Tropical pools – beautiful and exotic landscape ideas

by Kremy

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Tropical pools offer a true island paradise atmosphere in your backyard. The main principle of a tropical pool design combines rich colors and original materials – plants, bubbling waterfalls and stone compositions can be used to create the exotic beauty of tropical design so that you can forget the hectic urban life and give yourself the experience of an unforgettable holiday.

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Tropical islands are a dream vacation destination to many people. They evoke images of clear blue water, white sand, waterfalls, lush plants and beautiful bright colors. How to design a tropical pool in your backyard? How to landscape and decorate the surrounding? What are the materials, the elements and the features of the perfect pool? We shall give you the answers of those questions and you can enjoy the selection of magnificent exotic pools, especially if you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your own swimming pool decor.


Tropical pools – landscape ideas with an exotic flair


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Having a pool in the backyard is a huge advantage to any home. A pool in the garden not only adds value to the property, but is the main place for the family gatherings or entertaining guests. Very often, the pool is the main element of the landscape design and the choice of location, shape and material should be approached with great care. You cannot have a tropical pool design in a minimalist landscape. They just do not work together. The exterior should combine the elements in such a way that they harmoniously work with each other.

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Perhaps one of the most important decisions that you need to take is about the shape of the pool. Classic rectangular, oval, round, L-shaped, kidney shaped pools – endless possibilities. Having in mind that tropical pools have to look as close to Nature as possible free form pools or designs with curved lines are the best option. Those shapes allowing many unique design possibilities while maintaining the look of a natural lagoon. They are easily fit into the surrounding landscape and create a feeling of relaxation, an atmosphere of an exotic island or oasis.


Exotic pools – what materials to use for the landscape?


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Exotic pools have some characteristic elements which you should keep in mind and try to incorporate in the landscape design. Stone, waterfalls, lighting, plants, furniture and accessories – all these elements have great significance for the final result and the overall tropical decor.

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Stones and rocks are especially important to create the natural feeling of a lagoon. Many experts will tell you that those are the key elements for a tropical pool design. You can choose suitable stones and rocks from a garden center or a local quarry. Many designers prefer to use colored faux rocks as they provide opportunities for spectacular designs without the heavy weight of real stone. Avoid uniformly looking rocks. Choose stones and boulders with different size and shapes to create a natural appearance.

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Tropical pools are often complemented with water features. Rock waterfalls, water cascades – those are typical for the tropical landscape. You do not need a huge waterfall or cascade, you can have a small water feature reminding of the ocean and its clear water. When you want a tropical pool with turquoise water, you have to consider proper pool tile or finish.

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Pool furniture or outdoor furniture will add to the tropical pool decor. It is best if you chose garden furniture made of natural materials – seagrass, wicker, wood. These materials enhance the vacation feeling and you can sit in a chair or on the couch and relax completely in the fantastic atmosphere that you created. Cocoon chairs and hammocks are also a very good choice for a tropical landscape. You can place them in a secluded part of the backyard and thus have the perfect retreat for a summer afternoon.

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Outdoor lighting is another major element of the landscaping which can help you create a fantastic tropical atmosphere for your evening gatherings by the pool. String lights are very festive and can be used above the dining furniture. Ground lights installed in the thickets of plants, will create a romantic mood and make the site look like a fairy tale. Path lights and lights around the pool are essential for the convenience of walking around. Accent lighting in different colors will add to the tropical ambience of your backyard. Lamps shaped like fire flames are especially suitable and create an illusion of burning torches. You can use real torches, of course, as fire is incredibly appealing and reminds of native tropical tribes.

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Plants are essential when you want to create the right atmosphere – dense green thickets with large expressive leaves and beautiful flowers. Large green plants, typical for the tropical regions are a must. Palm trees, of course, are the most popular choice. It is sometimes difficult to find the exotic species and some of them may not survive in the local weather conditions. You may replace them with other species which still have the tropical character and will survive in colder weather. Large exotic plants can be easily replaced with ferns. Instead of coconut trees you can plant yucca and dracaena. Monstera, clematis and girlish grapes are also suitable.

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Decoration and accessories have to be carefully chosen to create the right atmosphere. You can use souvenirs or statuettes that you brought from your vacation on a tropical island or you can purchase them in specialized stores. Masks, ethnic costumes, jewelry and musical instruments will increase the sense of being in the tropics.

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Fabrics and textiles also have a great significance – gazebo or pergola curtains, tablecloths, sunbed upholstery, outdoor pillows – they add the exotic flair to the backyard landscape. Bright and light fabrics – cotton, linen – which help the body to cool are the best choice. Choose natural materials, bold colors which are typical for the tropical region, prints with exotic birds or trees.

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Look at the inspiring tropical pools in the gallery below to create your own beautiful place to relax and spend time with family. A tropical pool can become your dream backyard escape.

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