Beautiful shiplap wall ideas – creative interior design solutions

by Kremy

Shiplap wall ideas spectacular wall decoration living room decor

Decorating the walls with shiplap is the perfect solution for interior decoration. Using wood does not require a lot of effort and you can add originality to your home decor without decorative plaster, wallpaper or paint. We will show you beautiful shiplap wall ideas which are suitable for any room –living room, bedroom, kitchen, even bathroom and add the beauty of wood to the overall appearance of the home.

Shiplap wall ideas and creative interior design

modern wall decorating ideas dining room decor


By definition this is a wooden board used for barns and sheds or vacation homes. The installation of such walls is relatively easy as each board partially overlaps the board next to it. Such walls provide excellent insulation in terms of heat and noise and the market offers a wide variety of wood or artificial wood substitutes.

 what is shiplap how to install wood wall panels

Shiplap wall ideas feature various designs from natural wood, reclaimed wood or faux shiplap. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and the orientation of the slabs is mainly the homeowner’s choice. In the ideas below you will see how it is used as accent walls, or a way to unify different functional areas in the home.

Where to use shiplap wall panels?

Kitchen tile backsplash shiplap wall ideas wall shelving ideas

Where do you use shiplap? The short answer to this question is – anywhere. It can be a backsplash in the kitchen, a warm accent in the dining room, a fireplace surround or an attractive accent wall in the living room. It works with granite or marble countertops, leather furniture, metal accessories and can be used in many design styles. You will see shiplap wall ideas in rustic and industrials home decors, as well as in modern designs.

wall decorating ideas shiplap ideas how to install shiplap


When it comes to color, depending on what effect you want to achieve, you could leave your wall unfinished and enjoy the beauty of natural wood or paint in in a color that blends with the overall color scheme of the interior. Creating a contrast is another option which will depend on the overall design concept.

how to install shiplap living room bedroom decor

cottage country house living room decorating ideas shiplap wall ideas

wall decorating ideas modern living room shiplap panels

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