Half up half down prom hair – trendy hairstyles for an awesome look

by Kremy

elegant prom hairstyles ideas half up with braids

The prom is an important event in the life of every girl. You need to think through every detail of your image, starting with the dress and ending with accessories. Hair is one of the important items on this list. Which hairstyle to choose? We will help you with this! Below is a selection of the most beautiful half up half down prom hair, which are easy and simple to do with your own hands.

What are the trendy prom hairstyles? As per stylists, naturalness and simplicity remain at the peak of popularity. Classic hairstyles do not give up their positions and braids, buns, knots, tails, will remain fashionable. Forget about massive hairdos with tons of hairspray that look like a grotesque on a young girl.

Half up half down prom hair – try the hairdo beforehand

stylish and elegant half up half down prom hair


The best option is, of course, to have your hair done by a professional. A good specialist will not only help you with the choice, but also offer to do a “rehearsal” styling. Do not refuse. A try out will give you an opportunity to see exactly how you will look and this will save you a lot of stress and worries before the prom night. In case you do not like the hairdo, having tried it before the “big night” allows you to carefully think about another option.

How to choose the best half up half down prom hair?

half up half down hair braids and flower bun

Generally speaking, there are no special rules for choosing a hairstyle for the prom. It all depends on your preferences. However, not every hairstyle will be appropriate for your face shape, hair length, etc. Here are some recommendations that you need to take into consideration. When choosing a styling you should be guided by the length of your hair, the dress and the shape of the face.

As far as the prom dress is concerned, the main principle is if the top is open, we balance it with loose hair. Curls, waves and half up half down hairstyles are a great choice. Face shape matters greatly! A common mistake of girls is to choose a celebrity look or a hairstyle from a catalog.

Triangular face has wide cheekbones and narrow chin. You need to add volume to the bottom of the face so choose asymmetric bangs or curls, covering the cheekbones.

creative half up half down prom hairstyles

Girls with oval shaped face are lucky as they can choose almost any hairstyle.

Square face has almost the same width and length. Cascading hairstyles, side strands and asymmetrical hairdos will smooth the facial features.

Half up half down prom hair can be done by combining different techniques. You can have braids, a beautiful knot, an elegant small bun or two playful buns. You can have the long strands curled, waved, add a color accent, or choose something else. Look at the photos below and do not be afraid to experiment. Just do it before prom night!

spectacular half up half down prom hairstyles

romantic prom hairstyles half up half down

prom hairstyles ideas with braids

prom hairstyles ideas for long hair

prom hairstyle half up with braid and bun

original hairstyles half up fishtail prom hair

Half Up Half Down prom hair ideas

half up bun prom hairstyles

half bun hairstyle for prom

elegant prom hairstyles for long hair ideas half up half down

easy DIY prom hairstyles half up bun

DIY prom hair ideas half up half down

DIY half up half down hairstyles tutorials

cool prom hairstyles half up with braids and twists

awesome half up with braids for prom

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