Black manicure designs for your November nails 2022!

by Anjelina

The association of black manicure exclusively with gothic and grunge styles is no longer relevant. Black nails are so much more than that! They say a lot about us as women, our character and current mood. Therefore, we may decide to wear black nail polish regardless of the season or trends. The good news is that the black manicure never goes out of fashion and its advantages are many! The main one is that it can be easily combined with different styles of clothing and makeup. It is also an expression of good taste and style, so don’t hesitate anymore and check out our black manicure ideas that are an absolute must-try this fall!

The black manicure: who is it for?

Have you ever felt the need to boost your self-confidence a little? Dark nail polish, and black in particular, does just that! It symbolizes strength and is a color that stands out. What is more, it is so versatile that it can complement any look, from strictly elegant to cute and casual. It all depends on the specific nail design that you’ll choose.

Anyone can wear black nail polish if they want to! Black is a universal color that looks great on both long and short nails, regardless of the shape! If we’ve already convinced you that the black manicure is worth trying, go ahead and have a look at our selection of black manicure designs to try this November!

Modern French manicure 2022 – Black version

black tips nails popular look nude base


The French manicure is known to be classy and stylish, and it’s still quite popular around the world. However, the classic French manicure has been slightly replaced by new versions that are spreading rapidly and are already dictating nail trends. The white color that is usually applied to the tips of the nails is substituted for some other color. The same change may occur with the base color. The French nails in black are among the best variants, and we recommend giving them a try!

Stylish black and white manicure

black white nail leaves design plain simple

To achieve contrasting and stylish-looking nails, you can combine the black color with its contrasting color, namely white. This classic pair is destined to succeed in any design and proportions. You can even try doing a black-and-white nail design yourself, using everyday objects such as toothpicks (for making dots) or a kitchen sponge (for a gradient effect), just unleash your creativity!

Black and beige manicure

black beige nude formal nails triangle design

The black color gives brightness and expressiveness to the soft beige shade. At the same time, beige as a nude color softens the dramatic effect of black. The perfect combination is ideal for your everyday style! No matter what nail design you’ll choose, these two colors just look stunning together!

Matte black manicure

long nails trendy november 2022

Matte manicure designs have been a top trend in recent years, and there is a reason for that! Applying a top coat of matte finish even to the most ordinary manicure makes it appear more intriguing. The velvet texture is an ideal solution for cold fall and winter days when we like to dress cozier, and it just fits our mood perfectly! Matte black manicure is preferred by a lot of women of different age, regardless of their workplace, interests and way of life! There’s just something unique about it that makes you want to give it a go!

Elegant black and gold nail design

sparkling festive nails gold black glossy look

The combination of black and gold nail polish looks luxurious, festive and gorgeous! As the holiday season approaches, you may consider opting for a nail design that combines both colors. Moreover, the gold shade will look great, especially if you wear gold jewelry. The same goes for black and silver nail polish if you wear silver jewelry. Whatever you choose, the combination of black and metallic color is sure to be eye-catching! Make sure to match the nail design with your dress and accessories so that you achieve a glamorous look for the holidays!

Black manicure and star constellation

easy star constellation nails trendy 2022 nail design

More and more people want to illustrate different symbols on their nails. Recently, star constellations have appeared on nail designs and the overall look is more than pleasing to the eye! As a representation of our dreams and goals, the unique manicure is best for women who love astrology and art! The black base color is perfect as it represents the boundlessness of space and makes a perfect contrast to the white connected dots, forming a beautiful night sky!

Three easy steps to make your own star constellation nails:

  1. Start with the background – apply black polish to your nails (the night sky).
  2. Find a picture of your favorite constellation. Use your white nail polish and with a toothpick or a Bobby pin draw the dots.
  3. Connect all the dots with a thin brush nail polish (preferably white).

Black nail designs – Gallery

black french manicure version 2022 trendy nail design

Elegant French manicure – black version on long nails

long nails french manicure black version prom official event look

Simple idea for a contrasting manicure

black and white nail art simple matte glossy

Manicure design with marble effect

black and white manicure achromatic marble effect

Glossy black, beige and silver nails

black beige silver nails trendy glossy festive

Cute casual black and beige manicure

neutral color black manicure simple design

Matte black manicure with gold base

matte black and gold short nails

Luxurious black and gold manicure idea

gold glitter holiday season formal occasion

Festive nail design idea

black gold festive new years nails formal look

Star constellation dreamy nail design

dreamy nails constellation stars night sky

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