Top nails 2018 – trends, fashionable colors and nail art ideas

by Kremy

Well-groomed hands and a good manicure always stand out and stand for a good taste and style. This enhances the entire look and adds the finishing touch. At first glance it may seem that it is impossible to invent something new in the manicure designombre, moon nails, broken glass, drawings, gel-lacquer, rhinestones – we have seen all of these already but every season nail art ideas surprise us with creativity and imagination. Many women wonder what top nails 2018 would be, so we shall have a look and the trends and fashionable colors which will help you look irresistible.

top nails 2018 trends colors designs

Modern nail design trends are not a strict set of rules, but rather a detailed list of recommendations. The focus is on bright colors, sparkling accents, but also classic red nuances and delicate nude tones for those who like to be less eccentric.

Top nails 2018 – trending colors

chic elegant nude nail art


Top nails 2018 will feature red, nude and black colors throughout the year as well as some lighter shades for the spring and summer nail designs. Another steady trend is the return of the glossy top coat.

Red manicure is a timeless classic and will definitely not lose its popularity in 2018. All red nuances are allowed, from magenta to fuchsia to fire red. Choose deep burgundy, wine or cherry tones in autumn and winter and scarlet for the spring and summer season. Of course, this is just an advice – red is universal and you can wear any shade that you like and suits your skin color. Keep in mind that the general trend is to have shorter nails with round edges, but those who prefer long nails can add some rhinestones to their red nail design.

Black manicure – despite the fact that black lacquer is considered quite eccentric and even extravagant, it has a lot of admirers even among office workers, not to mention professionals from the fashion world. Nowadays there are many techniques which make black manicure look incredibly attractive. It can be with a glossy or matte finish, decorated with various patterns, covered with shiny acrylic powder or combined with other polish colors.

Tender nude nail designs are feminine, stylish, elegant and office appropriate. This is the perfect option for those who prefer more restrained yet trendy nail colors. Just like red, nude nails are suitable for any season and all year round. Pastel peach, or a delicate pink and beige are a good choice for every occasion and everyday life. Make sure you find the right shade that does not make your skin look too pale.

White and manicure in light colors are ideal for the summer. Milky, light gray, or translucent gentle nail varnishes with matte or glossy finish will look great with light clothes and airy-light fabrics.

Chrome nails with metallic shine are becoming increasingly popular in delicate tones as well as in dark, dramatic variations. This design is the embodiment of style, elegance and perfection. There are different techniques which will give you a more or less shiny look and turn your fingers into real accessories. Keep in mind that metallic nails look best on slightly rounded and not too long nails, otherwise it may seem too much. Silver and gold are the hottest choices but you can find different shades of chrome powder in cosmetic stores.

Multicolored nails, where every nail is polished in a different color, can be a strong statement if you choose a daring combo of expressive colors. Pastel colors or rainbow nail art, for example, are the perfect choice for a summer manicure. Be careful not to mix pastel nail polishes with strong colors.

Top nails 2018 – manicure ideas for long and short nails

2018 trends in nail art black and white nails

Top nails 2018 – here are some practical tips and nail art ideas which will guide you for the fashionable trends.

Despite the fact that in 2018 the fashion for longer nails will be gaining strength, it is unlikely that the positions of short nails will be greatly shaken. When you think of a nail design for short nails you can use your imagination and creativity. Even those who prefer to do their nails at home can come up with beautiful nail art ideas. Start with something simple – learn how to draw straight lines and you can create numerous geometric patterns. Go on with more complex shapes – stripes and small patterns or try mixing several colors and create a small drawing in an impressionistic manner.

Long nails are returning but we shall see them more at fashion shows and red carpet. Despite the fact that many women are attracted to fashionable ideas and follow the latest trends, we have discussed many times that long nails are seldom accepted as office appropriate and are not the best choice for women who work with their hands or are engaged in sports activities. At the same time, when you want to have long nails for an evening party, for example, you can have acrylic extensions which will solve the issue. Crystals, glitter, rhinestones, golden stripes – all these nail decorations will make sure that your manicure will not be unnoticed.

French manicure in 2018, despite that is an all-time favorite classic, will be thrilling and we shall see many variations – colorful tips of the nails, patterned varieties, creative decorations, combination of matte and gloss finishes – all of these are a wonderful base for new nail designs.

Moon nail designs in 2018 will continue to amaze us. Negative space moon nails, crystals glued on the contour, variations with geometric patterns, glitter – these are just some of the techniques.

As a conclusion, let’s recap the top nails 2018 trends:

    • The entire year 2018 will impress with a variety of colors;
    • Rich gloss will go along with matte shades;
    • Bright colors with floral motifs will be a hit for the spring season;
    • French and moon manicure in a variety of variations and with complex decor elements will be in style;
  • Summer nails will come with geometric patterns and fruit nail art.

top nails 2018 orange nail art orange nails

red nail polish glitter manicure top designs 2018

nude nails decorating ideas golden decoration

nude nail art with marble effect

multicolored nails summer colorful nails pastel shades

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matte nail designs with rhinestones and black accents

french manicure ideas with flowers

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