Pool slides – how to choose the right one for your swimming pool

by Kremy

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Pool slides, without any doubt, are so much fun for children of all age and for parents as well. Have you ever thought about building a pool with a slide or add a slide to an existing pool and create your own mini water park? Why not give your child a real and genuine joy by purchasing a special water slide? The market offers different models – plastic and inflatable are the two main variations – and we recommend that you pay attention to those types of water slides that offer their owners not only an excellent combination of pleasant price and high quality, but also ease of installation and repair.



Not every slide for the pool can be easily installed and suitable for your swimming pool – you need to take into consideration not only the size of the pool itself, but also the surrounding area around it. It is necessary to make sure that the installed slide does not block the movement around the pool deck and is absolutely safe for the child when using it. In addition, it is best to purchase the most modern types of water slides, which are equipped with additional structural elements that help to increase the level of safety when using this pool attraction. We shall look at the different types of water slides for swimming pools, their advantages and disadvantages and will show you some amazing backyard designs which will help you find the best solution for your own pool.


What are the main requirements for pool slides?

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When it comes to buying the most suitable type of water slide, you need to be very careful and choose from those options that have earned the support of many users who have already tried them. For existing swimming pools, you should look at models of slides that provide the opportunity to flexibly adjust their height, for example, and can be installed in almost any space, even in the smallest. True, the market offers pool slides in a wide price range but, depending on your particular needs, you can find a high-quality and reliable slide that will not be too expensive. However, there are some general requirements that every slide for pool should meet:

  • Children’s slide must be safe. It should stand firmly on the ground and not stagger at the slightest physical impact.
  • The load-bearing capability is another consideration.
  • The surface of the slide must be smooth, so that the child is not scratched or hurt. In addition, the surface must be wet for safe sliding.
  • At the end of the slide, the child must land in a safe pool depth. The rule is very simple – the higher the slide, the deeper the pool needs to be. Take into account the angle of the slide, it should not be too steep.
  • The slide must be suitable for the child’s age, so that he feels comfortable on it.
  • Ladders, steps, ramps, or stairs must be high enough and comfortable for the child.
  • The slide must be safe for the child, the material and paint that is covered in the inventory should not be toxic. For example, fiberglass is ideal for this purpose.
  • Always check with the local authorities for the safety regulations and requirements.


Pros and cons of plastic pool slides

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Pool slides made of a rigid material (plastic, reinforced fiberglass) have their advantages – they are more durable, because are made of materials resistant not only to unfavorable weather conditions like UV rays, erasure, shocks and temperature fluctuations and other atmospheric phenomena, but also to mechanical damages. These are safe and reliable structures and can be used indoors and outdoors. However, more time and effort will be required to install them than for inflatable counterparts. During the process of installation it is necessary to check that the structure is well fixed, does not swing and does not stagger, so it is advisable that you shop from a responsible manufacturer who has an ideal reputation.

The undoubted advantage of this category of slides is the presence of handrails, which is especially important for the safety of children. As a rule, ladders on such slides are equipped with an anti-slip coating, which is important for children and their parents

Plastic water slides come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are really attractive and you can combine a regular slide with a flume water slide for even more fun. However, their price can significantly high depending on the complexity of the model.


Pros and cons of inflatable pool slides


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Inflatable pool slides are made for both children and adults. A particular advantage of this category of water attractions is their mobility – such structures are easy to carry, and they can be installed practically anywhere. When choosing an inflatable water slide for your pool, it is worth paying attention to the maximum load-bearing capability and the maximum number of people who can be on the construction at the same time.

Manufacturers offer slides of all sizes – from small children’s options to huge ones, suitable for commercial use. Inflatable structures can be equipped with water pumps, supplying water to the very top – then the sliding will be easier and faster, and skin damage will be minimized. In a private home such a pump can be connected to the garden hose. Inflatable pool slides are manufactured in bright colors which additionally decorates the pool. In addition, they can be made in the form of animals or tropical plants, etc.

Inflatable slides are made from materials resistant to frequent dynamic loads and resistant to the constant effect of water. Most manufacturers offer inflatable slides equipped with an air pump, a carrying case and a repair kit in case of minor damage, which includes a suitable adhesive and material for small patches. As already mentioned, such slides are installed easily, and on rainy days they can be deflated and compactly folded. Do not forget to dry the slide completely well before removing the slide for storage.



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