hat in a suitcase without crushing it! So, if you have planned a trip anytime soon, keep on reading.

How to Pack a Hat in a Suitcase? Here’s What You Need to Know!

best way to pack a hat in a suitcase

The summer is coming and everyone is getting prepared for their next holiday. One thing you should never forget is your hat, as you will definitely need to protect yourself from the sunlight. Accommodating this item in your luggage can look like a challenging task, since you have to do it the right way. Below, you will find some hacks that can help you!

How Do You Pack a Wide Brim Hat in a Suitcase?

When the weather is hot, wearing a wide brim hat provides many benefits for you. For example, it blocks about 98% of the harmful UV rays, while keeping your skin looking youthful. A wide brim hat protects your face from sunburns and uneven skin tones. Now, the question is how exactly to pack it while traveling?

How to Pack a Hat in a Suitcase? Stuff the Hat

Your first option is to fill the inside of your hat with clothes, such as underwear and socks. Be careful not to leave clothing items made from not-so-soft materials. Put the hat crown-down in order to protect its shape. In this way, you save space in the luggage and prevent crushing your favorite hat.

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Just Wear It

just wear your hat on the plane


Another option is to just take your hat and wear it while you are on the plane. You will save time in figuring out how to pack the hat, and there will be more space for other items in your luggage. Lastly, you will look stylish while traveling!

Clip the Hat to Your Suitcase

clip your hat to suitcase

One surprising way to protect your hat’s shape while traveling is to get a binder clip (since it has a strong grip) and clip your hat to your suitcase or a bag! You can rest assured that even if you get distracted, you will not forget your sun hat somewhere.  

How to Pack Baseball Hats in a Suitcase?

Compared to a wide brim hat, baseball caps are relatively easier to pack, yet you still have to be careful to prevent damaging the brim. Fold the back part of your hat inwards towards the brim. You could place some socks under the bill – do not put anything hard, though. 

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Which Are the Best Hats for Travel?

which are the best hats for travel

Get rid of the issue of figuring out how to pack a hat by choosing a type that is easy to travel with. There are particular fabrics that are more durable and flexible compared to others. This does not mean that there will be no wrinkles when you put such caps into a suitcase, yet you can easily fix them by using a steamer.

Polyester Hats

Hats made from polyester are the perfect choice if you are going to exercise while the weather is warm. They are known to keep your head dry and so you will feel comfortable even while traveling. The best thing? Polyester caps are resistant to wrinkling and really durable.

Fabric Hats

If you want to make sure that your hat will not be damaged, choose a fabric one. It can be folded or laid flat, while its shape remains the same. In this way, there will be more space in the luggage for other things, like souvenirs and accessories. Most fabric caps have a UPF sun protection, which is great for the hot weather. 

Natural Raffia Hats

raffia hat

Avoid the stressful situation of thinking how to pack your hat by getting a raffia one. If you are not aware of this, raffia straw is flexible and strong, which allows you to easily pack your hat. In case it does get squashed a little bit, you can always use a handheld steamer to reshape it.

Steaming Your Favorite Hat

While you are packing your things, do not forget to add a handheld steamer, since it might be necessary to use it in order to fix the shape of your hat. Another option is to leave the hat into the bathroom while taking a shower. 

In conclusion, with the right tips and tricks, packing your sun hat turns out to be easier than you thought. We hope that this article was helpful to you!

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