Trendy white nail design ideas – the advantages of the neutral color

by Kremy

White nail design ideas are especially popular since there is a growing trend for simplicity and naturally looking manicure. Monochrome manicure on short oval nails, French and moon nail designs will look perfect in white or in combination with beige or pink shades.


Many people associate white color with wedding manicure. However this is one of the most universal colors – it will not fail you in any situation and will be appropriate at a business meeting or in a strict office, or in a restaurant, even on a romantic date. Such manicure will be appropriate at any time of the year, as it can always be decorated with season’s motifs. For example, add a few bright colors or nautical theme accent to have beautiful summer nails, autumn mood and vision can be achieved with the help of various shades of red, orange, green or yellow and for winter manicure white color is simply irreplaceable and you can add a festive Christmas mood with some snowflakes or snowmen. The color is the ideal backdrop for spring manicure – playful polka dots, flowers, chamomiles and even simple classic French manicure in white will look charming.

What are the advantages of white nail art design ideas?

French manicure white moon manicure


What are the advantages of white nail art design ideas? Are there any secrets? How to do the perfect white manicure? We shall answer these questions and will show you beautiful nail design ideas in white.

Traditionally, white color symbolizes purity, nobility and perfection and that is why it is often used for important and festive events. It is quite natural that this type of manicure is gaining more and more popularity because it looks refined and elegant. A nail design in white makes the hands of a woman look very gentle and feminine and this is the best base for any nail art. Flowers, lines, geometric patterns or marble effect – it all depends on your imagination!

The manicure may be monochrome – you can simply apply a continuous coat of varnish without using any design techniques. If you are not a fan of solid color manicure you can combine white with any other color – from black to the brightest of neon shades – and you can experiment with different designs to choose your own unique version.

white nail design ideas classic color combinations

What are the secrets of the perfect white manicure? Monochrome or in combination with other colors does require some attention. Here are a few tips how to properly apply it, wear it and extend the life of your nail designs:

You need to know that on partially or completely white nails even the tiniest of cracks are visible because. Therefore, the top layer should be carefully applied, preferably twice.

The color will immediately show unsightly nail features, so keep in mind that your nail plates should be perfect, durable and elastic. The nails should have the same shape and length, without any irregularities and damages and carefully polished.

If there are traces of previous nail polish or the nail plates appear yellowish, you can use toothpaste, soft brush and warm water to clean them but it is better to go to several hands and nails caring procedures like peeling and baths.

White lacquer should be of high quality, especially if you are planning a French manicure. The color can be used for both festive and everyday manicure. Everything depends on the particular nail design. The color on the nails is universal and when used as a base any design will look much brighter and more intense. Stylists recommend choosing a shade of white lacquer depending on your skin color – egg shell, creamy, off white, etc.

White nail design ideas – choose the style of your manicure

white nail design ideas french manicure

White nail design ideas come in all the variety that you can think of. Choosing the style and the decoration of your manicure is, of course, a matter of personal taste and, of course, the occasion – whether it is an evening party or you need office appropriate nails. We shall look at some of the most popular ideas.

White manicure with glossy finish is suitable for both festive events and as everyday or office wear. You will need a base and a finish, as well as a bottle of high quality lacquer. If you use gel-varnish, you will need an ultraviolet lamp to dry it. The nails must be perfectly filed and shaped, the length must be equal and the cuticles groomed. Then the nails are covered with two layers of white lacquer. At the end, the manicure is fixed by the finish.

Matte nails impress with freshness and originality, but it does not suit everyone. It is not a good choice for short and wide nails. This nail design looks best on medium length oval nails. A matte finish is best accented by gold or silver stripes. Another interesting option is to have an accent chrome nail as a contrast to the matte finish.

French manicure is an embodiment of classics. A thin band along the tip of the nail and a nail plate of corporal or tender pink color evoke associations for something gentle, romantic, defenseless, but incredibly elegant. White French manicure harmoniously fits with any image or outfit and looks great regardless of the length and shape of the nails. Very often it is the basis for wedding manicure designs. For those who want to make the French manicure more original and interesting, there are many available options – drawings, stickers, acrylic molding, rhinestones, sequins, chrome powder but they must not forget about the sense of proportion and good taste, so it is better to use that kind of decoration on accent fingers only.

Moon nails are done like any other moon nail design but here you have two basic varieties – a white nail plate with a transparent or colored “moon” or a colored nail with a white “moon”. Despite the simplicity, the moon manicure always looks spectacular, and contrasting color combinations give it a special charm and black and white nail designs, for example, will certainly not remain unnoticed.

There are many other options – manicure with geometric patterns, stripes in white and other color, etc. and you can enjoy the gallery to choose the nail design that you like best!

easy DIY white nails decoration ideas tutorial

easy DIY nail art ideas tutorial

white nails ideas black moon nail art

white nails ideas beautiful manicure

white nail design ideas creative nail art

white nail art with yellow and gold accents

white marble nail art stylish manicure

white manicure with black dots DIY nail art ideas

white manicure ideas creative nail art

white geometric nails negative space manicure

white and gold negative space nails

Textured white nails wedding manicure ideas

moon nails white and silver colors

minimalist white manicure white lacquer black dots

geometric nail art spring almond nail design negative space

negative space nail designs tribal nail art

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