Packing cubes – the best space saving luggage organizers for your travels

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Do you use packing cubes? Everyone wants all his things, documents, a favorite gadget and first-aid kit to fit comfortably in a bag or a hand luggage suitcase while on a trip. The organizers, allow you to pack all garment, shoes and other necessities neatly. If you have not heard of these super cool items, we shall tell you everything you need to know, the pros and cons, the benefits, etc.

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So, what are packing cubes? Packing cubes, known also as packing cells, luggage organizers or travel organizers, are zip closed fabric containers, most often with a rectangular shape but there are squares, rectangles and even long ones. They come in different sizes and are often sold in a set. The containers are used to pack not only clothing, but shoes, underwear, etc. Packing cubes are an excellent solution to use not only in suitcase, but in carry-on bag or backpack. There are tons of different types of cube packaging so let’s have a look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of packing cubes

Space saving luggage organizers to pack suitcase

When traveling, especially on vacation, it is important not to forget anything. On the other hand, if you prefer to travel light with only hand luggage, you need to be quite precise what to take and what to leave. Luggage organizers are the perfect option and they are suitable to use not only if you travel on a holiday but for a business trip as well.

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Many people say that buying a travel organizer is becoming fashionable but the truth is that these little helpers are appreciated even by those who prefer to travel with a backpack. Even if you hate packing, with the help of organizers everything will be in perfect order and you will not have to rummage through piles of clothes to find the one that you need.

Efficiency – packing cubes are, undoubtedly, very efficient. Another huge advantage is that they are extremely versatile. On the first place, there is a lot less stress as you know in advance what goes in each cube. In addition, the cubes are easily arranged in your bag or suitcase. And you can pack not only clothes!

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Space saving and organizing – you will be surprised of the amount of clothes that you can pack in a luggage organizer. The fact that they can be stacked means that you can pack more of them in your suitcase. In terms of organization, packing cubes allow you to group your luggage. You can use one cube for the cubes, one cube for trousers and skirts, one cube for underwear, etc. This means that you know exactly what is in each cube and finding things is very easy. All you need to do is take out the relevant cube! Also, you could organize your family’s clothes with a set of multi-colored cubes for each person.

Prevent overpacking – organizing your luggage is separate cubes allows you to optimize the items in the suitcase or bag. When you have a separate container for every category – tops, bottoms, underwear, shoes, gadgets, cosmetics, you will not be tempted to carry more than you need.

Luggage travel bags packing cubes organizer how to pack suitcase neatly

Protect clothes – luggage organizers will keep your clothing clean, neat and with minimum wrinkles. If you choose water resistant organizers they will protect your luggage from moisture and dirt as well. This is especially convenient if you stay in hostels or you think that the hotel drawers are dusty.

Quick access – Cubes allow easier access to clothing without spoiling all other things in your suitcase or backpack.

Luggage packing organizers in travel bag

Packing cubes are reusable. You can wash them after every trip and they will serve you for many voyages. Due to the fact that they are made of durable fabric, it is unlikely that they tear or wear out after only one use. In addition, travel organizers are great extra storage and you can use them at home as well. Using such organizers means that you will use less plastic bags, which makes you environmentally conscious!

Various sizes and colors – most packing cubes are rectangular in shape but they come in different length width, and height. Some brands offer other cubes with square shapes, for example, which means that you can choose the shapes that suit you best.

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As you see, there are quite many advantages and benefits when using packing cubes. It is true that all of us have packed our suitcases for many years without having organizers but it is also true that we have all had a problem with mess in the suitcase, right?

How to use packing cubes efficiently and what mistakes to avoid?

how to pack a suitcase travel packing cubes

Many people say that once you start using packing cubes, you never go back to plastic bags. Despite the fact that there is no right and wrong way of using these luggage organizers and everyone has his own way of packing, one will make the most of them if he organizes the things that need to get into the suitcase. It depends on you whether you will fold or roll your clothes. Each method has its supporters. Judging from experience, rolling method allows you to see everything easily in each cube. When you pack a suitcase, remember to fill the gap between the bars at the bottom of the suitcase. This space is often neglected but it can accommodate belts, chargers, underwear, socks, and other small items.

Luggage packing organizers what are packing cubes

One of the most common mistakes that people make with pacing cubes is that they do not focus on organization of luggage but on packing more. It is true that the cubes allow you to compress your clothes but do not forget that this automatically means your luggage will be heavier and you may have to pay over-luggage.

Pros and cons of packing cubes

Another mistake that often occurs is under filling/over filling the cubes. We mentioned that over filling means more luggage, respectively – more weight. Under filling the cubes means that you may end up with a lot of wrinkles on the clothes as they will have room to shift around. If you haven’t got enough items to fill the cube, try to consolidate the different types of luggage so that you use the available space.

travel organizers packing cubes pros and cons

Packing the wrong items – this is something that happens more often than you think. We said that you can use luggage organizers not only for clothes but for cosmetics, shoes, etc. It is better to carefully think whether your cosmetics and electronics will not be better packed in another type of container. Sometimes it is better to resist the temptation to use all the cubes that you bought in a set.

How to choose luggage organizers?

How to use packing cubes efficiently luggage organizers

There are a number of criteria that you need to observe when choosing packing cubes. Nowadays, after these organizers became so popular, there are many brands that offer different sizes, sets of three, five or more cubes. The most important factor that you need to keep into consideration is durability. It depends on the quality of material, of course, so make sure you choose luggage organizers made of strong material and with high quality zips. This is a guarantee that they will not tear or break when you stuff them.

How to choose packing cubes

Whether you choose cheap organizers or select a certain brand is an individual decision. It is unlikely to find high quality in a dollar store yet you may get lucky and use them for years. Some brands offer warranties and extra features, but the price difference can be significant.

Organizers for travel luggage waterproof packing cubes set

The size of the cubes is another criterion that matters. Again, it comes to individual preferences. Some people prefer large organizers, others a set of smaller ones. Experienced travelers advise to avoid buying very large packing cubes as they are not really functional.

Additional extras – most packing cubes have a mesh on top side which improves breathability. Double sided cubes are also an option and you have the opportunity to separate dirty or wet clothes in one half and clean clothes in the other half.

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How many packing cubes to buy? Well, nobody can give you the right answer. It all depends on the way you want to pack. You can always start with a set of three, for example, and buy more, if you like that type of luggage organization.



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