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Prom makeup 2019 ideas styles colors

Every girl want to shine at the prom and every girl has the right right to do this, because this is an event that happens only once in a lifetime! If the evening dress is already purchased, the hairstyle option is ready, and manicure is done, it remains only to choose a fashionable makeup which will help you highlight of the chosen image.

Before you choose your makeup for the graduation party, look at the style of your prom dress. Based on this, imagine what hairstyle and makeup would be suitable. If you chose a long chiffon dress, choose a gentle makeup. If you chose a dress in retro style, then you need the relevant makeup. We will show you the latest prom makeup 2019 ideas and fashion trends and will give you useful tips and ideas how to choose the perfect style.

Prom makeup 2019 ideas – basic rules for evening makeup and useful tips

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In order to look amazing at the graduation party, it is very important for girls to choose the right evening makeup and avoid mistakes. Evening makeup dramatically changes the look of a girl. Knowing the basic steps and rules will help you have a great night and enjoy yourself without worries!

An evening makeup is not as simple as it seems at first glance, there are laws and rules that you need to follow. Most often makeup mistakes feature noticeable flaws in applying lip liner and lipstick, uneven or too dark eyebrows, wrong application of eyeliner, flaky foundation, etc. If you decide to apply it yourself, you need to remember these simple rules. Proper makeup should be done step by step:

Clean the face. Use micellar water, cleaning tonic or gel for washing.

Moisturize the skin. Apply a light moisturizer.

Select the correct foundation, which should be the same color as your skin or a tone lighter.

Makeup should be smooth, without abrupt transitions. It is easy to get lost in the variety of prom makeup 2019 ideas and color range. If you want to keep on the safe side, smokey eyes in brown shades are universal and suitable for different styles. In the gallery below you will see different images in different styles. However, it is important to know the measure in everything, especially in evening makeup. You can highlight the eyes and lips, but still a bright accent should be made on one thing. Makeup should not be multi-colored. The goal is to achieve a harmony of colors and shapes. For example, if you have a purple dress, then red lips are out of the question! Glitter and bright colors can be used as accents, but this should be handled very carefully. If you are not confident in your own skills and strengths, then it is better to turn to a makeup artist who will help you choose the best prom makeup for you.


Prom makeup 2019 ideas, tips and tricks

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Generally speaking, all women can be divided into four color types according to color of the eyes, hair and skin. These are very important to take into account when selecting makeup for prom. Let’s have a look at some gorgeous prom makeup 2019 ideas.

One of the main fashion trends in 2019 is naturalness and femininity. That is why a natural makeup remains a top choice for many graduates. This is an always winning option for graduation. After all, this is a celebration of youth, innocence and beauty, therefore, the emphasis should be on natural charm. Pastel shades, soft pink or peach blush, lipstick in natural tones or glossy shine repeating the shade of the lips will emphasize the natural beauty of young ladies. It is better to highlight the natural shape of your eyebrows. Do not apply a lot of mascara and avoid artificial eyelashes. Delicate makeup perfectly combines with pastel-colored dresses. Thanks to nude makeup, you will create a romantic appearance that emphasizes your beauty and youth. Such makeup does not require bright accents.


Prom makeup 2019 ideas – focus on the eyes or the lips

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This type of makeup is a timeless classic and is suitable for any evening gown. Choose the color of the shadows that complements the color of your eyes in the best way. If you have blue eyes, golden and bronze tones are ideal while brown eyes are complemented by brown or purple shades.

Fluffy and seductive lips are always in the center of attention, so girls can safely demonstrate natural forms, skillfully accentuated by lipstick or gloss. You can choose a bright lipstick or gloss in marsala or burgundy shades, play with wine tones or select a bold tone from the rich palette of red shades. Red lipstick and its various shades are one of the main beauty trends. Matte lipstick is a real hit as it looks beautiful on the lips and does not require a liner pencil. However, keep in mind that accenting on both eyes and lips will make the makeup too heavy.

Exquisite and glamorous smoky eye makeup is another trend on the top of fashion waves. This is not surprising because this type of makeup can help you achieve lightness and tenderness and at the same time create an intriguing and mysterious look. Smoky eye makeup in combination with radiant skin and a delicate shade on the lips is one of the best options, which will be a great addition to any image from classic to grunge. You can play with color by choosing trendy bright shades – brown, purple and green tones, graphite and coffee or all shades of the night sky. For example, choosing a contrasting eye color will emphasizes the expressiveness of your eyes.

Retro makeup is another trend which enjoys a great popularity among young ladies. The style allows you to recreate a Hollywood glam appearance or a classic look from the 50s, 60s or 70s. This makeup will be appropriate if you have chosen a classic sheath dress or a dress inspired by the 60s. The glamorous Hollywood style features mascara combined with black eyeliner, rich red lips – and the image of the legendary Marilyn Monroe is ready. Neutrals with pale pink matte lipstick will be suitable for delicate, tender image resembling Audrey Hepburn.


Prom makeup 2019 ideas – choose suitable shades for your eye color

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There are a lot of prom makeup 2019 ideas and options, but you need to choose one that will be in harmony not only with eye color, but also with hair color and outfit. The suitable colors for girls with blue eyes are different from the ones suitable for brown, green or gray eyes. The task of makeup is to emphasize the natural beauty.Here are some useful tips:

Prom makeup for blue eyes in white, pearl or beige tones highlight the depth, radiance, femininity and tenderness. Blue is one of the most common eye colors and has always been considered hugely attractive. Blue eyed ladies create the impression of very good and open people. Light sandy shades, gold or bronze colors, as well as an extensive palette of blue and purple – turquoise, sea wave, lavender, violet, etc. are also suitable for blue eyes. It is advisable to avoid blue shades as they may make your eyes appear colorless. Modern girls can choose the colors that are more beneficial emphasize their beauty. Do not be afraid to use the entire palette of available colors and experiment to see which combination is best for you!

Prom makeup ideas for brown eyes feature sandy and golden shades, olive and green, silver, purple, chocolate tones and tones from the pink palette. Choose lighter colors from the inner corner of the eye passing over the lids to darker colors at the outer corners. Dark blue and violet will help to emphasize the eye shape, the depth and clarity of the look.

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Green eyes are exceptionally attractive and they can change depending on the light. Depending on the desired effect you can enhance your amazing eyes. The most suitable makeup colors for green eyes are the ones that have a warm undertone – purple, brown, beige, gold, silver, gray-brown, gray-green, brown-green. You should avoid combination of silver and bright blue as it may make the eyes expressionless. Pink is also not suitable for green eyes as it gives them a tired look.

Gray eyes are unusually beautiful and give women a look of refinement, tenderness and mystery.

It is not difficult to guess that silver shades are just perfect for gray-eyed girls. Silver, like no other, is able to emphasize all the advantages of gray eyes and make women look stunning. You can use all shades of gray – the brightest, metallic as well as the dark ones. Golden, copper, bronze, brown, peach, chocolate, beige and blue tones are great for gray eyes. Rich plum shades and eggplant tones are best for an evening makeup.



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