Glamorous prom hairstyles for thin hair – the secret is in the volume

by Kremy

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In the life of every girl there are events that are remembered forever, one of them is the prom. Young ladies are preparing for it and the overall look includes not only the choice of an evening gown, and accessories, but makeup and hairstyle as well. Some girls prefer a romantic look, others choose an elegant hairdo while some prefer playful or bold image.

Hairs of small thickness, having a diameter of less than 0.05 mm, are thin. Thin hair is a nightmare of modern girls around the world. As much of a challenge it can be, it is not impossible to have a beautiful hairdo for this very special evening. We selected some glamorous prom hairstyles for thin hair which will give you great ideas and will help you look outstanding! Of course, you will find useful expert’s advice how to take care and maintain thin hair so that it looks at its best.

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Many factors lead to thin and brittle hair – from metabolic imbalance in the body to effects of dyeing agents when used improperly, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, constant stress, etc. Besides internal factors and improper care, genetics also have their role. If the hair is thin from birth, then whatever you do, it will not become thicker. Thin hair requires increased attention and special care and when you want a special hairdo, you need a special approach. However, there are some advantages. Thin, healthy hair is naturally silky and with proper care it is much easier to handle it.


Prom hairstyles for thin hair – what is important to know

prom hairstyles for thin hair ideas tips and tricks

Prom hairstyles for thin hair are diverse and can be created with a little imagination. Generally, thin hair needs volume. How to give extra volume to thin hair? Hair stylists have developed special ways that will help women create the necessary volume at home. For your daily look, it is advisable to use a protective agent containing keratin, especially if you use hair straighteners. Experts do not recommend using products based on silicone, as they make hair heavier.

There is one professional tool – hair powder which helps creating a natural fluffy hair. It can be applied directly to the hair, or pre-rub in the palms and then spread on the hair, paying special attention to the roots. Unlike dry shampoos, the powder is more concentrated and gives a better volume.

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Updos are great prom hairstyles for thin hair. They look elegant and the hair looks thicker and lush. Properly done updos will retain their shape all evening long and you will not worry that your hairstyle will be ruined in the middle of the evening. You can choose from many options – buns, twists, curls, braids or combine these in different variations.

You can use a diffuser to create eye catching curls. Of course, the hair must be combed and protective mousse should be applied throughout the length. Bend the head down and put large strands into the diffuser. Turn the hair dryer on the warm air mode and your hair will be dried into curls. It is better to use thinner strands to make the hair more voluminous. Curls can be collected using combs, clips or other accessories which support individual strands or securely lock them in a certain position. Make sure that the accessories are light and non-massive.


Prom hairstyles for thin hair – tips and ideas

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Many girls prefer long hair and owners of thin hair should not be upset. Girls who do not have thick hair are mistaken thinking that it is impossible to make a beautiful and elegant hairdo for the prom. There is a huge number of prom hairstyles for thin hair and you will definitely find the one that suits you.

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Beautiful curls are especially popular prom hairstyle. As we already mentioned, the main problem of thin hair is insufficient volume or lack of volume. This problem can be easily overcome with curlers. It is not advisable to use a curling iron as this can affect the health of your hair. Soft curls are great and will give you a feminine and romantic look. Use large curlers and keep them on the hair for a short time so that you get delicate waves and not bold curls. Keep in mind that this styling is not suitable for square and rectangular faces as it will expand the face on the sides and make it look broader.

formal updos for thin hair with braids

Original prom hairstyles for thin hair with braids can also look great. The main thing is to find the hairstyle that will suit you, taking into account all the features of your appearance. For example, voluminous braids look very romantic and attractive. Weaving can be diagonally in a straight line, or S-shaped, on the side and even horizontally on the crown or on the back of the head. It is advisable that the braids are not tight. This will make your hair look more voluminous and thick. You can decorate the braids with rhinestones or small hairpins. Braids can be combined with waves and curls for glamorous half up half down prom hairstyles.

prom hairstyles for thin hair DIY donut bun

There is no more universal and refined hairstyle than a bun. This hairstyle is incredibly diverse – from a romantic messy bun to low, medium – height and tall bun, or a classic bun. Elegant buns are hugely popular prom hairstyle for thin hair. One of the easiest ways to make an elegant bun is to use a hair donut. They are easy to find and are sold in specialized stores, as well as in the accessories department of almost any store. Hair donuts come in different colors and sizes, for more or less bulky buns. There are models with a special coating of artificial strands which makes them invisible when used. Buns look absolutely stunning when combined with braids and loose curls. They can be complemented with a huge assortment of accessories – stones, headbands, flowers, combs, hairpins.

prom hairstyles for thin hair updo with bangs

Prom hairstyle for thin hair with bangs can be styled beautifully and in many different ways. Bangs can be left flat or styled upwards. Beautifully trimmed and laid bangs are luxuriously combined with different haircuts and the most unusual hairstyles, with tails, braids, twists, buns and curls. In addition, evening hairstyles with bangs can give a woman a truly romantic appearance. Evening hairstyle with asymmetric bangs is suitable for round and square face while women with oval face can afford short bangs. Classic bangs is cut exactly to the eyebrow line and can be styled to suit any type of face. Thick straight bangs are fashionable again. This haircut can be chosen for an evening celebration like prom.

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Retro hairstyles are another option for a glamorous evening look. One of the most famous styles is “Hollywood waves” borrowed from the 20s of the last century. The waves look great on medium length and are suitable for long hair as well. 1950s-1960s hairstyles also have their fans and if that is the style of your prom dress you have a great variety of options and hairdos to choose from.


How to keep your hairstyle through the evening?

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As you see prom hairstyle for thin hair are not that difficult as it seems. However, you need to make sure that whatever hairdo you chose, it will remain intact during the evening. The following important tips will help you look brilliant for hours on end.

In order to keep your beautiful curls you need to prepare the hair in advance. First of all, you need to wash your hair the day before the prom. Many hairdos look best on the second day after washing, and this is important to consider.

Dry shampoo helps creating a strong and durable hairstyle. A smooth cotton towel removes static electricity, which usually accumulates on the hair and destroys the hairstyle. Depending on the particular hairdo you may need mousses foams, hairspray or none of these. Of course, every woman (and her hair) is individual. It is best if you consult with your stylist who should be able to give you a competent advice so that you look stunning all night. Keep in mind that accessories also help but do not cross the thin line of good taste. Remember that the hairdo is one of the elements of your overall look and it has to be in harmony with the style of your dress, makeup and manicure.




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Prom updo with twists thin hair ideas

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