How to Get Back to Work after the Holidays and Avoid Stress?

by Kremy

Unfortunately, the holidays have a significant drawback – they come to an end. Yes, the days off offer us the opportunity to relax, spend more time with our loved ones, relatives, friends, get rid of stress and then start work with renewed energy. Getting to work after the holidays can be so difficult that psychologists talk about “post-holiday syndrome” or “post-holiday depression.” It can be especially difficult if you work from home, and it takes a titanic effort to get back to work.

How to Get Back to Work after the Holidays and Avoid stress

On the first working day, many people feel apathy, lack of strength, drowsiness, irritation, which affects their performance and productivity. How to get back to work after the holidays and avoid the post-holiday syndrome? Where to start from and how to get yourself into an office mood?

What you definitely should not do is be a hero. Hardly anyone in the office will appreciate your super powers. It is more likely that everyone will be busy with their own problems trying to get back to the normal daily routine. There is no need to pretend being positive as this will drain your strength and motivation especially if you don’t feel like it at all.

How to Get Back to Work after the Holidays – Simple Tips to Regain Your Tone

How to Get Back to Work after the Holidays Tips to Regain Your Tone


To many people the question how to get back to work after the holidays is really serious. Contrast showers, exercise, walking, meditation – these practices restore strength and energy every day. Do not forget about the diet. It is better to eat less, but more often – every three hours. Include herbal teas, fruits, dried fruits, chocolate and nuts in your daily diet.

Go From Simple to Complex

Go From Simple to Complex

Do not rush to become your usual workaholic before you gain enough strength for that. Make a list of the most urgent and most important tasks that have accumulated during a long break from work. Distribute tasks by day, gradually increasing the load: on the first day you do three, on the second – five, and so on. The main thing is that the operating mode remains comfortable for you.

Charge Yourself with Positive Emotions

Charge Yourself with Positive Emotions

You already know that getting back to business can be difficult, so set yourself up to it in an easy and positive way. Start by chatting nicely with your coworkers about their holidays. This is a worthy task on the first day of work, and those around you will be grateful to you.


How to Get Back to Work after the Holidays Make a Plan


New Year always evokes thoughts of new plans and new achievements. Dream about what you can buy, where you can go to travel, what you can achieve, or what you can learn in the coming year. And go from dreaming to planning it. Dreaming about travel, of course, is better at home, but large-scale plans for the development of the company should be made precisely at work, together with colleagues. A work meeting in the office or on Zoom will set you in the right mood.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition to get back to usual workload

A festive table is usually loaded with delicious meals. Several festive days, gatherings with friends and relatives and your diet is ruined. It is best if you consume alcohol and delicacies with measure during the holidays and return to healthy food and a proper diet as soon as possible.

Walks in the Open Air

walk in the open air

As for the walks, for which we do not have enough time, it is strongly recommended to spare at least half an hour per day, otherwise it will be very difficult to improve our health after the holidays and return to work. Try to walk every day for at least 30-40 minutes. If you cannot walk to and from work, go shopping or try walking to the grocery that is located farther from your home.

Go to Bed on Time

Go to bed on time

If you want to easily get back to work after the holidays, you have to go to bed on time. Lack of sleep affects the work of the digestive system, followed by the heart, kidneys and all other systems.

How to get back to work after the holidays

Take advantage of our tips and the line between the holidays and weekdays will become less noticeable. Take care of your health, gradually return to work, and then, after a successfully completed period of adaptation, the productivity of your work will increase, you will become more successful.




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