100 Fish Scale Tiles Ideas – Chic and Trendy Accent for Your Home Interior

by Kremy

Fish scale tiles have become fashionable in interior design and are widely used to decorate entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, even living rooms. As you know, ceramic tiles have occupied a leading position among finishing materials for decades, and were used to decorate “wet” rooms and kitchens. Therefore, it is not surprising that manufacturers are constantly expanding the range of their products, creating new types, the variety of which is simply amazing in size, configuration and decor.

kitchen wall decorating with aqua blue tiles

The times, when the standard square tile was almost a must are now gone! Nowadays new designs have taken over and fish scale tiles are one of the most eye-catching options. They give the interior design a visual depth, the space looks original and is not overloaded with unnecessary elements. The expressive ornament, despite the monochrome coloring, looks solid, and if you combine several shades, you get an amazing result.

accent wall entryway ideas white beige fish scale tiles


Having appeared a few years ago this original tile design made an immediate impression on designers with the huge potential for creating impressive interiors. It is not a surprise that the popularity of fish scale tile grew so much that they are now one of the most popular and impressive finishing materials.

Why choose fish scale tiles for your home?

fish scale tile pattern wall decor ideas

To many people the unusual appearance of fish scale tiles evoke associations with the Little Mermaid fairy tale. However, the tiles do not have to be associated with a nautical theme. Manufacturers offer a variety of different shades – from bright saturated to pastel tones. The unusual shape of the tiles immediately attracts attention which allows you to focus the eye on a separate section of the wall when zoning a room or create a spectacular accent wall.

One of the main advantages of fish scale tiles is their originality. The unusual shape makes the room look non-standard and gives it a unique appearance.

green fish scale tiles contemporary kitchen ideas

Due to its small size, such a tile can be arranged like a mosaic – combine three or more shades to create a colorful canvas. This will be especially useful for finishing the floor in the kitchen and hallway because dust and dirt are will be less noticeable on multi-colored surfaces.

Bold geometry always adds a graphic element to the interior. Choosing a grout to match the tile, you will create a uniform look that plays with reflections in a delicate way while a contrasting grout color will emphasize the interesting geometric pattern.

Fish scale tiles become a striking accent in any space. Using them on a small section of the wall in the bathroom, for example in the shower area, you can completely transform the space.

kitchen backsplash ideas turquoise tile

Fish scale tiles offer a fantastic visual diversity. A glossy finish creates an impression of sea waves glistening under the sun while the matte finish looks like a discreet abstract pattern.

Last but not least, such tiles can be used in interiors decorated in a variety of styles – from classic to ethnic or contemporary – and emphasize the individuality of the design concept.

Fish scale tiles – unique design options that attract the attention

turquoise fish scale tiles idea custom wall covering bathroom

We have prepared some tips from designers which will be helpful to all who want to make their interior even more interesting. Leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles offer various options which provide a variety of design options. Tiles come in small, medium and large size, with matte and glazed finish, smooth and textured, monochromatic and in various colors, golden and silver, collections with a gradient color, where tiles of the same color are presented in its shades from light to dark, etc. Obviously, such a wide choice offers something for every taste, every interior and every style. There are different and original ways to install fish scale tiles and here are some ideas that can be your inspiration.

Random tiles of different shades

kitchen backsplash with random fish scale tiles of different shades

To create a sense of volume, designers use tiles in several shades and lay them in random order. The visual impression can be enhanced with a gradient adds visual interest to the design.

Gradient color

dining room interior design ideas gradient fish scale tiles

The transition of tile colors from bottom to top or from dark to light creates the illusion of a three-dimensional pattern. You can choose another approach – take tiles of different shades and lay them out in stripes, alternating color by color.

Contrasting grout between tiles

kitchen backsplash fish scale tiles contrasting grout between tiles

Using contrasting grout, dark – to light tiles and vice versa creates a sophisticated look, accentuates the color of the tiles and adds personality to the interior. Using contrasts is a classic design technique and looks spectacular in monochrome colors.

Alternating shades

fish scale tile with alternating shades bathroom wall ideas

By alternating shades you can create a clear geometric pattern. However, it should be noted, that this technique is suitable for interiors in neutral colors otherwise the tiles may be too overwhelming.

Combine metallic shades with ceramics

bathroom design wall tiles ideas metallic shades with ceramics

The combination of matte one-color ceramic tiles and shiny metallic elements looks incredibly impressive. This combination makes the interior rich and noble.

Combine fish scale tiles and paint

bathroom decor ideas tile and paint

This combination is an original option when you want to create a border on the wall. For example, the lower part of the wall is tiled and the upper part is painted with a contrasting paint.

Tile design with uneven edge

fish scale tile design with irregular edge

There are different variations of this technique and you can use it on a large or small surface depending on your goal. The uneven edge prevents a monotonous appearance and adds a more dynamic look to the design.

Decorative fish scale tile panel

Decorative fish scale tile panel mediterranean moroccan interior

This technique can be used in bathrooms, kitchen, hallways or living rooms. You can tile a part of the wall to create a spectacular focal point.

Where can you use fish scale tiles?

