Easy DIY Halloween Front Door Decoration Ideas to Set The Mood

by Kremy

Are you wondering how to decorate your home for Halloween? There are so many ideas to choose from! From traditional pumpkins to door wreaths, outdoor decoration sets the atmosphere for the holiday. We will show you some super easy and fun DIY Halloween front door decoration ideas. Any of these ideas can be a great DIY project for you and your children! Whether you plan a scary and monstrous decoration or a funny and cute one, you will discover what you are looking for in our selection of photos.

Easy DIY Halloween Front Door Decoration Ideas to Set The Mood

Experience proves that decorating your home for Halloween is quite simple. Using available materials and imagination, you can create an original front door decor, which will definitely help to make an unforgettable impression on your neighbors and visitors. Bats, cobwebs with voluminous spiders, skulls and various sinister characters are often used to decorate porches and front doors.

Halloween Door Decoration Ideas – Jack-O’-Lantern

Halloween Door Decoration Ideas Jack O Lantern


If you want to create an original Halloween front door decoration, this idea will be perfect for you. Turning your door into a Jack-O’-Lantern is perfect for all who like this traditional symbol. This decoration is a great choice that will bring a haunted feel to your porch. You can use orange card stock or orange fabric of your choice, gold or copper glitter paper.

How to Turn You Front Door into a Halloween Mummy?

How to Turn You Front Door into a Halloween Mummy

Want a scarier Halloween decor? How about turning your front door into a mummy? To achieve the desired effect, there are a few simple tips. First, use black fabric to dress the entire door. Next, cut a disposable plate in half and paint each half yellow. Draw the pupils using black paint. Leave to dry.

halloween front door decorating ideas mummy

Secure the plates to the door and go to the next step. Use gauze strips to wrap the entire door, creating the illusion of a real mummy.

Cute Hairy Monster – Original Halloween Front Door Decoration

Cute Hairy monster original Halloween front door decoration

Your guests will be amazed when they find themselves at your front door decorated as a super cute furry monster. This DIY Halloween decoration idea is super easy and you certainly have the necessary equipment at home.

To make the monster hair, cut and trim several multi-colored strips of fabric, then secure them to the door with a strip of double-sided tape. Use a strip of black duct tape to make the mouth and eyebrows. As for the eyes, you need two white disposable plates and four small disposable plates in yellow and black. Once your eyes are ready, all you have to do is fix them on the door.

Spider Webs and Giant Spiders on The Front Door

Spider Webs and Giant Spiders on The Front Door

If you are a fan of spiders and cobwebs, this Halloween front door decoration idea is just for you. Make a spider web from rope attached to the door using transparent adhesive tape. As for the spiders, you can either buy a few plastic ones or make a sufficient number yourself.

Funny Monster – Halloween Front Door Decoration

Funny Monster DIY Halloween Front Door Decoration

If your family is a fan of the Disney universe and the monsters from the “Monsters, Inc.” movie, the following idea will certainly interest you. Decorating your front door as a multi-eyed monster is super easy. To make the eyes of the monster, you can use disposable plates and some black card stock.

Keep Out Door Decoration – Halloween Projects Ideas

Keep Out Door Decoration Halloween Projects Ideas

This is another creative and easy idea for Halloween decoration that will show your creativity. You will need cardboard for the wooden planks, cobweb and letters stencils. Cut the cardboard into rectangles to resemble wood slats and tape them to the door. Add cobweb and paint a “Keep Out” sign with spray paints. A plastic chain and gravestones will be the finishing touches.

Last Minute Halloween Ideas – Broomstick Door Decoration

Last Minute Halloween Ideas Broomstick Door Decoration

Broomstick front door is the perfect idea for last minute decorations. All you need is fix several “witches brooms” to the door and your Halloween décor will be ready in a matter of minutes!

Easy DIY Morgue Door Decor

Easy DIY Morgue Door Decor Creative Halloween ideas

DIY Morgue front door project is ideal for the fans of spooky decorations. Cut Styrofoam into rectangles matching the size of your door. Attach a piece of black paper, cut to size, to the styrofoam using spray adhesive. Add “hinges” from silver craft paper.

To make the banner, cut coffin shapes from black and gray craft paper and paint the letters with red spray paint. Attach the coffins to a plastic chain with a hot glue gun and hang you spooky banner.

Frankenstein Front Door

Frankenstein Front Door Halloween Decor

This super requires just a few supplies, most of which (trash bags, paper plates), you probably already have at home.

Give your front door a Halloween look by disguising it as a recognizable spooky character. Frankenstein Front Door is a great budget-friendly idea and a super simple project that can be completed in no time. You will need 1 sheet of colored paper, 1 sheet of black card stock, scissors, 1 glue stick and 1 pair of large self adhesive wiggle eyes. The instructions are quite simple: using a little duct tape, attach the colored paper to the front door. Use the black card stock to cut out the hair, mouth, and scar of Frankenstein. Finally, all you have to do is fix the eyes on the spot.

Jack Skellington Halloween door

Jack Skellington Halloween door decorating ideas

One more easy and fun Halloween front door decoration idea is to make a cute Jack Skellington character. All you need is black construction paper, black electrical tape and a pair of scissors!



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