Tick bite rash – how to recognize the symptoms, treatment tips

by Kremy

Tick bite rash how to recognize the symptoms

Weather is getting warmer and warmer and there is a high probability of detecting a tick bite on the body. In the summer this problem is more common and must not be neglected. A bite can cause a lot of harm to health and can become a serious threat to life, so the problem should be taken seriously. How to protect yourself? What to do if bitten by a tick? How to recognize the tick bite rash? We shall give you essential information which can be useful to you.

How to recognize a tick bite rash?

how to recognize tick borne rashes


It is very difficult to determine that a bloodsucker is stuck to the body. The fact is that it releases a special poison, which makes the bite invisible for a long time. The tiny size of the parasite itself makes it imperceptible on the body until the moment when its body is filled with blood. By this time, the tick can increase tenfold in size.

symptoms of tick bite rash treatment tips

When a tick bites, its poisonous saliva plays a very important role. This is not only a strong allergen, but contains pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria that can cause deadly diseases. Despite the fact that these parasites do not live high in the trees, they very often bite a man by the head or by the neck. Ticks are not too fast, but they are quite capable of climbing in a couple of minutes from foot to the head. Bloodsuckers have favorite places that they most often choose. After walking in the woods or picnics in the open air, you must first look for parasites in the lumbar area, on the back, on the stomach, in the groin area, armpits, on the head and neck.

Tick bite bulls eye rash

How to recognize a tick bite rash? The human body reacts differently to the bites of parasites. Initially, apart from redness, a person may feel nothing but over time, the place of the bite will begin to itch. Some people may have very strong symptoms, while others do not notice anything but itching and reddening of the skin. Itching is a normal reaction to a substance that the parasite secretes. However, when itching is strong and especially, if you have additional symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately because there is a big chance you suffer complications like Lyme disease.

what to do after a tick bite

There are cases when, even after a thorough examination of the body, nothing suspicious is found. However, after a certain period of time, there may be an unpleasant feeling which is an indication that a tick is sitting somewhere. Such symptoms include lethargy, increased drowsiness, chills and aching joints and an increase in body temperature. Depending on how strongly the human body reacts, the symptoms may differ.

What to do after a tick bite?

How to recognize a tick bite rash lyme disease

If there is a tick on your body, it is better not to remove it yourself, but ask for help at the nearest emergency room. There, the parasite will be removed by a specialist and the wound will be disinfected. The tick will be sent for a lab test to find out if it has been infected. You will also need to do a blood test.

If you notice any signs for infection, you need to consult with a doctor immediately. After examination, the doctor will prescribe an appropriate course of treatment.

When a tick is found on the body and there is no possibility to immediately go to the hospital, you can take it out yourself, but you have to very, very careful. You need to clean the area with a little alcohol. Remove the tick using tweezers. Be careful so that you do not split the tick and his head stays inside the skin. Clean the area with alcohol again.


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