Rose brown hair ideas – trendy colors and hairstyles for brunettes

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Rose brown hair ideas trendy colors and hairstyles

From time to time, even brunettes want to lighten their hair. However, not every fashionable woman is ready for extreme changes. The new season comes with pastel colors which are now available not only to blondes! Rose brown hair color is ideal for brunettes and women with naturally dark hair color. The rose shades make dark strands look in a completely new way. This amazing combination of brown and rose shades gives a truly irresistible and unforgettable glamorous effect to dark hair. Instead of betting on a classic copper-red, bronze or blond, you can now turn your hair into a blooming rose.

Rose brown hair ideas – why choose pink shades?

rose brown hair ideas trendy colors for 2019


Rose brown hair ideas are a huge hit but there are women who are very careful about choosing this color combination. Pink is widely associated with the informal subculture, as it is unusual and does not suit everyone’s face, individuality or lifestyle. In the hands of an experienced colorist, this choice can become a completely adequate and attractive style even for those women who lead a business lifestyle. The soft shade will give depth and expensive gloss to every brunette who is looking for her new fashionable shade! Women, who have decided to take such a step and change their appearance, should remember that the additional color should not contrast sharply.

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Why choose a rose brown combination? One major advantage of this hairstyle is that you do not have to totally discolor your brown hair. Generally, when adding a color shade, the stylist decolorizes the strands so that the tone becomes more visible, intense and lasting. This is not necessary with rose brown hair due to the fact that the nuances are very delicate. You can only have the areas where you want to apply the pink shade lightened. For example, women with light brown hair may not need any lighting at all and just have the strands dyed. The result will be very subtle and the pink will blend into the natural color of the locks. Dark brown hair may need a slight discoloration so that the rosy shade is more visible.

How to maintain your rose brown hair?

Rose brown hair color ideas for brunettes

Your stylist will advise you how to choose a good shade and emphasize it with appropriate styles of clothing and makeup so that your new look is not extravagant but aesthetically attractive. Of course, you need to take care and maintain your hair. Here are some useful tips which you need to keep in mind because pink shades require more careful and gentle care. It is advisable to use special shampoos that prevent yellowness. Almost every manufacturer has such products. When washing your hair always apply a balm for dyed hair. Make sure you cover each hair with a protective layer. Avoid balms, masks and conditioners designed for other purposes. Invest in high quality products to wash and moisturize the hair and protecting the pigment from fading.

trendy colors and hairstyles for brunettes

rose brown hair ideas for women

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How to maintain your rose brown hair

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