Nautical Bathroom Ideas – Spectacular, Original and Timeless Designs

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Nautical bathroom ideas are always romantic, charming and chic. A bathroom is a place that is visited several times a day by each family member. Therefore, it is so important to design it in a pleasant style. Nautical decor is already a classic and we shall have a close look at the design techniques that will help you create a harmonious space with elements of beach and marine style.

Nautical bathroom ideas spectacular original and timeless designs

Bathroom interiors are important and hardly anyone doubts that. We start our day with a shower and an evening bath relieves tension and fatigue. When looking at beautiful photos of bathroom interiors one wonders how to achieve the design or the decoration. Designers have many tips and tricks on bathroom decorating and know how to enhance the style and overall atmosphere in any room, including a bathroom. Nautical style is quite popular among people who love the ocean and beach, sun and sea water, sand and waves. If you are one of those summer loving people, let’s see how you can transform your bathroom and decorate it in nautical style!

Nautical bathroom ideas – choose your color scheme

beautiful nautical bathroom ideas decorating tips


Nautical bathroom ideas can be expressed in completely different ways by choosing a particular theme, for example ocean depths, coastal decor, sailing, cabin or deck of a ship, seashore, a fishing house, etc. The choice of material and decor will depend on what image you want to create. The nautical theme for bathroom decoration provides the widest possibilities for imagination. It combines elegance with simplicity and an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

nautical bathroom in white and beige colors

The typical palette for nautical decors is based on natural colors and light shades, sometimes – dark blue. Light shades make a bathroom look bigger and lighter, pleasing to the eye. White, blue, turquoise, beiges and sandy shades – these are the main colors and red, coral, orange or black can be used as accents.

Finishing materials for nautical style bathroom decoration

Finishing materials for nautical style bathroom decor


Have you chosen a particular theme? The choice of finishing materials will depend on your décor concept. Let’s see which materials can help creating the nautical theme.

Floor – tiles or natural stone imitating sea depths, shore or wood, if you want to create an impression of a boat deck. Floor covering can be the highlight of the interior. Manufacturers offer different options that can turn into a real artistic masterpiece. Here is a list of the best ideas for a nautical bathroom floor finish.

The most successful option is a self-leveling 3D floor. It could be just a drawing of the surface of the water or a painting based on your design.

blue and white tiles porthole shaped mirror in bathroom

Glossy and matte tiles will look equally appealing, especially if you choose patterned tiles.

You can also opt for solid wood flooring, which will add naturalness to the bathroom.

Walls – mosaic or tiles in shades of blue or beige. Stripes are a typical pattern for marine themed decors as well. You can arrange the tiles or paint the walls using vertical or horizontal stripes. It is important to use moisture resistant materials for wall decoration.

Tile – this is a classic solution. Mosaic, in addition to being practical, is also decorative and durable. Its service life is long enough with proper care.

nautical decor in bathroom white and blue stripes

Wood can also be used for wall cladding. This material can be used in combination with other materials or on its own.

Decorative plaster is a convenient, fast and inexpensive solution.

Latex or acrylic paint is the easiest and fastest option to finish the walls.

Ceiling – white paint, optionally with exposed solid wood beams.

Furniture and accessories

bathroom accessories ocean theme decor ideas

The final look of a nautical style bathroom depends on the furniture and accessories – the small details that make any design complete. Solid wood furniture looks great in this style. Depending on the chosen theme and concept, you can choose white vanity, shelves and storage cabinets or opt for natural wood stain. Remember that the main requirement for furniture and accessories is that there are not too many of them or your bathroom will look like a warehouse. When choosing accessories, keep in mind that the bathroom is a “wet” area and your decorations should be able to resist high humidity.

beach themed bathroom accessories ideas

Textile is important for the atmosphere in a nautical-style bathroom. Window or shower curtains, towels or bathrobes, rugs or mats – textile adds texture to the décor. In addition, textile can be used to add color or accents to the chosen color scheme. For example, you can select different shades of green and blue to complement the color of the walls and ceiling or red and coral to add accent to a white blue décor. Shades of dark brown will look great in a bathroom decorated in sandy and beige colors and will remind of driftwood, ship decks or a fisherman’s cabin.

A mirror decorated with artificial pearls, pebbles, small shells, pieces of wood or twine will add a romantic touch to the nautical bathroom decor. Mirrors in the form of a porthole or steering wheel are also appropriate.

Additionally, the bathroom will be decorated with window curtains or shower curtains with marine themed images, towels and other accessories with a marine pattern.

beach and ocean themed bathroom interiors

Decorative pendants with shells, starfish, coral twigs, fishing nets, ship lanterns, including antique candlesticks, wall sconces imitations of kerosene lamps – choose light fixtures that will complement the chosen theme.

Vacation-harvested, shells, pebbles, starfish and other nautical-themed items are great raw materials for crafts that will further enhance your nautical bathroom. They can be used to decorate panels, soap dishes, vases, towel holders, dressing gown hangers and even lamps.

The shelves in the bathroom can be decorated with bottles of sand, vases with seashells, shells of sea mollusks, driftwood, etc.


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