How to choose bridesmaid dresses – trends and expert’s advice

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How to choose bridesmaid dresses? What do you need to know and keep in mind? We shall help you with the latest trends and the basic rules and recommendations that you need to take into account when you are faced at the task to choose the hairstyle and the outfit for your bridesmaids.

Obviously, choosing the right outfit for the bridesmaids is a serious and responsible task. Many girls are waiting for their wedding day since childhood, plan where and how to celebrate this day, imagine the theme, color palette, decoration, etc. Bridesmaid dresses are as important as any other detail, if not more. They need to complement the bride’s dress yet they should not overwhelm the bride herself. In addition, thelook of the bridesmaids need to be in compliance with the wedding theme and style and last, but not least, they should be stylish, elegant and attractive, suitable for each girl not only as a model but as a color as well. Of course, the future bride needs to take into account the preferences of her friends and their individuality.


General requirements for the choice of bridesmaid dresses


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Before all, the bride needs to inform her friends whether she will pay for the dresses of the bridesmaids or they will have to buy their dress. Everyone is aware of the fact that a wedding is a costly event and if the bride cannot afford to pay for the outfits, being her best friends, you need to understand and respect that.

Either way, the first that you need to discuss is the color. The rules for choosing colors are simple: monochrome looks best. If the wedding decoration is planned in a certain palette, pick out shades that will work with the overall style of the event. Keep in mind that shiny fabrics look festive, but the abundance of rhinestones can give undesirable glare in photo and video shooting. Black and white dresses are not recommended. Even if the bride has chosen a dress in ivory or cream color, the bridesmaids should not be in white! Black is considered to be the color of mourning and even if you do not believe in superstitions, there will be many men in black suits, so the bridesmaids will simply merge with the background. Discuss the color of the outfit with the bride.Every woman knows that yellow is never just yellow and blue can range from deep dark navy blue to light turquoise. Most of the designer dresses for bridesmaids are made in blue, pink, pistachio, honey, lavender, terracotta, peach, etc. A silver or gold accent can be a good idea. If you want a contrast, you can pay attention to models in chocolate, dark blue or burgundy color.

choosing the style of bridesmaids short dresses

Choose the right style of the dresses for the bridesmaids. The dress should not be very short and narrow, after all the girls will need to dance, participate in contests, and be near the bride all the time, so first of all the outfits should be comfortable!

Consider the preferences and the figures of your girlfriends. It is not necessary to dress all in identical dresses only for the sake of a beautiful picture, if the the bridesmaids will be uncomfortable in such outfits.It is worth considering the time of year and the style of your wedding. Your girlfriends should not be freezing in light attire at an autumn or winter ceremony. For example, chiffon or guipure are a good choice for summer weddings while velvet or cotton are more suitable for the cold season.

Avoid arguments about the choice of dresses and try to make it a pleasant process, like a shopping tour. Remember that no dress can be more expensive than friendship.


How to choose bridesmaid dresses – experts’ advice and styling tips


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One of the most important decisions that the bride needs to make for the bridesmaid dresses is whether all the girls will wear identical dresses or variations in an identical color. When you have many bridesmaids, it is a good idea to have their dresses in one and the same color, but if you have three or four bridesmaids you can opt for dresses of the same style, but different colors. For example, pastel shades or different shades of the same color. Let’s look at some of the options:

Identical dresses in one color – this is a classic option which looks great on photos. However, every girl is different in figure, skin color, eyes, hair, so finding the right dress that will look good on all the bridesmaids is not an easy task.

short dresses for bridesmaids one color different styles

Another popular option is to have the dresses of the bridesmaids in different styles but in the same material and color so each girl can choose an outfit suitable for her figure. Many designers offer this option and all you need to do is decide whether you prefer long evening dresses or cocktail dresses.

One color palette but different materials, different styles and different lengths sounds like the most democratic option. Each girl chooses her shade of the same color, the styles of dresses can be either different or identical.

Prints are not often seen on bridesmaid dresses but depending on the theme of the wedding this can be an excellent solution, especially if the print emphasizes the overall stylistics of the event. Flowers, stripes, dots – you can choose anything that works with the overall concept of the wedding.

You can unite the appearance of the bridesmaids not only with the help of dresses, but also shoes, bouquets, bracelets, hats, clutches and other accessories. In this case, all the dresses can be different and the unifying element will create the vivid and interesting look of your girlfriends.

Look at the gallery below for inspiration and choose your bridesmaid dresses!


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