Trio Halloween costumes – super cool ideas for families with kids

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Trio Halloween costumes for families in kids are so much fun! There is no need to frantically search for Halloween costume ideas, as we collected 20 gorgeous ideas for you. Picking up the theme and finding the right costumes for Halloween van be stressful and when you have to triple it all, it can become a torment instead of fun time. Check out the list of inspiring Halloween family costumes that we made for you.


Inspiring trio Halloween costumes – famous tales and movie characters




When trying to find the best trio Halloween costumes for families, the costumes need to be cool and fun so that the kids really enjoy the holiday. There is no need to frighten them with horrifying spooky costumes, especially if your kid is too young. There are so many other options to have the cutest and coolest costumes in the neighborhood. Disney classics are an excellent choice for creative family costumes. Let’s look at some of them.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas-family halloween costume peter pan

Peter pan Halloween disguise will make your kids want to fly right off to Neverland, right? Captain Hook, pirates, Tinkerbell, Wendy – fantastic options for Halloween costumes. The world famous book of J. M. Barry has been adapted for musicals, stage and movies, but it is Walt Disney movie which is the most favorite of kids and parents. The green clothes and pointed hat of Peter Pan have become symbolic and Tinkerbell  and Captain Hook are one of the most popular costume choices for kids and adults. Who says you have to grow up? Aladdin is another of the classic Disney movies that is a favorite of several generations. You can be creative and craft your own family costumes based on Aladdin theme. Princess Jasmine Halloween costume is suitable for moms or little girls and is easy to craft.

trio-halloween-costumes-halloween costumes for kids ideas

Other Disney movies Halloween disguises which are widely popular are Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Frozen, Snow white, Little mermaid, Mickey and Minnie, Merida from Brave, The Incredibles and so on and so on.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas cool halloween costumes minions

Minions Hallowen costumes are a hot trend as they are favorites of everyone all over the world. You could buy Minion costumes or craft them by yourself as those are really easy to make. Without any doubt, a Minion costume for Halloween is a lot of fun for every kid.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas how to train your dragon

How about a costume from How to train your dragon? The Viking theme is a very good choice for trio Halloween costumes, especially if you need last minute ideas. Wigs and helmets, fake swords and a cute dragon costume and you are ready for a Trick or Treat.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas group costume ideas Harry Potter

Wizards and witches – for about a decade Harry Potter is the most famous young wizard. The famous trio –Harry, Ron and Hermione is another inspiring theme for your family Halloween costumes. You can easily find a Gryffindor outfit in costume stores or craft wizards’ cloaks for the whole family. Do not forget to draw a lighting scar on the forehead of your little Harry Potter.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas toy story family costume

Toy story costumes for families are a good idea for DIY Halloween costume fans as you can be really creative and craft fantastic costumes.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas halloween costumes for kids

For young children and parents with a good sense of humor, Three little pigs disguise will be a lovely choice that brings a smile on everyone’s face.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas three muskateers

One of the most famous trios in the world is the Tree musketeers. Who wouldn’t wont to be a brave knight and carry a rapier?

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas nightmare before christmas halloween costumes for families

Nightmare before Christmas Halloween costumes theme is also very popular for families and groups. Costumes are easy to craft and you can have fun with not-so-scary-Halloween makeup.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas family halloween costume ideas

Star wars is a classic choice for movie themed Halloween costumes. The characters of the saga are so famous that Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Yoda costumes can be found in almost any costume store.

trio-halloween-costumes-ideas ghostbusters non scary halloween costumes

Ghostbusters – a movie about ghosts – is a fun Halloween costume theme which provides opportunities for creativity and original costume ideas. Marry Poppins, Casper and Wendy, Shrek, E. T., Barbie and Rapunzel movies, Superheroes, Sesame street, Avatar – the list goes on and on…


DIY trio Halloween costumes – last minute easy and quick ideas


trio halloween costumes ideas robbers family costume

Here are some useful DIY trio Halloween costumes. You can craft them in due time if you waited until the last minute, you can quickly assemble a costume with what you have available at home. These quick and easy Halloween costume ideas may help you improvise. You do not need expensive materials, find some cheap ones which will do the trick. For example striped T-shirts for the whole family will help you craft bank robbers’ costumes in a matter of minutes.

family halloween costumes trio halloween costumes clowns

Circus clowns, Breaking bad Halloween costumes, Farmers, Indians, Lego block, doctors and nurses – all these are fantastic ideas for families with kids. Remember, it is all about celebrating and good mood. Just enjoy your Halloween!



trio halloween costumes ideas royal family halloween costume

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