Pastel manicure and nail design ideas – the beauty of delicate colors

by Kremy

Pastel manicure is one of the most beautiful and versatile options among all the possible nail designs. Pastel colors are gentle and pleasant to the eye and you can be certain that your choice will always be beautiful and fashionable and will distinguish your style. The delicate shades emphasize the beauty of hands and they will look neat and well groomed. If bright saturated tones can sometimes clash with the overall appearance of a woman, for example, with a romantic dress or business suit, pastel colors will harmoniously complement any outfit and perfectly match with all makeup and hairstyle options.

pastel manicure nail design ideas

Another indisputable advantage of pastel manicure is that it does not go out of fashion. However, this does not mean that this type of manicure is always the same. On the contrary, every season brings certain innovations. Nail designs in pastel colors come in many shades. You can choose from many options – from almost invisible to the lightest of blue, pink, lilac, lavender, green, yellow, turquoise, etc.

Pastel manicure ideas and hand care – useful tips

pastel color nails easy diy solid color manicure


When wearing pastel manicure it is very important to take care of not only the nail plates, but also for the skin of your hands. Very often, hands can give out the age of a woman, so choose a high quality hand cream and apply various oils to keep them well-groomed.

We have selected some adorable and charming nail designs in pastel colors but this does not mean that you can not come up with your own idea. Pastel colors are suitable for any nail shape and length – French manicure, fashionable oval or round shape – anything that pleases your eye. You should choose the shape, the color and the length of the manicure, so that your hands look attractive and beautiful. It must be remembered that only constant and proper care will help to maintain a healthy appearance of the skin and nails. When using cosmetics, pay attention that there are no allergic reactions. If you notice redness, irritation, or you have itching, be sure to contact a doctor.

Fashionable pastel manicure design ideas

nail design ideas spring nails pastel colors

Neutral shades and naturalness are the main characteristics of pastel manicure. Blue is one of the most beautiful pastel colors and the sky blue shades create a feeling of flight and freedom. Turquoise is very impressive and pleasing to the eye. Yellow adds a sunny mood and is the best choice for summer nails. Mint is very tender and is often referred to as the most exquisite color. Choosing a cool tone of mint, you can be sure that even on short nails, he will be incredibly beautiful and attractive. Mint manicure just does not need any additional decorations. Beiges, which are usually classified as a natural color, are always fashionable and can be applied on nails of any shape and length. You can choose a soft milky shade which looks elegant and sophisticated. Fashion and trends come and go yet women who would like to have beautiful pastel manicure can choose some of the classic nail designs like nude nails, moon manicure, gradient, marble effect.

beautiful pastel manicure with geometric patterns

Geometric patterns – lines, triangles, squares or a complex pattern of several shapes – the choice is yours. Use your imagination to express your individuality, just remember that geometric nails feature clear, straight lines.

gradient yellow nail art with heart shaped rhinestones

Gradient manicure is a great choice for those who are not attracted to nude nails. Those who follow the trends in nail design are familiar with the ombre technique. The easy option is to create a blend of two shades. It is more difficult to choose more than two colors for gradient manicure and if you do not feel competent it is better to keep to some of the always winning options – for example, pale yellow and lilac, tender pink and pale blue (alternatively – pastel green).

beautiful pastel manicure lavender color dandelions

Flower motifs in combination with pastel shades make the manicure incredibly feminine. Flowers can be drawn by hand, but if you are not experienced or simply want a quick and easy nail design, stickers would do the trick. It is important to choose harmonious floral patterns so red roses, carnations and poppies are not a good decoration for nails in pastel shades. Bet on tenderness, romance and fragility.

pastel colors nail art ideas pink and glitter

Of course, you can choose from many other options – flower nail art, dots, stripes, shattered glass – there is no limit to creativity!

stylish pastel manicure floral nail art

Spring pastels nail designs beautiful manicure

awesome pastel nails spring summer manicure ideas

reverse french manicure in pink and gold

pastel pink and green nail design golden strip

pastel nails geometric pattern nail art

pastel manicure ideas blue nail designs

nail design in pastel colors monochrome nails

moon nails in pastel colors DIY nail design ideas

elegant moon nails in pastel pink and blue

cute white and pink polka dot knit nail art ideas

amazing rainbow nail art in pastel colors

almond nail art pastel manicure ideas


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