How to Pack Makeup for Travel on Air? The Mastery to Keep Them Safe and on Less Area

by Snezhana Besarabova

You’ve prepared the luggage for your dreamed journey in no time, and arrive at the airport with a taxi in the last possible minute. Finally, you heave a sign of relief on the board of the airplane. But what? Forgotten your makeup? Oh, now you should go without your beauty highlighting items or spend precious time to buy new ones on your arrival! What a pity! But next time, you promise yourself, they will be the first things to prepare in your luggage. Traveling is an exciting adventure, but finding out how to pack your makeup may be a little bit confusing. It can cost you a lot of time, if you don’t know some hacks how to perform it. Considering strict airline regulations and the desire to keep your products safe, it’s useful to know the easy practices of how to perform this task. Therefore, we are going to cover the most important questions you would want to ask about how to prepare these valuable things for your journey and what are plane requirements about them.

What to Pack in a Travel Makeup Bag?

how to pack makeup for travel do not forget the lipstic or mascara

When you think about how to pack makeup for travel, it’s a good practice to consider the limitation of the space in your bag. Here is a list of essential items to take with you:

  • Foundation: Transfer a little amount into a small, leak-proof container.
  • Powder: Look for a travel-sized pressed or loose one.
  • Concealer: Buy a compact concealer that can easily fit into your makeup bag.
  • Mascara: Take with you a travel-sized mascara for adding volume and length to your lashes on your journey.
  • Blush or bronzer: Bring a versatile one that can serve you as an eyeshadow also.
  • Eyeshadow palette: It’s better to choose a small palette with a variety of shades.
  • Makeup brushes: Put in your luggage powder, blush, and eyeshadow brushes.
  • Lip gloss or lipstick: Consider a few of your favorite lip colors.

What Kind of Makeup is Not Allowed on a Plane?

how to pack makeup for plane travel in a square packet all together


It’s generally permissible to bring makeup on a plane, and there are only a few restrictions to keep in mind. The Transportation Security Administration will provide you with guidelines regarding what liquids and gels are allowed in your luggage and how to pack makeup for travel. Each of them must be in a container of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less, and all items to fit within a single square, clear plastic bag. Additionally, any sharp or pointed tools, such as tweezers or nail scissors, should be packed in checked luggage to comply with security regulations.

Does Makeup Go in Suitcase or Hand Luggage?

does makeup go in suitcase or hand luggage

It’s advisable to pack your makeup in your carry-on bag. In this way, you can have your essentials readily available during the flight and prevent any potential damage that may occur if your suitcase gets mishandled. However, make sure to comply with the Transportation Security Administration guidelines, regarding the size and packaging of liquids and gels.

How to Pack Makeup Brushes for Travel?

how to pack makeup for travel gather the brushes in a secure bag

Protecting your brushes safely is an important part of considering how to pack makeup for travel. It’s easy to cope with this task when you follow some tips. Firstly, clean the brushes and let them dry, then place into a brush protector to prevent from damaging or misshaping. Bundle them together and secure with a hair tie or rubber band. At last, pack the brushes vertically in a roll or a protective case to keep them organized and secure.

Do You Know How to Pack Makeup Palettes for Travel?

how to pack makeup for travel take the makeup palette

When you wonder how to pack makeup for travel, consider firstly to secure one of the most fragile item, the palettes. Of course, you want to ensure they to remain intact. So, wrap the palettes in some clothes or bubble wrap and place in a sturdy bag or a padded case to protect them from any pressure or possible impact. If the palette has a mirror, place a piece of a tissue or a foam sheet over it to prevent from getting scratched. After that, find a place for it in your luggage where it won’t shift during travel. Surround the makeup palettes with some clothing, to make a cushion around them.

How to Pack Foundation for Travelling on Air?

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When it comes to packing this item, while you plan how to pack makeup for travel, transfer a small amount of it into a little bottle or in a travel-sized container. Alternatively, there is a possibility to buy for your travelings a compact foundation. The convenience of this type is that it is placed in a portable and safe packaging, suitable for your coming journeys.

what to pack in a travel makeup bag

The best approach is to prioritize your must-have items, to think about their security, and enjoy your travels while looking and feeling your best.

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