Halloween window silhouettes – DIY ideas and useful decor tips

by Kremy

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Halloween window silhouettes are a cheap way to decorate for Halloween and add a spooky touch to the house decor. With a little creativity and a few stencils you can have original handmade Halloween decoration which will add a unique character to the home and will save your money.

Halloween-window-silhouettes-DIY halloween decorating


Halloween decoration features various ideas, from ghosts and skeletons, to a flying witch or a horrifying mask. Decorations for windows are visible from the street and you can give a spooky welcome to your guests before they even reach the front door.


Halloween window silhouettes – easy DIY decorating ideas


Halloween-window-silhouettes-halloween-decorations haunted house

Halloween window silhouettes are easy to make and a great idea for Halloween crafts. You simply need to cut out some cool shapes from cardboard, glue them to the inside of your windows and turn on the lights.


What do you need to craft Halloween window silhouettes? Not much, really – black construction paper, a pen, scissors and tape. You can use printables, templates or simply draw figures and cut them out. These silhouettes could be ghosts, zombies, pumpkins, witches, spiders, skeletons and other Halloween themed silhouettes. Here are some useful tutorials that will help you make your unique Halloween windows decoration.


How to make spider web window silhouette


Halloween-window-silhouettes-DIY-halloween-decorations black cat

A spider web is the easiest of Halloween window silhouettes! First you need to decide whether you want it in the corner of the windows or centrally. Then, depending on the size of the windows, cut thin strips of about 1 cm. Glue two strips crossing each other and then again two strips diagonally over the first two, making a total of 4 long strips for the web base. Cut more thin strips and glue them piece by piece diagonally to obtain the cobweb shape. When your spider web is ready, glue a thin cord or a thin strip and a spider silhouette.


How to make Halloween window silhouettes – pumpkins and ghosts

Halloween-silhouette-windows-DIY-halloween-decorations bats

Pumpkins and ghosts are one of the easiest Halloween window silhouettes. You can draw pumpkins of various sizes, cut them and glue them inside on the bottom of the window. You can arrange them along, center them or arrange them in the corners, depending on whether you plan to add more silhouettes. Ghosts are also pretty easy to draw and it will be a great idea to ask the kids to give you a hand. It will be a lot of fun for them and an easy craft.


Witch silhouette ideas for windows decoration


A witch flying on a broom is a classic Halloween symbol. If you are not good at drawing, it is best to use a template. You could simplify the witch theme and just cut out a pointed hat which is instantly recognizable.

Halloween-silhouette-windows-DIY-halloween-decorations trick or treat

Bats, haunted houses, cats and mice, spiders, kitchen knives silhouettes – all those are easy to draw and cut. You can decorate one window or all the windows of the home using different silhouettes. During daytime the black paper silhouettes will be visible and at night, when the lights are on, they will be attracting the attention of all passers-by.



window-Halloween-silhouettes-quick-easy-decoration-ideas witch broom

Halloween-window-silhouettes-house-decor how to make-halloween-silhouettes

Halloween-window-silhouettes-decorations last minute halloween decor ideas

Halloween-window-silhouettes-black cat bats DIY halloween decor

Halloween-silhouette-windows-DIY halloween decor ideas zombies



Halloween-silhouette-windows-DIY-nightmare before christmas

Halloween-window-silhouettes-DIY window decor bats

Halloween-silhouette-windows DIY halloween decorations

Halloween-silhouette-windows easy DIY halloween decorations


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