Moroccan fish scale tiles in home interiors

Generally speaking, tiles are mostly used as wall or floor finish, in areas with high humidity – bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, mudrooms, etc. Designers offer interesting ideas for decorating living rooms and entryways as well. Tiles are perfectly combines with other finishing materials – wood, plaster, paint, metal, glass, etc.

laundry room ideas tile backsplash wood flooring

Fish scale tiles in bathroom and kitchen interiors can be used to create an unobtrusive or a spectacular pattern. You can play with texture and achieve a variety of visual effects by using tiles with matte or glossy finish or combine these two finishes. Matte finishes look good in spacious kitchens and bathrooms, while glossy alternatives are ideal for smaller spaces. Tiles with fish scale pattern will be the perfect choice for marine bathroom decors and will emphasize the chosen theme.

Fish scale tiles differ not only in color, but also in the size. They can be large, medium, or small and can be used to decorate the entire area of the room or as an accent.

kitchen ideas gray cabinets fish scale tile pattern backsplash

Fish scale tiles in kitchen interior design are most often used as backsplash. Metallic shades of gold or silver will stand out while a combination of gold and white tiles will look incredibly chic. The backsplash can add a color accent in kitchen interior as well.

yellow and white fish scale tiles bathroom decorating ideas

As you can see, one can experiment with fish scale tile. The pattern combines geometry and volume and always looks impressive, giving the interior dynamics and making it look exceptional and unique.


fish scale tile in interior and exterior kitchen design

blue white tile dining room accent wall

blue white turquoise fish scale tiles wall accent living room

fireplace decorating ideas fish scale tile accent wall

fireplace in living room tile surround fish scale pattern

fish scale tiles as accent wall living room

Gold fish scale wall tile contemporary home interiors

laundry room cabinets and white blue backsplash tiles

laundry room ideas gray fish scale tile backsplash wooden countertop

laundry room ideas wall tile white cabinets

laundry room wall ideas tile backsplash fish scale pattern

Why choose fish scale tiles for your home

accent colors in white kitchen backsplash tile designs

accent wall in modern kitchen fish scale tile backsplash

black fish scale tiles white cabinets modern kitchen decor ideas

blue white tile back splash kitchen decorating ideas

white cabinets and fish scale tile backsplash contemporary kitchen design ideas

Fan pattern white kitchen backsplash

fish scale porcelain tile modern kitchen backsplash ideas

fish scales idea backsplash open kitchen dining area

gray fish scale tiles kitchen backsplash ideas

gray tile kitchen backsplash ideas

gray wall tile white grout kitchen backsplash ideas

kitchen backsplash ideas color accent in white kitchen

kitchen design and decorating ideas white backsplash wood cabinets

kitchen remodel ideas white cabinets fish scale tile wall

white kitchen cabinets and tile backsplash with fish scale pattern

modern kitchen ideas blue cabinets tile backsplash

moroccan fish scales kitchen decorating ideas

outdoor kitchen design green fish scale tiles

Scallop pattern tile backsplash contemporary kitchen ideas

white cabinets black backsplash kitchen decor ideas

white fan kitchen backsplash tiles modern home interiors

white kitchen cabinets apron sink tile backsplash

white kitchen cabinets fish scale tile backsplash

white kitchen fish scale tiles floating glass shelves

white tile backsplash apron sink floating shelves kitchen design ideas

beige fish scale tiles wall covering

accent wall in bathroom blue wall tiles

accent wall in bathroom ideas green fish scale tiles

bathroom design and decor ideas marble fish scale tile

bathroom remodel ideas shower tiles

bathroom tile ideas fish scale pattern accent wall

bathroom wall decor ideas tiles with irregular edge

bathroom wall tile ideas fish scale pattern

bathroom wall tile ideas how to use fish scale tiles

bathroom wall tile scale fan black accent wall

blue and white bathroom design fish scale tile accent wall

blue fish scale tiles bathroom wall and ceiling ideas

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colorful backsplash in bathroom fish scale tile ideas

contemporary bathroom decorating ideas marble and tiles

bathroom design freestanding tub blue accent wall

contemporary bathroom design tiles white fish scales

modern bathroom wall tile ideas

exceptional bathroom decor ideas fish scale wall tiles ideas

exceptional bathroom interiors accent wall ideas

fantastic accent wall in bathroom random color blue tiles

fish scale floor tiles bathroom clawfoot tub

Fish scale tiles unique design options

freestanding tub shower enclosure with blue fish scale tiles

glass fish scale tiles for bathroom wall covering

green accent wall bathroom walk in shower ideas

green wall tiles in bathroom

how to use fish scale tiles in home interior designs

luxury design bathroom floor tiles

scallop mosaic tile bathroom decor ideas

master bathroom ideas black marble and fish scale tiles

Mediterranean fish scale bathroom tiles

modern bathroom accent wall tiles fish scale

modern bathroom decor ideas green wall tiles

modern bathroom ideas wall tiles decor

Modern design fish scale tiles bathroom wall covering bathtub

modern fish scale tiles to give a mediterranean touch to the bathroom

powder room ideas wall tile fish scale pattern

Pink bathroom tile fish scale fan shaped mosaic

red orange fish scale tiles custom made bathroom wall covering

stylish bathroom design wall tile ideas

teal fish scale tiles bathroom decor ideas

Turquoise shower bathroom design and decorating ideas

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