Spring gel nails ideas – fresh and lovely colors for a good mood

by Kremy

best spring gel nails ideas daisies

Fresh spring manicure will bring a better mood to everyone. When all the winter holidays are over, many of us are beginning to look forward to sunny days, to enjoy the sun and the warmth of its rays. In spring, when everything around rejoices in the warmth, when every day seems like the eve of a holiday, one wants to be cheerful and energetic. Very often the good and cheerful mood depends only on us and we selected some adorable spring gel nails ideas for your manicure. Let’s have a look at what the new season has prepared for the stylish ladies and the options to add some brightness in the everyday look.


Spring gel nails ideas – choose fresh colors for your manicure


how to choose your spring manicure design


Spring is the most beautiful, fresh and airy season and any nail design style can be adjusted to look unique, interesting and original. Even the classic designs can be done in the delicate colors of blossoming plants and the gentle pattern of the sky. What are the trendy colors of the season? Fashionable pastel shades are especially popular, and the gentle colors of lacquers will emphasize your hands and velvety skin. Spring manicure is characterized with the freedom of choice – pink, white, blue, and gently green, lime, turquoise, red and yellow – this season does not limit anything. Everything is allowed except daring, challenging and extravagant colors. Remember that the goal is to reveal your sensual side and create an irresistible look!


Spring gel nails ideas – choose the right design


cherry blossom nail design ideas for spring manicure

Spring gel nails ideas can be exciting despite the fact that there are women who do not like pale and pastel colors. There are many other options – floral motifs, ombre effect, nude nails with a theme drawing, butterfly nail art ideas, polka dots, etc.

Delicate and feminine manicure design in blue shades is an option to replace the intense blue shades of the winter season with gentle and light spring nail art. Whether you choose moon nails, a gradient, a gradient or a design with drawings, a manicure in blue colors will always look noble and beautiful.

Floral nail art – Flowers on nails have always been, are and will be the most popular nail design for the season. Small buds, flower drawings or simple twigs with leaves in soft pastel shades of pink, lilac, yellow and green are ideal for creating a fashionable manicure.

Stylish geometry – If you are a supporter of minimalism then you will probably like a stylish spring manicure with laconic geometric patterns. Strips are hugely popular and you can choose colorful or monochrome strips, depending on your personal taste.

Matte nails can be amazing as a spring manicure despite the fact that the matte coating is more popular for the autumn-winter season. Choose pastel and nude shades with a matte effect, and experiment boldly.

Of course, these are just some of the options. You can choose a bright ombre manicure, original negative space nails, glamorous spring nail design with rhinestones or any other nail art technique which pleases you.



yellow manicure moon nails spring summer ideas

trendy spring manicure in pastel colors

spring manicure ideas gel nails with glowers

Spring gel nails ideas purple and floral pattern

Spring gel nails ideas pastel color manicure

red and white nail art beautiful gel nails ideas

pastel pink nails with tiny flowers spring summer ideas

pastel color nails ideas flowers and rhinestones

pastel blue nails with flowers

gel nails ideas spring manicure floral decoration

fresh spring manicure ideas green color blooming flowers

floral nail design ideas spring manicure inspiration

butterfly nail art spring summer manicure designs

best Spring gel nails ideas delicate flower pattern

beautiful nail art for spring ombre nails

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