Nails 2019 spring trends, colors and patterns ideas

by Kremy

nails spring 2019 trends flower designs ideas

What are nails 2019 spring trends? How to choose colors and patterns for your manicure? We shall help you with tips and inspiring ideas for the perfect nail design!

With the end of winter we want to change ourselves, to bring something unusual, new and interesting to our image and style. This undoubtedly concerns the design of manicure as a part of the overall image of every girl and woman. Spring is a period of renewal and the appearance of bright colors in our life, therefore, manicure should be extraordinarily beautiful and delightful. Look at the unique spring nail design ideas which will complement the stylish.

Nails 2019 spring trends and design ideas

nails 2019 spring trends pink and silver french manicure


A spectacular manicure will surely surprise you with unusual solutions and creative ideas. Thanks to the professionals in nail art, who tirelessly demonstrate fascinating manicure, we selected some of the best nails 2019 spring variations.

Fashion dictates the trends not only in clothing, but also in hairstyle, make-up and even manicure. Some people think that manicure is the last thing other people notice. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Graceful hands are among the first thing that people notice. That is why spring manicure should be attractive and elegant. Bright colors, subtle shapes, flower prints, matte finish and minimalist nail design await us in a stylish and fashionable spring 2019 manicure.

Nails 2019 spring trends – tenderness and naturalness

spring manicure ideas pink negative space and floral design

This year, pastel colors will be on the top of the trend. The most fashionable manicure colors in 2019 beige, blue and lilac can be combined or applied separately. A spring manicure in these colors perfectly emphasizes your evening look. On light shades, you can apply a variety of patterns, use rhinestones for decoration, draw flowers, etc. Such elements will give even more tenderness and refinement to your nail design.

Gentle and light spring nail designs in blue tones replace the rich blue hues of the winter season. In addition, this season turquoise and mint shades of lacquers will be fashionable, which widens the palette options for the most delicate manicure designs.

The popularity of matte finish in the past autumn-winter season is also reflected in the spring nail design 2019. Choose pastel and nude shades with a matte finish and add a glossy accent – crystals or rhinestones.

Classic French remains one of the most beloved and stylish designs for spring manicure. It is perfect for any woman. Women can choose from classic white tips to tips in pastel and bright colors.

Floral nail art – the most popular nails 2019 spring trend

pastel blue nail art with floral pattern spring manicure

What is spring without flowers? Delicate prints and patterns are certainly found in everything. This also applies to fashionable manicure. Delicate and fragile, large and unusual – flowers in all their diversity are welcome in nail design this spring. Floral nail art with large and small flowers will appeal to all ladies, because this manicure design is exceptionally elegant and attractive. When you want a truly romantic and gentle look without difficulty and extra effort you can choose from numerous patterns. Chamomiles, peonies, tulips, dandelions, roses, half-open buds, twigs, curls and smooth lines will help create a magical and stunning manicure on your hands.

Spring nail art 2019 – moon manicure

moon french nail art in turquoise and white

Moon manicure will not lose its position and huge popularity in the spring of 2019. It can be done in different varieties – negative space, color, with precious stones, glitter or rhinestones. Spring designs in the most delicate tones of pink, lilac, blue, mint and peach colors, will help you create the most beautiful, romantic and fascinating look!

pink gradient nail art ideas for spring

Gradient manicure is present in every new season with some changes that represents the best ideas of nail art for the certain season. Gradient effect with a smooth transition from one shade to another looks very nice on nails with different length. The pattern can be vertical, horizontal, geometric or from the middle of the nail. Bright and rich color shades are the perfect choice for ombre nail art.

spring nail art ideas floral design white purple colors

Those who love bright and rich colors will enjoy spring manicure with a variety of prints – floral, geometric and animal prints. However, especially with animal prints, one should remember that such designs must not be flashy. Do not get carried away and use too many bright colors. When the prints are complex, it is best to apply them on one or two nails.

pretty minimalist nail designs with geometric pattern

Stylish geometry and stripes will enjoy a great popularity. To create a smooth geometric pattern, you can use stencils and ribbons and then your geometric manicure will be perfect and stylish. It is up to you to decide whether you prefer color or monochrome. In any case, such manicure will look stylish and restrained. Negative space is another popular and trendy nail design which can be done in monochrome and color.

pink and silver gradient manicure matte finish

Festive chic and magical glitter nail designs for spring 2019 feature rhinestones, small beads and crystals. Those, who want more brilliance and glamor, can take advantage of manicure design combining deep rich shades with glitter, mirror nail art, moon or gradient patterns.

Enjoy the gallery below and the unique nail design ideas for spring 2019!

yellow manicure with black geometric patterns

white manicure matte finish blue floral pattern

spring nail design ideas water decals roses rhinestones white pink

spring manicure ideas tiny flower pattern

spring manicure ideas pastel negative space nail art

pink and white manicure with delicate flower buds pattern

pastel nail polish color matte finish floral decoration

nude nail art ideas spring manicure

nails 2019 spring trends moon manicure in gold

gorgeous spring manicure in pink with tiny flowers

Glitter and polka dot nail design with floral decoration

french manicure in pastel colors with lace and beads decoration

elegant nail design in pink and white with hearts

spring manicure ideas pink and nude

almond nail shape manicure ideas with beautiful floral pattern

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