Short hairstyles 2019 – a choice for bold and self-confident women

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trendy and fashionable short haircuts for women 2019 ideas

Nowadays the haircut is very important for creating the overall image of any woman. It has a very significant role, because it is impossible to complete your appearance when the hair is shapeless and not groomed. Fashion changes year after year, even if the general approaches remain the same. Stylists offer numerous variations that meet the trends of beauty and fashion. A haircut can change the appearance of ladies, it can hide facial flaws and highlight the advantages. What are short hairstyles 2019 trends? Let’s have a look at the most popular haircuts for short hair 2019.

Short hairstyles 2019 – trends and ideas

Short haircuts 2019 ideas fashionable trends


Those of you who are looking for short hairstyles 2019 are probably ready to change your appearance, and maybe cut your long hair. It is true that modern women prefer a dramatic change of their appearance and often choose not only fashionable short haircuts but change their hair color. These are bold decisions but quite understandable. Short hair gives women a special aura. One of the main advantages of short haircuts is that they are appropriate for both office and elegant party look. You can have a business look during the day and transform it attractively and quickly for a night party. Those who prefer light and casual style will love short haircuts 2019 ideas as they offer a new, fresh, sometimes outrageous and sometimes even extravagant, image. When we talk about short haircuts 2019, we have to underline that the main trend is achieving a harmonious look, suitable for your lifestyle. It is best if you consult with an experienced stylist so that you get the best advice.

It is interesting that this year completely opposite trends dominate. One of short haircut trends features perfectly smooth lines and a touch of carelessness. This trend is most noticeable in both short and elongated Bob haircut variations. For thick hair you can choose a geometric cut and for ultra-short styles – asymmetry.

The second main trend is a deliberate negligence which creates an effect of lightness and weightlessness of the hair.

short haircut with bangs trendy hairstyles

Retro looks and bangs have returned as well. Bangs ideally emphasizes different short haircut variations – from the cascade to short Bob and pixie. Arched and blunt, shaggy and ragged, asymmetrical – all variations are allowed!

Short haircuts with volume – this is another trend that is quite noticeable. These hairstyles look elegant and careless curls are a top choice. Layered Bob haircuts are ideal for this style.

Ultra-short haircuts for women will be mega fashionable for the 2019 season. The great thing is that these hairstyles are suitable for women of all ages. Extremely short hair is a bold, impressive and expressive haircut which requires minimal care, because there is simply nothing to be styled.

Pixie haircuts are always attractive but this season we shall see them in pink blonde or platinum blonde versions. Of course, dark-haired ladies who chose a pixie haircut will look just as stylish.

Short hairstyles 2019 – trendy haircuts to reflect your personality

cool hairstyles pixie haircut Natalie Portman

Short hairstyles 2019 can help you choose a new style and create a new image. Many women get tired of long, lifeless hair which only causes a feeling of discomfort. A short haircut will allow you not only change beyond recognition, but also look younger. Yes, there is a belief that short hair is for older women. However, it is our belief that a properly selected short hairstyle, suitable for your type of face and reflecting your individuality, has nothing to do with age whatsoever!

Romantic short haircuts 2019 will enhance femininity Almost everyone is familiar with the most popular fashionable short haircuts for women. Short bob variations are versatile, easy to maintain and you can create a completely new look in a matter of minute despite the short length. It is not a surprise that Bob haircuts remain hugely popular since the 60s of the last century. For this season stylist recommend adding elongated bangs. This hairstyle is ideal for girls wide a wide line of cheekbones. Side parting and asymmetry are exceptionally trendy. We shall also see asymmetrical and elongated Bob haircuts. These types of short haircuts can be done on both curly and straight type of hair with short and long bangs.

The perfect hairstyle for creative persons will be beautiful short pixie haircuts that will draw everyone’s attention to your facial features. Multi-layered pixie haircuts easily create a volume and are suitable for any type of hair. A pixie with heavily shaved temples is a bold decision, but you need to keep in mind that shaved hairstyles are not going to be exactly fashionable this season. Remember, that naturalness is the main trend not only in hair styling but in makeup and nail art as well.

fashionable hairstyles for women with short hair

In conclusion, we can point out that short haircuts will occupy leading positions during 2019 as they provide an opportunity to create a very unusual, radically different and super original look. Look at the photos in the gallery below and see the variety of possibilities. Choose the short haircut that will suit you and enhance your charm and beauty in the most flattering way!



stylish haircuts with bangs for short hair

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