Black and white nail art ideas – unique manicure designs for any season

by Kremy

Black and white nail art ideas will be relevant at all times. This classic combination can be seen in fashionable clothes, accessories, and of course, in nail designs. The exquisite combination of contrasting colors does not leave anyone indifferent, and the variety of techniques for combining the colors lacquer is very large.

black and white stripe nail design

Black and white manicure has long been a leader among fashionable designs. This eye catching combination will accent your attractive appearance. In addition, this kind of design lacks bright and flashy shades and meets the general requirements of office dress code. If you added an original pattern and decorate the manicure with gold or silver lacquer you will get a chic evening design. Despite that you use only two colors, you can play with saturation, finishes, patterns and embellishments and create new and unexpected designs in a variety of styles – strict, avant-garde, romantic, Gothic, festive, etc.

To some, the combination of black and white nail polish may seem simple and dull but elegance often lies in simplicity. When you select a manicure in these contrasting colors you should pay special attention to the proportions. Depending on what color prevails it will be considered the main one. We selected some of the best nail art ideas which will inspire you and you can enjoy the gallery below.

Black and white nail art ideas – why choose a nail design in contrast colors?

french nails moon manicure


On the first place, such nail design appears quite strict, even aristocratic, if done properly, which emphasizes the elegance of the woman’s hands and the woman herself.

This type of manicure is perfectly combined with all kinds of business outfits – suits, trouser sets, a pencil skirt and a jacket in an office style – all these emphasize the strict colors of the nails. This creates an ideal image of a business woman.

Black and white nail art ideas provide numerous opportunities for beautiful designs in different styles.

As a rule, bright colors are suitable for short and middle length nails. Black and white manicure has no limitations. It can be used on both long and short nails and everyone can find the best idea – the one that will help to show an impeccable taste and creative personality.

By painting one or two nails in contrast color, the design appears more dynamic.

Black and white nail art ideas – methods and techniques

elegant black and white manicure ideas with flowers

Black and white nail art ideas come in numerous designs and options. We shall look at some of the most popular techniques which can help you have a unique manicure.

nail design ideas elegant manicure

One of the most interesting nail designs feature interesting patterns which are traditionally in black and white colors – chessboard, piano keys, music notes, domino, newspaper, etc.

minimalist nail art ideas french manicure

French manicure is a classic. The simplest versions are a black base with a white tip or vice versa. More complex and original decoration can be an addition of floral patterns and ornaments, sequins, etc.

DIY nail art ideas moon manicure

Moon nails have been popular for several seasons. It is very simple to make your tips in either black or white with the help of strips for French manicure or adhesive tape.

marble nails white black nail desings

Marble nail art looks amazingly beautiful. You can use the water manicure technique and then drip the lacquers into it in a certain order. With the help of a toothpick or a needle you can create unique marble patterns and decorate your nails.

unique nail designs zebra pattern

Animal prints – zebra or leopard nail designsр, for example – remain very fashionable and add a touch of exotic charm to the nail design. The pattern can be applied on the whole nail or on the tips. Keep in mind that this type of manicure is suitable for a business meeting, but will look very attractive for informal gatherings with friends.

black nails white polka dots office manicure

Dots and polka dots are another option for cute manicure. You will need a dotting tool or a toothpick and create a playful nail design.

original geometric nail art

Geometric nail art is another great idea and when done in contrasting black and white it will look intriguing. From simple stripes to negative space nail art or abstract patterns – there is no limit to creativity and imagination.

unique nail design moon manicure ideas

For festive occasions you can add some glitter – gold or silver – and give your nail design a touch of glamour! Using stamp stencils is an idea which will help those who are not experienced with DIY nail designs. This is a great way to quickly apply an original pattern on your nails. You can select white or black base depending on the need of the moment.

nail designs with rhinestones

For especially festive occasions cases, decorative elements like sequins and rhinestones can be added to black and white manicure, gold and silver varnishes are another option, as well as glitter. You can combine different finishes – glossy and matte – and make your manicure more interesting.

unique nail designs elegant stylish moon nails

In conclusion we have to say that every woman is very sensitive to her appearance, trying to look stylish and elegant in any situation. There are times when you want to change something, add something new to your image. However, not everyone can afford to completely change the wardrobe or feels unwilling to dye their hair in a different color. The easiest way to add something unusual, bold and creative, yet stylish and elegant is an original nail design. Black and white nail designs can help you express your femininity and is a win-win option for any outfit.

DIY nail art manicure design

yin yang nails

unique nail design ideas

cool nail art moon nails tuxedo

black white stiletto nail designs polka dots

unique nail art ideas

geometric nails dots shattered glass patterns

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